Apps found for “Sharing


SharingMenu logo
Menu item for quick Sharing access.
Samba Sharing Package X logo
Windows filesharing network server.
Apple DVD or CD Sharing Setup logo
Enables remote disc sharing and more for MacBook Air.
ScreenSharingMenulet logo
Screen share with local computers.
Shokado Web Sharing Tool for Bento logo
Share your Bento database on your local network.
Apple Migration and DVD/CD Sharing logo
Enhanced capabilities and performance for migration over networks.
p300 LAN/VPN file sharing logo
Share directories with other hosts on your network.
Backup and Sync logo
File backup and sharing tool; 15 GB free (was Google Drive).
iVideo logo
Powerful app for organizing and sharing movies.
Dropshare logo
Secure file-sharing tool.
PhotoDesk logo
Instagram client for photo sharing.
Splice logo
Cloud platform for music creation, collaboration, and sharing.
Leaf logo
News reader with preview, sharing, and search capabilities.
Tresorit logo
Secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and sharing.
Vault 101 logo
AES-256 encryption with optional sharing.
Jumpshare logo
Fast file sharing built into the menu bar.
SpiderOak logo
Secure cloud backup, storage, and sharing; 2GB free.
FoxTrot Search Server logo
Enhances your file sharing or file server.
Smilebox logo
Creative photo sharing service. logo
Screen sharing tool for remote meetings.
Synology Cloud Station logo
Private cloud for sharing, synchronizing, and managing files (beta).
Monosnap logo
Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.
Yandex.Disk logo
Cloud-based file sharing.
Command-C logo
Clipboard sharing tool for iOS and OS X.
Beem logo
Instant screenshots sharing, annotation & managment.
Box Notes logo
Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere.
PowerFolder logo
Sync files, folders, remote storage, backup and private file sharing.
Owely logo
Screenshot edit and sharing tool.
zCloud logo
Quick and efficient sharing of files and screenshots.
Uplr logo
The missing sharing tool of Dropbox.
Connect To logo
File- and print-sharing between System 7 and OS X.
Sylaps logo
Carry on conversations by sharing a URL.
Batch Image Resizer logo
Resize and edit multiple images for Web publishing and sharing.
Nodescan Client logo
Cross-platform chat and file sharing solution (beta).
Acquisition logo
Gnutella file-sharing client.
iTamer logo
Secure management and sharing of notes, contacts, tasks, calendar, and passwords.
GoToMeeting logo
Online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software.
PhotoRocket logo
Simple high quality photo sharing app from a Mac or iPhone.
PictureSync logo
Annotate and upload your pictures to photo sharing services.
Direct Connect logo
P2P user file sharing app.
iLeech logo
iTunes song sharing protocol.
Torch logo
Browser with built-in media downloading and sharing features.
ShakesPeer logo
P2P file sharing app for the Direct Connect protocol.
SoulseekX logo
Soulseek peer-to-peer file sharing client.
Drumbeat X logo
Peer-to-peer file sharing network.
QuickSynergy logo
GUI for Synergy2, a mouse/keyboard sharing tool.
mlDonkey logo
Client for eDonkey file sharing network.
AFPStatus logo
Menu item displays the status of File Sharing.
iCommune 401(ok) logo
Re-enable iTunes 4.0.1 music sharing.
xMule logo
Client for the eDonkey file sharing network.
Papaya logo
Web server dedicated to sharing your files.
Panorama Enterprise Server logo
RAM-based database server for publishing and sharing.
Bits logo
Diary with photos, tags, and online sharing.
Minbox logo
Free file-sharing application.
Who Is Connected? logo
Monitor status of Apple File Sharing.
Fyels logo
Easy file sharing.
Minus logo
Instant file sharing and storage.
Torpedo logo
Short-term file sharing.
Norton Zone logo
Easy and safe file sharing.
Fuze logo
Organize instant online meetings with HD video conferencing and content sharing.
CustomSearch Safari Extension logo
Quickly access multiple search engines and sharing services.
Dikk! logo
Screen sharing through Bonjour network.
Dynamic Folders logo
Advanced document sharing tools for workgroups.
Dragshare for Dropbox logo
Dropbox sharing made easy.
OpenAFS logo
Client-server architecture for file sharing.
Glance logo
Desktop sharing tool for live Web demos, sales presentations, more.
2Peer logo
Private, secure P2P file sharing with your friends.
SmuginForAperture logo
Export to the SmugMug photo/video sharing site.
iSlurp logo
Java-based client for iTunes sharing protocol.
Volley logo
Client/server chat and file sharing app.
KoffeePhoto logo
Photo sharing software.
Foodie logo
Effortless recipe management and sharing.
ShareOver logo
Social sharing app.
JellyVNC logo
Bookmark manager for built-in OS X screen sharing tool.
Nimbus logo
Drag-and-drop file sharing menu bar app.
CrossClip logo
Clipboard sharing across a wireless network.
iconShare Free logo
Visually adaptive file sharing.
NoteShare Server logo
Centralized sharing of notebooks.
MarkDrop logo
Markdown editor built with sharing in mind.
launchTunes logo
Auto-launch iTunes 4.0 for music sharing.
Kerika logo
Alternative to email for teams sharing documents, ideas and processes.
Dropbox logo
Cloud backup and synchronization tool with Finder integration; free 2GB account.
CloudApp (Pro) logo
Video screen recorder, GIF maker, screenshot creator.
Omber logo
Vector design build around vector shading.
High-end audio sampler.
SILKYPIX Developer Studio logo
RAW photo correction.
Terragen logo
Create photorealistic landscape images.
CloudApp (Business) logo
Video screen recorder, GIF maker, screenshot creator.
TypeStyler logo
Classic type styling tool.
LilyPond logo
Automated engraving system, formats music (beta).
SimpleDEMViewer logo
Browses Digital Elevation Model data as pictures.
CloudApp (Team) logo
Video screen recorder, GIF maker, screenshot creator.
Trapcode Suite logo
Industry standard for broadcast & 3D design.
SketchMee logo
Pencil sketch generator.
Aku Shaper logo
Surfboard Shaping Suite.
SBArt logo
Generate images based on artificial selection and evolutionary computation.
The Darkness II logo
Intense first-person shooter.
ViewPoint logo
RapidWeaver stack; creates 3D text.
Corona logo
Virtual analog and wave synthesizer.
Marquee logo
RapidWeaver stack; showcases your products and service offerings.