Apps found for “activate


Activate Front Row logo
Use Front Row with any Mac without a infrared sensor.
Activate Screen Saver logo
More efficient than hot corner activation.
SmartActivate logo
Scripting addition for focusing on specific windows.
handyPrint logo
Activate AirPrint by adding or removing the required files.
OnCue logo
Motion- and sound-activated surveillance software.
iScroll2 logo
Activates 2-finger scrolling on pre-2005 PowerBooks.
loginwindow logo
Activate the login window without terminating session.
SyncBar logo
Activate iSync and synchronize your devices at a set interval.
Time Machine Everywhere logo
Activate unsupported network drives in Time Machine.
Alt+Mac logo
Activate Mac menu bar by pressing the Alt/Option key (beta).
Spy Safari logo
AppleScript to activate Safari in Private Browsing mode.
Audio Unit Manager logo
Activate, deactivate, move and validate your Audio Units.
Finder Activator logo
Easily activate the Finder via Spotlight.
Salute logo
Keyboard shortcut activates screensaver and locks session.
Bluetooth Screen Lock logo
Bluetooth-activated screen locker.
iTunes and Screensavers logo
Pause iTunes when screensaver activates.
Desktop Activator logo
Activate the Desktop and hide all apps.
Server Control logo
Easily activate/deactivate servers on your Mac.
XmasBotz Screensaver logo
Sound activated virtual Santa screensaver.
Quicksilver logo
Application launcher and much more.
TinkerTool logo
Expanded preference settings for OS X.
Things logo
Elegant personal task management.
AppDelete logo
Uninstall your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.
FontAgent logo
Font management and repair utility.
FontExplorer X Pro logo
Font management software.
Apple Compressor logo
Adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X encoding and exporting.
A Better Finder Attributes logo
Change file creation and modification dates.
Virus Scanner Plus logo
Scan files, locations, or your entire system for viruses.
Hidden logo
Track down your stolen Mac.
ColorSnapper2 logo
Quickly find the color of any pixel.
Short Menu logo
Fast and intelligent URL shortener.
VyprVPN logo
Configure and manage your VPN connections.
Cover Version logo
Displays cover of playing iTunes song.
Browser Care logo
Browser maintenance app.
Typewriter Keyboard logo
Make your keyboard play typewriter sounds or any other sounds.
Writefull logo
Writing app with language support (beta).
Electric Sheep logo
Electric fractal imagery screen saver.
Quick Notes logo
Note-taking app (was Notes+).
AppDelete Lite logo
Delete apps and their associated files (lite version).
Periscope Pro logo
Powerful suite of surveillance apps.
Manico logo
Launch or switch to an app using shortcut keys.
CustomReader logo
Customize Safari Reader.
Market Junkie logo
Stock-portfolio manager.
PEMDAS Widget logo
Scientific calculator widget.
DocWallet logo
Securely store and access documents from multiple devices.
iFreeMem logo
Maximize free memory for better application performance.
CuteClips logo
Clipboard manager.
Amphetamine logo
Override energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake.
Share Tunes logo
Share what song you are listening to.
SmoothCursor logo
Custom mouse and trackpad acceleration.
Declutter logo
Automatic desktop organizer with Smart folders.
Spooked logo
Virtual poltergeist.
QuitsApps logo
Selectively quit applications, menubar version now available.
Get Plain Text logo
Convert any text to plain text.
Howler Timer logo
Easy to use timer.
AutoPilot logo
Macro and automation center designed for Leopard.
IPAddressSentinel logo
Display your IP address in the menu bar.
PhotoTiles logo
Create a tiled image of many images.
SmartCSS logo
Generates HTML/CSS from Adobe Fireworks CS3.
PDFDek logo
Extract images from PDF files.
SyncFF logo
Sets modified date of folders to match new files within.
IPSentinel logo
Manage changes to IP addresses.
DropImageURL logo
Images full Web pages into JPEG or TIFF format graphics files.
TCleaner Pro logo
Quickly remove formatting from text (was Text Cleaner Pro).
TypeWise logo
Smart font management tools with fast-scrolling WYSIWYG font list.
WebSentinel logo
Monitor Web pages for search terms at interval times.
Turnover logo
Full-featured BPM tapper.
FileUtility logo
Batch deletes resource forks, files and folders, flips forks, more.
Mail Clips logo
Menu bar app for
Codepoints logo
Provides rapid access to 24,428 records in the Unicode 6.1 database.
Boolean Search logo
Add HTML searches to your website.
Antnotes logo
Ultimate Stickies for OS X.
TransformMovie logo
Batch rotate & resize movies.
Infovox iVox logo
Natural sounding voices in many languages to use in any app.
Camouflage logo
Hides clutter on your Desktop.
MovieDek logo
Extract frames from movies.
PlugSpy logo
Put your Mac under observation.
Desktop Saver logo
Use a screensaver as your desktop wallpaper.
mp3TrueEdit logo
Edit MP3 files without a loss in quality.
ExpressDictate logo
Dictaphone-style voice recorder.
Continuity Activation Tool logo
Enables OS X 10.10 Continuity features on compatible hardware.
VirtualEyez logo
Video switcher with green screen removal and color correction (was VirtualEyes).
Troi Activator logo
FileMaker plug-in to triggers network scripts.
MacTrack logo
Track and recover your lost Mac.
DockView logo
View previews of applications from the Dock.
PiXel Check logo
Check for bad pixels on LCD displays.
4LightData Lists logo
Populate, style, and arrange list windows and content.
Fontcase logo
Powerful font management with an elegant workflow.
QuickPick logo
Seamless document launcher.
Namely logo
Launch apps by name.
OmniDazzle logo
Helps highlight the location of your cursor.
AccessMenuBarApps logo
Gives instant access to all menubar apps by showing a reduced app menu.
PleaseSleep logo
Forces your Mac to sleep if something keeps it awake.
sofa logo
Displays CD cover art in iTunes, and more.
MoveCM logo
Contextual menu to move/archive files/folders to common folders.
MacLoc logo
Protect your Mac while you are away.
RedScreen logo
Night vision utility.
WorkStrip logo
Powerful file management control strip.
HotApp logo
Assign key combinations to any OS X app.
iFuntastic logo
Utility to customize your iPhone (beta).