Apps found for “api


Debug the API logo
Find changes in HTTP request-based API's.
Apimac Timer logo
Stopwatch, alarm clock and countdown utility.
Electron API logo
Build cross-platform apps with JS, HTML, and CSS.
Apimac Notepad logo
Store text by categories.
ScrapIt Pro X logo
Searchable multimedia scrapbook.
ApiKitchen logo
HTTP debugging tool.
Dash logo
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
PFAssistive Framework logo
Objective-C wrapper for Apple's accessibility API.
PFEventTaps Framework logo
Cocoa Objective-C framework wrapping Quartz Event Taps API.
Hypernap logo
Quick and easy tool for testing web APIs.
MusicServer logo
API which allows access to info regarding currently-playing track (beta).
Cocoa Browser Air logo
Cocoa and iPhone API reference browser.
MySQL Connector/ODBC logo
Connect MySQL server to ODBC database API.
Cocoa JSON Editor logo
Edit JSON strings and connect to API services.
Google Android SDK logo
Tools and APIs for developing Android applications.
App Scanner logo
Scan for private API methods before submitting your App to the App Store.
AquaTerm logo
Display vector graphics and images with a simple API.
Internet to Serial Proxy logo
Facilitate communication between a Web API and an Adruino.
Trust logo
Enables the Accessibility API (AX API) only for user specified apps.
Cloudburst logo
Easy way to generate a complete RESTful API for your Objective-C models.
Corona SDK GE logo
Game engine framework with an easy scripting API.
Hordes'Check logo
Calls the XML API of Hordes webgame to retrieve info.
Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK logo
Provides API's to implement conversion of text data to speech.
JxCapture logo
Comprehensive screen capture API for Java applications.
Hammerspoon logo
Powerful automation tool using the Lua scripting engine.
ImageMagick logo
Convert, resize, and redraw images via command line.
Amethyst logo
Tiling window manager similar to xmonad.
Crunch logo
Extract content files from iOS applications to make icons.
OpenGL Extensions Viewer logo
Provides info about your OpenGL accelerator.
LaTeXiT logo
Quickly typeset LaTeX equations.
Squish logo
Enables testing of native Carbon and Cocoa GUI apps.
Procoding logo
Create HTML5 canvas sketches.
Windownaut logo
Lightweight window manager.
Video Summary 2 logo
Extract frame images from a movie to create an image grid.
SpriteBuilder logo
Quickly build high quality native iOS games.
Acquisition logo
Gnutella file-sharing client.
Aqua Data Server logo
Build and deploy production-ready apps.
Cheap Impostor logo
Create books and booklets from PDF files.
Java Embedding Plugin logo
Allows browsers to use latest Java.
Frogblast logo
Quality Hotline client made w/Cocoa.
OpenLaszlo logo
Build multimedia rich Internet apps.
DiskSpy logo
Software LED shows disk activity.
OpenCL Benchmark logo
Terminal app for benchmarking your system.
Amaya logo
Web browsing and authoring environment.
iHook logo
Graphical frontend for any commandline executable.
shadowBurn logo
CD/DVD burning solution.
MCMap Live logo
Minecraft mapping tool with fast rendering.
Tuna Pitch logo
Instrument-tuning app with 5 built-in presets.
akwaIRC logo
IRC client with many features.
PyObjC logo
Bridge between Python and Object-C.
Morphon XML-Editor logo
Devwex logo
Java-based Web server.
Screen Sieve logo
Search the contents of the currently active window.
Keyboard Map Icon Changer logo
Replace US flag in menubar with alternative icon.
Sentenza Desktop  logo
Develop native OS X applications using modern web languages.
JSON Accelerator logo
Create native code from Web services.
AirSign logo
Share your iOS app for testing.
NetSocket logo
Objective-C asynchronous TCP socket class.
f(x) logo
Simple & powerful scientific calculator.
BaseTen logo
Cocoa database framework for working with PostgreSQL databases.
PHP Spell Check logo
Spell checking script for PHP.
Valentina DB ADK for REALbasic logo
Add SQL Valentina DB to applications.