Apps found for “address book


Address Book Manipulator logo
Connect Address Book to FileMaker.
Apple Address Book Importer logo
Import email address book into OSX 10.1 email client.
TREE-SMS Address Book Plug-In logo
Send SMS directly from Address Book.
Aluminum Skin for Address Book logo
Restore Address Book's aluminum look.
The Social Address Book logo
Address book for all of your social networks.
Address Book Exporter logo
Export Address Book info to a tab-delimited file.
Address Book Server logo
Host your own Address Book Server on your network.
Sync Entourage-Address Book logo
Sync Address Book with Entourage.
Address Book Dates logo
Shows age, astrological sign for contacts in Apple Address Book.
Address Book Scrubber logo
Fixes common typo & formatting in Address Book.
Hubi's Address Book Scripts logo
AppleScript collection for your address book.
My Address Book logo
Put your Address Book contacts on the web.
Address Book to HTML logo
Create an HTML file from address book data.
Address Book Plugin for Orange SMS logo
For Orange Switzerland users.
Sony Ericsson Address Book Enabler logo
Allows you to send and receive SMS messages via Bluetooth.
Address Book plugin for Natel Skyline SMS logo
For users of the Swiss Natel service.
Address Book Reverse Look-up Plug-in logo
Look up addresses from phone numbers.
FM Address Book logo
FileMaker Pro template to manage addresses.
Address Book Pictures logo
Import images from Active Directory and LDAP servers to Contacts.
AddressBook Aid2 logo
Edit Contacts' address book database.
Exporter for Contacts logo
Export data from Apple Address Book (was Export Address Book).
Cobook logo
Intelligent address book.
AddressBook Cleaner logo
Find and remove duplicates from Address Book.
Google Maps Plugin logo
Plugin for Address Book looks up Google Maps of addresses.
AddressBookSync logo
Download Facebook profile pictures to Address Book cards.
Address-O-Matic logo
Share Address Book contents over a network.
PostCheck logo
Plugin for Apple Address Book that looks up missing info.
DayliteABMenu logo
Access Daylite address book via system-wide menu.
ContactsSyncer logo
Download and sync contacts with Address book.
JABMenu logo
Utilize Address Book data through a system-wide menu.
fruux logo
Sync your address book, calendars, tasks, and bookmarks between Macs.
Address Office logo
Advanced address book.
TapDex logo
Search interface for OS X Address Book.
Apple iSync logo
Sync your Address Book/iCal between Macs and digital devices.
Spanning Tools logo
Analyzes, reports, and fixes issues with iCal, Address Book, and Sync.
BuddyPop logo
Shortcut to Address Book.
Dates to iCal logo
Sync special Address Book dates.
ABMenu logo
Access the Address Book via a menu item.
AB2CSV logo
Export Address Book CSV files to GMail.
Plaxo logo
Online service for syncing your Address Book and iCal.
AddressBook Exporter logo
Export Address Book info in various formats.
A to G logo
Export your OS X Address Book to Gmail.
SMS Mac logo
Address Book plug-in for fast SMS sending.
Abee logo
Import data into Apple Address Book.
Serial Mail logo
AppleScript creates mailings using Apple Mail & Address Book.
HTMLize AddressBook logo
Convert your Apple Address Book entries to HTML.
AdiumBook logo
Sync Adium and Apple Address Book.
Little Office logo
Address book manager.
Earth Addresser logo
Takes Address Book addresses and displays them in Google Earth.
AddressBook2LDAP logo
Share Address Book contacts.
InTouch With logo
Free-form PIM and address book.
EntourageABMenu logo
Access Entourage address book via system-wide menu.
Age logo
Age calculation plugin for Address Book.
BirthdayScannerX logo
Imports birthdays and other dates from Address Book to iCal.
Contacts Cleaner logo
Fixes Address Book and Apple Sync Services issues.
MailMergeApp logo
Create merged mailings w/Address Book &
HTMLMailer logo
Send HTML email to people in your Address Book.
AB2FM logo
Export from Apple Address Book to Filemaker.
UllaBella logo
Phone dialer plugin for Apple Address Book.
ZipCarton logo
Apple Address Book plugin for ZIP code lookups.
DigiLife Reports logo
Print Address Book and iTunes reports.
Birthday Reminder logo
Address Book integrated birthday reminder.
FormalAddress logo
Quickly add addresses to Address Book.
FormalAddressPro logo
Quickly add addresses to Address Book.
Syncman logo
Synchronizes your Address Book with your Gmail contacts.
SkypeToAddressBook logo
Match your Skype contacts with your Address Book contacts.
ABNavigator logo
Get travel directions from your Address Book.
Drivers for the Motorola L6 logo
Send SMS via Address Book, and more.
AB Transfer logo
Import records into Address Book.
addressbook2pine logo
Convert Address Book contacts to Pine format.
Bluetooth vCard Blaster logo
Send vCards from your address book to any Bluetooth device.
SmartBook logo
Brings Smart Groups to the Apple Address Book.
RealAGENDA logo
Personal address book with search.
LionBleacher logo
Change the color of Address Book and iCal in Lion.
ContactCreator.service logo
Auto-add selected text to your Address Book.
Contacts logo
View Address Book data via command line.
People Book X logo
Elegant and easy-to-use address book manager.
Yahoo! Map of ... logo
Switch to Yahoo! Maps service in Address Book.
iSparx logo
Share Address Book information with others on your network.
AddressUpdate logo
Monitors your Mac OS X Address Book database for changes.
WebBook logo
Publish your Address Book to a Web server.
MailTuner logo
Fixes slowdown of oversized Address Book.
GoogleGo Actions logo
Address Book plugins for Google maps.
Power Contact X logo
SMS, ICQ, phone client w/address book.
Escale logo
Sync your Newton Address Book with OS X.
FM2AB logo
Import FileMaker data into Address Book.
DoIP logo
Dial a telephone number with your IP phone by an Address Book action.
moEnvelopes logo
Print envelopes from the Apple Address Book.
FBContacts logo
Merges Facebook data with contacts in your Address Book.
XING vCard Utility logo
Converts vCard files from XING business network for Address Book.
iCalBirthdays logo
Create a birthday calendar in iCal from contacts in Address Book.
PictureMe logo
Easily add pictures to your Address Book.
XC Connect logo
Share data between Outlook, iCal, Address Book & more.
Google Contact Sink logo
Menu item syncs Gmail contacts into your Apple Address Book.
Open LinkedIn logo
Open proprietary LinkedIn URLs from your address book.
AddToAddressBookCM logo
Add cards in Address Book from selected Mail messages.
AbSync logo
Transfer data between Now Contact and Address Book.
address-o-sync logo
Sync/share Address Books via Rendezvous.
TheGoodBook X logo
Searchable address book.
Yahoo! Maps Plug-in logo
Link to Yahoo! maps in the Address Book.