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Evernote logo
Create searchable notes and access them anywhere.
Microsoft OneNote logo
Free digital notebook.
Posterino logo
Create posters, collages, calendars, and postcards.
Apple Keynote logo
Apple's presentation designer from the iWork suite.
Monosnap logo
Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.
Monolingual logo
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.
Autopano Giga logo
Stitch multiple images (release candidate).
Monodraw logo
Powerful ASCII art editor.
Nodes logo
Generative motion graphics.
DoNotTrackMe logo
Protects your privacy on the Web.
EV Nova logo
Third (and only OS X version) game in the Escape Velocity series.
Apple Snow Leopard Graphics Update logo
Stability and performance fixes.
Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard logo
For OS X 10.6 users migrating to OS X 10.9.
Apple Snow Leopard Font Update logo
Fixes OpenType font issues in Mac OS X 10.6.7.
Norton AntiVirus Definitions logo
Virus definitions for Symantec/Norton AntiVirus.
Annotation Edit logo
Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.
Pano2VR logo
Converts panoramic images into HTML5, Flash, or QTVR.
Sonos logo
Control software for the Sonos Music System.
Notefile logo
Share notes on all of your devices.
Notes for Google Keep logo
Take notes on Google Keep efficiently.
Arduino logo
Open-source IDE for Arduino.
Growly Notes logo
Free-form note-taking application.
NoteAbilityPro logo
Music notation package.
Notability logo
Note-taking and annotation made easy.
NoteList logo
Save notes in multiple formats.
NoteCard logo
Visual note taking studio.
Autopano Pro logo
Create panoramas with only one button (release candidate).
terminal-notifier logo
Send User Notifications from the command-line.
SOHO Notes logo
Premier digital note-taking application.
TopXNotes logo
Versatile note organizer.
Themes for Keynote logo
Professional themes for Apple Keynote.
MiniNote logo
Take notes from the menu bar.
Simplenote logo
Note-keeping app that syncs with all your devices.
Nottingham logo
Lightweight, simple to organize notepad.
Themes for Keynote Free logo
Free themes for Apple Keynote.
Quick Notes logo
Note-taking app (was Notes+).
Notifyr logo
Receive iOS notifications on your Mac.
Domino logo
Innovative implementation of dominoes.
Panorama logo
Create high-resolution panoramas.
NotesFinder logo
Find the notes on any string instrument and in any notation.
Pear Note logo
Integrates audio, video, and slides with traditional text notes.
Mach Note logo
iCloud-based note taking and audio recording.
Noise Machine logo
White noise and soundscape generator.
MiniNote Pro logo
Take notes from the menu bar (was NotesTab Pro).
Noizio logo
Ambient noise app.
Dunno logo
Create a note and forget about it.
CM Note Keeper logo
Organize all your notes.
Motion Themes for Keynote logo
Motion themes for Apple Keynote.
Fuel for Keynote logo
Themes for Keynote presentations.
Annotatings logo
Add graphic text annotations to files.
Mail Notifr logo
Open-Source Gmail notifier.
Second Notes logo
Second Notes is an app for making a note with Live Markdown.
Panoweaver Standard logo
Create 360-degree panoramas (beta).
DeNoise logo
Reduces hiss and noise in audio recordings.
NoteAway logo
Simple note-taking app for the menu bar.
Panoweaver Professional logo
Create 360-degree panoramas (beta).
Orangered Notifier for Reddit logo
Menubar notifier for Reddit users (was Reddit Notifier).
Solfeggio Studio for Piano logo
Learn piano music theory.
No-IP DUC logo
Automatically updates your dynamic IP with your No-IP account.
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North logo
Play an untold story in J. R. R. Tolkien’s renowned The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Canon ImageBrowser logo
Supports Canon digital cameras.
Sidenote logo
Drawer for your notes, images, etc.
myNotes logo
Note-taking software.
Google Notifier logo
Menu item displays Gmail/Google Calendar events (was Gmail Notifier).
Notational Velocity logo
Store and retrieve notes.
Now X logo
Scheduling and contact management; now discontinued.
Nanosaur 2: Hatchling logo
3D virtual dinosaur game.
Sticky Notes logo
Desktop sticky notes.
My Menorah logo
3D, interactive, animated, menorah themed Chanukah game.
Noise X logo
Creates "pink noise" to block out background sounds.
CaminoKnight logo
Automagically updates Camino w/latest nightly build.
LotsaSnow logo
Snowflake screensaver.
Notify Pro logo
Gmail notifier supports multiple accounts.
Nook logo
eBook reader from Barnes and Noble.
Finale Notepad logo
Music notation software.
Equinox Pro logo
Powerful planetarium simulator for astronomy enthusiasts.
Nokia Multimedia Transfer logo
Transfer your files between your Nokia N Series and your Mac.
Noted logo
Small app to take notes.
Camino ExtraPrefs logo
Camino browser preference enhancer.
Justnotes logo
Simple note taking.
Noiseware logo
Remove image noise.
Deep Notes logo
Hierarchical note pad.
Dominoes logo
A collection of 16 domino games.
Notae logo
An accessible notebook application with numerous features.
Reader Notifier Reloaded logo
Notifies of unread items in Google Reader account.
PDF to Keynote logo
Converts PDF-based presentations to Apple Keynote format.
Notepad Widget logo
Keep your notes in one place.
Norton Firewall logo
Personal firewall security; part of Norton Internet Security 5.
Notes logo
Data organization and notation.
Facebook Notifications logo
Adds Facebook Notifications to your desktop.
Noisy logo
White and pink noise generator for Leopard.
UnifyCamino logo
Changes color of Camino bookmarks toolbar and more.
Canon S520 Driver X logo
Driver for S-series Canon printer.
Bluenote logo
Easily keep track of notes, tasks, and passwords.
Canon Remote Capture X logo
Canon digicam driver.
EZNote X logo
Notepad app.
Sonora Timer logo
A simple chronometer application.
Nokia iSync Plugins logo
Get organized with iSync and your Nokia phone.
NotePad Deluxe X logo
Multi-purpose notepad.
NoteIt! logo
Widget sends notes to bluetooth phones.