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About My Car logo
Organize information about your car.
About This Particular Macintosh logo
Online independent Mac magazine.
It's About Time to learn iPhone logo
Interactive teaching tool.
What's Cool About Music logo
Learn music literacy.
Diana Dreams About Dinosaurs logo
Interactive storybook for new readers.
Little Snitch logo
Alerts you about outgoing network connections.
SEO SpyGlass logo
Retrieve information about top-performing Internet rivals.
coconutBattery logo
Displays info about your laptop battery.
iNet Network Scanner logo
Displays info about local network connections.
OpenGL Extensions Viewer logo
Provides info about your OpenGL accelerator.
MediaInfo logo
Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
Nano Balance Sheet logo
Obtain financial information about a company/person.
Screen bricks logo
A puzzle game about stacking bricks.
Invisor logo
Provides technical information about your video, audio and photo files.
Battery Guru logo
Displays advanced information about your battery.
Connection logo
Extended info about your network connections.
Otomatic logo
Get the content that you care about.
Countdown Timer Plus logo
Get reminders about important dates and events.
Click Map logo
Quickly obtain information about any location on a map.
Stronghold Kingdoms logo
MMORTS game about building your stronghold.
Oxenfree logo
Supernatural thriller about a group of friends.
TV Series logo
Tracks information about TV shows, add iCal alerts.
Dunno logo
Create a note and forget about it.
Wireless Signal logo
Get fast and precise info about your system Wi-Fi connection.
Debookee Tools logo
Info and notifications about your Wi-Fi connections.
YaBattery logo
Monitor vital info about your laptop battery.
Dreamfall Chapters logo
Story-driven adventure about choices and consequences.
More Info logo
Shows additional info about your files.
Healthy Food logo
Display information about food types.
Winfo logo
Info about a window.
Battery Report logo
Detailed reports about your computer's connected power sources.
Into A Black Hole logo
Learn more about black hole riddle of the Universe.
AirPort Monitor Utility logo
View information about AirPort Base Station.
iTunes Statistician logo
View statistics about your iTunes listening habits.
Super Analyzer logo
Shows interesting things about your music library, listening habits.
RAID Alert logo
Informs you about any RAID systems status changes.
Germany 2006 logo
Manager information about Germany 2006 for the World Cup.
Overseer X logo
Displays general info about your Mac.
Larva Mortus logo
Action horror game about hunting of supernatural monsters.
Shatner Facts logo
Widget tells you all there is to know about William Shatner.
Galacticaa logo
Widget displays info about upcoming Battlestar Galactica episodes.
Green Thumb Widget logo
Tips/information about gardening, landscaping, and more.
File Extension Lookup logo
Info about many file extensions via this widget.
Directory Counter logo
Gathers info about directory contents.
macsig logo
Displays select information about your computer.
FishDog Plus logo
Use a number line to learn about adding numbers.
Shelf Leveler logo
Level just about anything using your MacBook's Accelerometer.
First person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery.
Bluetooth Device Inspector logo
Displays details about Bluetooth devices near your computer.
InfoDrop logo
Display info about files/folders, more.
Royal Envoy 3 CE logo
A strategy game about exploring new lands.
USBleat logo
Audio alerts for and info about USB connections.
Scientific Journals Information logo
Search for information about scientific journals.
Gifsicle logo
Create, edit and retrieve information about GIF.
Document Info logo
View any info about your document in hex or text.
FRS Money Math X logo
Teach kids about the value of money.
NZ Quake Browser logo
Retrieves real-time information about the latest earthquakes in New Ze
Hydrophags Screen Saver logo
Screen saver about the Land Art Festival in Hungary.
iChangeling logo
Change the Apple logo in the About This Mac window.
Book of Legends logo
Unravel a mystery within a long forgotten book about Excalibur.
FMChecker logo
Instant information about any FileMaker Pro file.
Scientific Journal Information logo
Search for information about scientific journals.
Tryst logo
Broadcast/chat about movies with Rendezvous.
Get Info logo
Track crucial information about your Mac.
ProM logo
Framework for knowledge extraction about business processes.
ADPasswordUtils logo
Login item provides advanced notification about password expiration.
Simulator Recorder logo
Simple iPhone simulator screen-capture application (was SimCap).
Document Writer logo
Powerful and beautiful word processor.
iDownload for Dropbox logo
Access dropbox from your menu bar (was DropDrive for Dropbox).
Arriving 2 logo
Track packages from over 100 carriers.
Delivery Tracking logo
Tracks your packages.
Bokeh logo
Focus with Background Blur Photo Effects.
Now Playing Widget logo
View details of current playing track in iTunes.