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E-UAE logo
Version of the Amiga emulator (was (SDL)uae).
Album Daemon logo
Daemon updates iChat buddy icon to iTunes artwork.
MaxUAE GUI logo
GUI for Amiga emulator MaxUAE.
Aeon Timeline logo
Timeline tool stimulates creative thinking.
Display Maestro logo
Optimize resolution and bit depth for attached displays.
Horae logo
Generate MIDI timecodes and SMPTE LTCs.
Aether logo
Log ham radio transmissions.
MediaExtractor for iWork logo
Extract media files from iWork documents.
UltraEdit logo
Mac version of the Windows text editor.
Mercury Venus Transit Maestro logo
Photograph Mercury and Venus transits.
SubEthaEdit logo
Collaborative text editing using Bonjour.
Aegisub logo
Advanced subtitle editor.
Web Site Maestro logo
Optimize and upload your webpages.
LotsaEscher logo
Screen saver displays animated versions of M.C. Escher Print Gallery.
Notae logo
An accessible notebook application with numerous features.
MediaEdit logo
Add stunning transitions/effects to your movies.
Flaex logo
Extract sounds, images, videos from any SWF file.
Colin McRae Rally Mac logo
Game based around the challenging sport of Rally racing.
TenebraeQuake logo
Enhanced Quake client with advanced graphics.
Pro Zombie Soccer AE logo
Take on zombies with a soccer ball (free for limited time).
MaxUAE logo
Amiga emulator.
The Achaean logo
Find & remove MP3 and other media viruses.
Aerocut Pro logo
Draws every possible clipping path, then you choose the one you want.
Mad Daedalus logo
Monster-themed pinball game.
Hydride + Rethae logo
Folder icons for your entire system and an ample selection of extras.
Aevum Obscurum logo
Online turn-based strategy game.
Colin McRae: DiRT 2 logo
The king of off-road racing.
MediaEdit Pro logo
Create professional media projects.
PDF MetaEdit logo
Edit meta information of PDF files.
AeroFS logo
Private file sync and share for enterprise.
NCrypt logo
Encrypt and decrypt files of any type using AES encryption.
Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit  logo
Five powerful 3D Extrusion filters for AE, FCP, FCE, or Motion.
AllSecure logo
Secure your data with 256-bit AES encryption.
Amiga Emulation Bundle logo
Helps configure Richard Drummond`s UAE port.
OutBank logo
German online banking app.
BetterZip logo
Archiving tool.
WinZip logo
Mac edition of established compression utility.
Hider logo
Hide, encrypt, and password-protect your data.
iZip logo
Zip, unzip, encrypt, and share files.
Get Backup Pro logo
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
Syncovery logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
Retrospect logo
Backup and recovery software.
MediaInfo logo
Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
Tap Forms logo
Easily keep track of your important information.
DataVault Password Manager logo
Password manager.
eWallet logo
Securely store credit card, bank, health and insurance info, and more.
MacPass logo
Native OS X port of KeePass (alpha).
MacJournal logo
Create, maintain, and blog a personal journal.
Enpass logo
Password manager.
Sticky Password logo
Powerful and flexible password manager.
Safe + logo
Encrypt and organize your sensitive data, photos, and contacts.
Qt Bitcoin Trader logo
Buy and sell bitcoins on Mt.Gox, BTC-e, Bitstamp, and BTCChina.
PassDirector logo
Encrypted, password-protected database for OS X and iPhone.
Badia Exportools Professional logo
Batch export InDesign and QuarkXpress documents.
Keys logo
A password manager with military-level security at an affordable price.
Badia Exportools Standard for QuarkXPress logo
Multi-document page exporter for QuarkXPress, Pro version available.
Binfer logo
Send and receive large files without uploading anywhere.
Krypton logo
Keep personal information private.
VIPole Secure Messenger logo
Secure instant messenger.
Hydra logo
Create artistic or photorealistic HDR images.
Espionage logo
Simple, state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your data.
Wallet logo
Store passwords, serial numbers, contacts.
Copy logo
Cloud storage and file syncing service.
Favorite Text logo
Snippet, clipboard, password, and secret note manager.
SQLiteManager logo
Database manager for SQLite databases.
Private Contact logo
Encrypt and store your contacts.
CryptoEdit logo
Create and protect word processing files.
AutoCrypt logo
Save encryption settings in a document.
StuffIt Deluxe logo
File compression tool.
Color Finesse logo
Telecine-style color correction for After Effects and Premiere.
EncryptStick logo
Quickly, easily, and permanently secure your information.
Badia Exportools Standard for InDesign logo
Save InDesign pages/spreads/selections in various formats.
iMacros for Firefox logo
Web automation solution.
Knox logo
Secure, integrated encryption and backup solution.
KeePassX logo
Password manager.
Boris Continuum Complete for Adobe logo
Effects for video and motion graphics.
Password Repository logo
Password management app.
DMG Master logo
Create DMG image archives with a document based approach.
DriveLock File Protection logo
File encryption utility.
Cryptext logo
Secure your writings and notes.
Photo Meta Edit logo
Edit photo metadata.
Vault Password Manager logo
Smart password manager and key generator.
Crypt Sync Files logo
Syncs, encrypts, and decrypts files between local folders and USB drives.
PW Master logo
Store and manage your passwords (was Password Master).
File Crypt Pro logo
Simple and fast encryption or decryption software.
Memoires logo
Daily journal with style.
MacFort logo
Encrypt application data with password protection.
Locko logo
Password manager and file vault with browser extensions.
VPN Server Configurator logo
Access to your Mac or LAN from anywhere.
Passwords Plus logo
Store and protect passwords and other sensitive information.
Syncovery Family Pack logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
Syncovery Five-Pack Business logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
Only Password logo
Password manager.
Easy Password Storage logo
Password manager.
Password Manager Pro logo
Store passwords and other information for every site.
Encrypter logo
Private file management.
iTamer logo
Secure management and sharing of notes, contacts, tasks, calendar, and passwords.
Concealer logo
Hide personal information such as credit card numbers and files.
Get Backup logo
Create encrypted bootable backups, syncs files/folders, clone drives.
Entropy logo
Versatile and easy to use archiver.