Apps found for “activation


Continuity Activation Tool logo
Enables OS X 10.10 Continuity features on compatible hardware.
Remote Wake Up logo
Remote activation of wake-on-LAN devices.
Jiggler logo
Prevent screensaver and sleep-mode activation.
Activate Screen Saver logo
More efficient than hot corner activation.
SoftwarePassport logo
Server-based licensing and activation.
FontExplorer X Pro logo
Font management software.
SuperTab logo
Supercharges your Mac's app switcher.
Suitcase Fusion 7 logo
Font management solution combines Suitcase and Font Reserve.
Output Factory Server logo
Automate InDesign's output workflow with hot folders.
Package Central logo
Document packaging automation for Adobe InDesign.
Librarian Pro logo
Complete personal inventory system.
Periscope Pro logo
Powerful suite of surveillance apps.
PwGenerator logo
Create passwords and Wi-Fi keys.
ManyCam logo
Use a single iSight or other webcam with multiple applications.
iSentry Pro logo
Turn your Mac into an Internet-connected, motion-sensing security system.
Barsoom logo
Keep your menu bar in order.
Q2ID logo
Plugin converts QuarkXPress documents in Adobe InDesign.
Windownaut logo
Lightweight window manager.
Spooked logo
Virtual poltergeist.
TypeWise logo
Smart font management tools with fast-scrolling WYSIWYG font list.
SleepLess logo
Prevent your Mac from going to sleep.
Decipher VoiceMail logo
Save iPhone voicemail history to your Mac.
Phone App logo
Call from your Mac via your iPhone.
iFuntastic logo
Utility to customize your iPhone (beta).
Firewalk X logo
Firewall config and maintenance utility.
iNdependence logo
Jailbreak tool for original iPhone (iOS 1).
PacketStream logo
Easy way to configure/use Apple network monitoring tools.
AudioLeak logo
Professional audio equivalent level analyzer.
Eddy Timer logo
Timer and stop-watch utility.
MoosePad X logo
Note pad replacement.
Puissance 3D logo
3D peg removing game.
BatchOutput Server logo
Automates InDesign output workflow.
Quick Tag logo
Tag songs in iTunes and help build better smart playlists.
KnockOutDock logo
AppleScript sets Dock preferences.
Screen Saver Menu logo
Menubar utility for launching/managing screensavers.
Rasche's Kartenspiele logo
Get all Rasche's cardgames in one.
Sprint SmartView logo
Drivers and software for Sierra and Novatel 3G modems.
Veenix: Design & Type Tools logo
Set of utilities for graphic and Web professionals.
NMS logo
Take control of your Mac's system sleep behavior.
Tomb Raider logo
Intense, classic action game.
Time Machine Everywhere logo
Activate unsupported network drives in Time Machine.
Spanner logo
Menubar item to control hotcorners.
Poker Superstars II logo
A bigger tournament and a brand new poker AI.
Veenix Font Tools logo
Collection of modular font tools and utilities.
Settings Plus for Camino logo
Adds additional options to the Camino Web browser.
WaveJelly logo
Simple audio waveform viewer.
SmartActivate logo
Scripting addition for focusing on specific windows.
WorkspaceAccelerator logo
Effective organization of your workspace.
DashLite logo
Launches Dashboard, kills Dock temporarily.
VocMac logo
Computer jargon dictionary in French, German & English.
ITCH logo
Award-winning DJ system.
iLicense logo
Organize software licensing agreements and serial numbers.
WindowCommander logo
Fast and intuitive window switcher.
iTracker logo
Control your Mac\'s cursor with movements from your head.