Apps found for “Old


PowerFolder logo
Sync files, folders, remote storage, backup and private file sharing.
Etruscan and Old Italic Keyboard Layouts logo
Etruscan & Old Italic keyboard layouts.
Glass Folder Icons logo
Shiny glass folder replacement icons.
Synchronize Folders logo
Sync contents of two folders.
Backdrop Folders logo
Finder addition uses Expose for folder views.
Golden Trails: The New Western Rush logo
Take on bandits in the old Wild West.
Pharaoh`s Gold logo
Retrieve stolen gold from a tomb.
OS X Yosemite Folder Icons logo
Folder icons from latest OS X Yosemite preview.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II logo
Sequel to the popular Star Wars RPG.
QuickHold logo
A second clipboard in Notification Center.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic logo
Star Wars role-playing experience.
Jets'n'Guns Gold logo
Ground shaking, rock blasting action game.
Beholder logo
Internet Web image finder.
Marble Blast Gold logo
Roll your marble past obstacles and hazards.
ToySight Gold logo
Games for your iSight (or other webcams).
Old Pirate logo
Show/hide hidden files or desktop icons & restart system UI components.
Blackjack Gold logo
Blackjack game for up to seven players.
Titanium Folder Icons logo
Set of Titanium-style MacOS X icons.
Arnold logo
Emulation program for Amstrad CPC.
Pong - Old School logo
Classic arcade game.
Adobe ColdFusion logo
Build dynamic Web sites and Internet applications.
OldBooth logo
See yourself in another era.
Quanta Gold logo
Point-and-click dynamic website builder.
Doulber Gold logo
Arcade maze game with bombs and lava.
Threshold logo
Multi-dimensional maze game.
File2Folder logo
Rule-based, automated file organization.
Stronghold logo
Keeps data safe under 448-bit blowfish encryption.
OldHex logo
BinHex your classic Mac apps or documents.
Hide-A-Folder logo
Low level data security application.
Privateer Gemini Gold logo
Space piracy and trading game.
VersionsManager logo
Remove gigabytes of superfluous old files.
Fliqlo logo
Old-style clock with flipping numbers.
Business Bingo logo
Replicates old-fashioned bingo-call equipment.
Disk Cleaner logo
Remove old files and clear caches.
SixtyFour logo
Boost your old Mac's performance.
AlphaPlugins EngraverIII logo
Simulate old-fashioned mezzo-images.
Business Bingo 90 logo
Perform all the functions of old fashioned 90 number bingo calling equipment.
GrassGames Cribbage logo
3D version of the classic 400 year old card game.
Palm Heroes 2 logo
Old-school strategy game - gather resources and defeat your opponents.
Basilisk II logo
Emulator to play old 68k games on OS X.
Stunt Copter logo
Remake of an old Mac classic game.
vMac logo
Emulate old Mac OS`s on your Mac.
Braveland logo
Old-school style turn-based strategy game.
Audio ADD logo
Create new sonic spaces from your old dusty audio files.
Didi and Ditto Preschool logo
Captivate your 2 to 4 year old.
iCal Archiver logo
Increase iCal search accuracy by archiving old events.
Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow CE logo
Uncover the treachery of a centuries-old turncoat in Silent Hollow.
Reckless Racing logo
Old-school racing with modern graphics and multiplayer.
Chords Notes Player logo
Collect and play your favorite folk, bluegrass, country or old-time songs.
Cleaning Agent X logo
Clean out your old files and folders.
Don't Run With a Plasma Sword logo
Endless runner with tribute to old sci-fi movies.
Grendel logo
Entry method for Old Germanic languages.
Dungeon of the Damned logo
Old-school dungeon crawler and classic adventure game.
PISMO logo
Enter text in Old Church Slavonic.
Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema logo
Uncover the secrets of an old theater in this hidden object game.
X68000 Emulator logo
Emulate old X68000 machines.
OOo4kids logo
OpenOffice version designed for 7-12 year olds.
Cleaning Agent logo
Clean out your old files and folders.
Sky Checkers logo
Free multiplayer game inspired by old Kirby mini game.
LazyMouse logo
Automatically moves cursor to default dialog button.
Painter's Picker logo
Extension to the OS X color picker panel.
Trampoline logo
Unique file launcher (was Bullseye).
One Finger Snap logo
Makes 1-button mouse like 2-button mouse.
Clean Slate logo
Quickly clean up your desktop.
PixureSaver logo
A textured screensaver powered by an image-generation algorithm.
TechTool Deluxe logo
For AppleCare customers only.
SnapItUp logo
Live photo booth with 5 second videos for each photo.