Apps found for “Strategy


Exit Strategy logo
Game where you save red dotted people.
Bag Of Unusual Strategy Games logo
Five unusual chess-like games.
Civilization VI logo
Next iteration of the legendary strategy game.
Empire Z logo
Zombie-themed real-time strategy game.
Battle for Wesnoth logo
Fantasy-themed strategy game.
Ticket to Ride logo
Train simulation and strategy game.
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth logo
Exploration-themed strategy game.
Homeworld Remastered Collection logo
Epic space strategy games that redefined the RTS genre.
0 A.D. logo
Historical strategy game (alpha).
Palm Kingdoms 2 logo
Turn-based strategy/role-playing game.
StarDrive 2 logo
Turn-based 4x strategy game.
Palm Heroes 2 logo
Old-school strategy game - gather resources and defeat your opponents.
Empire XP logo
Risk-like strategy game.
Crowntakers logo
Fight monsters in this turn-based strategy game.
Civilization V logo
Epic turn-based strategy game.
Defense Grid logo
Defense strategy game.
Battle Nations logo
Epic war strategy game.
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty logo
Real-time science fiction strategy game.
Sid Meier's Starships logo
Space adventure-driven strategy game from legendary designer Sid Meier.
Europa Universalis III Chronicles logo
Epic strategy game with 4 expansion packs.
Victoria 2 logo
Grand strategy game set in the 19th century.
iBomber Defense logo
War-themed strategy game.
Hero Academy logo
Turn-based strategy game.
Garden Shop - Rush Hour! logo
Help Chloe sell her plants in this strategy game.
Blackguards 2 logo
Hexfield and turn-based strategy-RPG.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition logo
Turn-based strategy and role-playing game.
Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition logo
Popular strategy game.
Plants vs Zombies logo
Action strategy game.
StarCraft logo
Space-based real-time strategy game.
Command & Conquer Generals logo
Real-time-strategy war game.
Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards logo
Free-to-play, strategy online multiplayer trading card game.
Spaceward Ho! logo
Space strategy game.
Savage: The Battle for Newerth logo
1st person, real time strategy game.
Worms Special Edition logo
Classic turn-based strategy game.
Glest logo
3D real time strategy game.
BoXiKoN logo
Puzzle game of strategy and logic.
Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition logo
Epic real-time strategy game with two expansion packs included.
Legion Arena logo
Large-scale role playing strategy game.
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars logo
Futuristic real-time strategy game.
Warzone 2100 logo
Real-time strategy game.
Splat! logo
Strategy game based on Ataxx.
Black & White logo
Strategy game; fixes compatibility issues with non-Mac OS X computers.
Polyominoes logo
Four strategy games in one.
Machines at War logo
Build and command a war machine in this strategy game.
CamelControl logo
Lemmings type of strategy game.
Fortune logo
Investment strategy game, in the style of Monopoly.
Race into Space logo
Space race-themed strategy game.
UFO: Alien Invasion logo
Squad-based tactical strategy game.
KingMania logo
30 level battlefield strategy game.
FloboPuyo logo
Clone of PuyoPuyo strategy game.
TripleA logo
Turn-based strategy game.
Master of Gomoku logo
Strategy board game.
Supernova: Galactic Wars logo
Combines strategy with classic arcade shooter action.
3DSpins! logo
3D puzzle strategy game w/100 levels.
Tank Approach logo
Tank war strategy game.
Grid Zone logo
Strategy game similar to Hi-Q.
Black & White 2 logo
Play as a god in this strategy game.
Jacqueline Go logo
Strategy game of Go.
Bubble Thing logo
Bubble-filled strategy game.
Barricade logo
Turn-based game of strategy.
Multiwinia logo
Multiplayer real time strategy war game.
Aevum Obscurum logo
Online turn-based strategy game.
Constellation logo
Space themed strategy board game.
Westward IV: All Aboard logo
Real-time strategy game.
Minesweeper 101 logo
Classic strategy/puzzle game.
jalada Children of Arisia logo
Futuristic real-time strategy game.
Biofilm logo
Real-time bacteria strategy game.
Galcon logo
Multi-player galactic action/strategy game.
Hedgewars logo
Turn-based strategy game featuring pink hedgehogs.
Red Storm Defense logo
Tower defense strategy game.
Big Bang West logo
Fantasy strategy game.
HexAddict logo
Strategy game, object is to avoid hazards.
Gridlock logo
Collection of over 20 abstract strategy board games.
XBolo logo
Network multiplayer action/strategy game.
Galcon Fusion logo
Galactic arcade-strategy game.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory logo
Team-based strategy game with cumulative abilities.
Bos Wars logo
Futuristic real time strategy game.
TowerMadness 2 logo
Save the sheep in this strategy game.
Cheats with Words logo
Strategy app for cheating at Word with Friends.
jalada Comrade Stalin logo
Historical real-time strategy game.
Think Ahead X logo
Classic puzzle/strategy game.
Commander: Europe at War logo
World War II turn-based strategy game.
Styrateg logo
Turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy medieval world.
Jungle vs. Droids logo
Defend the animals from the droids in this strategy game.
Battle Ranch logo
Defend your ranch in this strategy game.
Tank Repairman 1942 logo
Strategy game explores logistic challenges of wartime vehicle repair.
Catan logo
Multiplayer strategy board game.
Castle Vox logo
Castle-themed strategy game.
Tropico 3: Gold Edition logo
Play as a Caribbean dictator in this real-time strategy/simulation game.
Two Towers logo
Fantasy-themed, card-based strategy game.
Gratuitous Space Battles logo
The ultimate space strategy game.
Kingdom Tales 2 logo
Time and resource management strategy game.
Assault Commander Ultimate logo
Turn-based strategy game.
Roads Of Rome 2 logo
Strategy / time management game.
European War 2 logo
Strategy game set during WWII.
Battle Fleet logo
Unique naval strategy game.
Medieval Battlefields logo
Turn-based strategy game set in medieval Europe.
Widelands logo
Real-time strategy game inspired by Settlers I & II.
World War 2: Time of Wrath logo
Turn-based strategy game.
Royal Envoy 3 CE logo
A strategy game about exploring new lands.