Apps found for “apache


Apache logo
Popular website server software.
Apache Protect logo
GUI interface for Apache authenication of directories.
Mapache logo
Quick and easy way to set up Apache Web Server.
pretty / apache logo
Makes the default Apache directory listing pages searchable and stylish.
ApacheBenchX logo
GUI for apachebench.
Apache Directory Studio logo
Complete LDAP tooling platform (was LDAP Studio).
Apache for OSX logo
Popular website server software.
Apache TomEE logo
Web server and web application environment.
Complete Apache logo
Most popular webserver in the world.
AMPPS logo
Auto-install stack with Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl, Python.
Arch logo
Open source extension of Apache Nutch.
Kafka Tool logo
A GUI application for managing and using Apache Kafka clusters (beta).
WebServerX Kit logo
Easy way to install latest versions Apache/PHP/MySQL.
Tenon iTools logo
Simplifies setup of Apache Web server.
Tomcat Controller logo
Pref pane controls Apache Tomcat.
Weblock logo
Preference Pane for Apache access control.
Little Dutch Moose logo
Protect your Apache server from worms/virii.
WebStart Light logo
All-in-one Apache, PHP and MYSQL hosting solution for local sites.
BitNami MAMPStack logo
Ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin.
BitNami MAPPStack logo
Easy installation of Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, and phpPgAdmin.
mod_rendezvous logo
Apache module registers itself with rendezvous.
Web Control logo
Edits Apache webserver configuration files.
servebox logo
Controls Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Subversion all from one window.
Tomcat Collar logo
Start and stop Apache Tomcat with a single click.
acgi Dispatcher logo
Allow Apache and other program to access acgi scripts.
mod_python X logo
Python Apache module interpreter.
Server Manager logo
Complete Apache, Tomcat, and mod_webapp webserver installer.
Server Scout logo
Monitors network systems and devices (was Apache Server Watcher).
PHP logo
Server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language.
MAMP logo
Create a local server environment.
Create a local server environment for Web development and more.
XAMPP logo
Complete Web server solution.
PyCharm logo
Python IDE with complete set of tools.
OpenOffice logo
Free and open-source office suite.
LogTen Pro X logo
Professional logbook solution for pilots.
Redmine logo
Distribution of the Redmine project management software (was BitNami Redmine Stack).
ArangoDB logo
Easy NoSQL database setup.
Tomcat logo
Java Servlet Internet server.
Splunk logo
Indexes logs from any source.
oXygen logo
Java XML editor.
LiteSpeed Web Server logo
Highly scalable Web-delivery platform.
Subversion logo
Replacement for CVS.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
NetBeans logo
Integrated Development Environment for Java (IDE).
Tapestry logo
Framework for creating Web applications in Java.
LogDiver logo
Quickly consolidate information from multiple log files.
Code Snippet logo
Code-snippet organizer.
PageSpinner logo
HTML/XHTML Web page editor.
Webmin logo
Web-based interface for system administration.
PHP Install logo
Unofficial PHP 4.3.0 install .command file.
BitNami RubyStack logo
Greatly simplifies the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications.
Midgard CMS logo
Open-source content management system.
Machete logo
Access your music via Web browser.
WebStart logo
Full-featured webserver environment.
Headdress logo
Invaluable virtual hosting assistant.
uberSVN logo
UI for Subversion (beta).
BitNami ownCloud Stack logo
Quick setup for ownCloud.
BloglinesMenu logo
Menu item reads subscriptions.
Yuma logo
Object-oriented Web scripting tool and language.
WebStart logo
Full-featured local webserver environment.
PHP Spell Check logo
Spell checking script for PHP.
PHP-Aquarium logo
Simple, fast development environment for PHP.
Certificate Import logo
Import digital certificates to your keychain.
The Surveyor logo
Create questionnaires, publish them on the web.
Traffic Report X logo
Web log analysis tool.
BitNami Magento Stack logo
Easy-to-install distribution of the Magento application.