Apps found for “apple-script


Xcode logo
Integrated development environment (IDE) for OS X.
PDFpen logo
Edit and annotate PDFs with ease.
iDefrag logo
Disk defragmentation and optimization tool.
PDFpenPro logo
Advanced PDF toolkit for HTML conversion and more.
Cyberduck logo
FTP and SFTP browser.
BBEdit logo
Powerful text and HTML editor.
NeoFinder logo
Catalog your external media and disks (was CDFinder).
Vienna logo
RSS and Atom newsreader.
DiskMaker X logo
Make a bootable OS X installer disk.
Scrutiny logo
Suite of Web optimization tools.
Dash logo
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
WeatherMan logo
Download the latest weather info.
Power Manager logo
Auto-start, shut down, or sleep your Mac.
Mail Satellite logo
Display unread emails from menu bar (was Mail Menu Extension).
DEVONagent Pro logo
Maximize Web-search efficiency.
DropDMG logo
Quickly create disk image (dmg) archives.
Mailplane logo
The best way to use Gmail on your Mac.
MailTags logo
Add helpful tags and comments to your emails.
Hammerspoon logo
Powerful automation tool using the Lua scripting engine.
aText logo
Automatically replaces abbreviations with frequently used phrases.
TaskInsight logo
Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.
ExactScan Pro logo
Powerful, fast document scanning.
Application Wizard logo
Convenient app launcher and quitter.
UnicodeChecker logo
Displays Unicode file information.
Scheduler logo
An all-around scheduling utility.
VipRiser logo
Extensible virtual PDF printer driver.
QMidi Standard logo
MIDI and karaoke player.
UI Browser logo
Monitor the user interface of OS X apps.
Universal Ticker logo
Scrolling ticker in the menubar (was Tigger).
QMidi Pro logo
MIDI and karaoke player.
nessViewer logo
Media management and presentation.
Imposition Wizard logo
Create books, booklets and brochures; standalone app.
Script Debugger logo
AppleScript authoring environment.
maScriptRunner logo
Manage continuous execution of AppleScripts.
MacPCLtoPDF logo
Converts PCL and PXL files to PDF format.
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
Shimo logo
VPN client – for everyone.
FoldersSynchronizer logo
Synchronize or backup files, folders and disks.
LXFree logo
Integrates process of drawing a light plot with creating paperwork.
MarsEdit logo
Quick and convenient blog editor.
DeltaCad logo
Easy-to-learn computer-aided design.
PlistEdit Pro logo
Property list editor.
FastScripts logo
Menu item for quickly running AppleScripts.
Fetch logo
FTP/SFTP client with Bonjour, Unicode support and more.
Spillo logo
Take full control over your bookmarks on Pinboard.
CodeRunner logo
Easy way to write and run code.
Nisus Writer Express logo
Lean, fast word processor.
QuickWho logo
Graphical interface to the Unix whois tool.
Platypus logo
Create application wrappers for scripts.
ExactScan logo
Lightweight, fast document scanning.
Fake logo
Browser that simplifies Web automation.
Entangler logo
Launch Automator actions and script on your Mac from your iPhone (was Otto's Antenna).
EventScripts logo
Trigger AppleScripts based on specific activities.
ControllerMate logo
Use a joystick, gamepad, or trackball in place of your keyboard.
MenuMinder logo
Create reminders right from your menubar.
Mira logo
Control any app with the Apple Remote.
ModuleLoader logo
Load AppleScript modules by name.
CryptoEdit logo
Create and protect word processing files.
StuffIt Expander logo
Expansion and decoding utility.
Trash It! logo
Force-empty your trash can.
Aether logo
Log ham radio transmissions.
Scorpion BarCode logo
Create and print all major barcode symbologies.
KisMAC logo
Scan for nearby wireless networks (beta).
Function Keys Mapper logo
Open any application, file, or folder with function keys.
StuffIt Deluxe logo
File compression tool.
Hue-topia logo
Manual control over Philips Hue bulbs and other security features.
WeatherCat logo
Weather station software.
Panorama logo
Create high-resolution panoramas.
Show Hide Invisible Files logo
A persistent script to change the visibility of your files.
Sync Entourage-Address Book logo
Sync Address Book with Entourage.
Keep Drive Spinning logo
Makes sure that a connected drive never goes to sleep.
OCRKit logo
Convert PDF or image graphics into searchable PDF.
Aquamacs logo
Emacs editor.
Sync Entourage-iCal logo
Sync Entourage & iCal data.
VUWER logo
Remotely track lost or stolen Macs.
BlueSense logo
Bluetooth-device detection and AppleScript triggering.
Safari PB logo
Launches Safari and enables Private Browsing.
DropSync logo
Fast, flexible folder updater.
HelpBook.osax logo
Register and display Help Books in any bundles in Help Viewer.
iScreenshot logo
Take screenshots of a window or selected area.
Clean the Finder Preferences logo
Restore the Finder in case of errors.
AudioTest logo
Generate audio test signals.
Entourage Today 2004 logo
Entourage-to-calendar overview utility.
4Peaks logo
Visualize and edit DNA sequence files.
SignalScope logo
Audio signal analysis tool.
Safari-Display or Download PDF files logo
Choose whether Safari will display or download PDF
TestTrack Pro logo
Track software bugs during and after the development cycle.
SignalSuite logo
Real time audio signal generator.
iAdjust Audio logo
Allows you to adjust the main volume in smaller increments.
Tiny URLs logo
Create shortened URLs.
JABMenu logo
Utilize Address Book data through a system-wide menu.
Safari Web Site Validator logo
Checks HTML and XHTML code at W3C markup validation service.
SignalScope Pro logo
Two-channel time and frequency-domain signal analysis.
Save and restore Finder windows logo
AppleScript that will save and restore open Finder windows.
iPreview Clipboard logo
Place an image from the clipboard into Preview.
Send E-Mail to Evernote logo
AppleScripts that send e-mail to Evernote.
DayliteABMenu logo
Access Daylite address book via system-wide menu.
LaunchOnTime logo
Utility for opening documents at specified times.
Sirds logo
Create 3D images that pop out when you stare at them.
kSpectra logo
Advanced spectral analysis of time series for many sciences.