Apps found for “Role-Playing


Monster RPG 2 logo
Role-playing adventure game.
Palm Kingdoms 2 logo
Turn-based strategy/role-playing game.
BioShock Infinite logo
First-person shooter with role-playing elements.
Diablo III logo
Role-playing game set in a world dark fantasy; free starter version available.
BioShock 2 logo
First-person shooter with role-playing elements.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition logo
Turn-based strategy and role-playing game.
Dofus logo
Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic logo
Star Wars role-playing experience.
Avernum 4 logo
Fantasy role-playing adventure.
BioShock logo
First-person shooter with role-playing elements.
Polymatic logo
Dice-roller for role-playing games (was DiceX).
Dink Smallwood HD logo
Remixed version of the classic role-playing game.
Penny Arcade 2: Precipice of Darkness logo
Role-playing adventure based on the comic strip Penny Arcade.
Eschalon: Book II logo
Second installlment of the role-playing game series.
Deus Ex Human Revolution logo
First-person role-playing game.
Eternal Legacy logo
Intense role-playing game in a world of cinematic environments.
DeathSpank logo
Funny role-playing game with local co-op mode.
The Banner Saga logo
Epic role-playing game of Viking adventure.
PCGen logo
d20 game character manager.
Arindal logo
European multiplayer online fantasy role playing game.
Legion Arena logo
Large-scale role playing strategy game.
EverQuest logo
Multiplayer 3D online RPG game.
CrystalBall logo
Pen and paper role playing game utility.
Torchlight logo
Action role playing game.
Gladiator Trials II logo
Gladiator simulation turn-based game.
Din's Curse logo
Action role playing game.
Eschalon: Book I logo
Role playing adventure with non-linear storyline.
Robotek logo
Action-packed role playing game.
Hero Helper X logo
Aid for HeroGames role playing system.
Ultima III logo
Modern update of a classic fantasy role playing game.