Apps found for “Multimedia%20Design 200


Max logo
Graphical programming environment for music, audio, multimedia.
Professional drum sampler.
To MP3 Converter Free logo
Encodes more than 200 audio and video formats to high-quality MP3 in one click.
Watchfaces logo
Design Apple Watch watch-faces.
EasyMovie logo
QuickTime movie player and editor.
DarwinPsk logo
Ham radio operator app.
OSEx logo
Decrypts video from DVDs.
MoviePrint logo
Create contact sheets for entire movies (beta).
Seashore logo
Image manipulator influenced by the GIMP.
Subtitler logo
Edit and render subtitles for video editing.
SmillaEnlarger logo
Digital photo-enlarger produces sharp results (was ImageEnlarger).
ShariPlayer logo
Share your computer's audio.
Vidi logo
Watch and record TV on your Mac.
AOL Radio logo
AOL Radio featuring 200+ streaming radio stations.
mpeg2decX logo
Convert MPEG2 movies to QuickTime.
EyeTV EPG Proxy logo
Provides EPG data for users in certain countries.
iTheater logo
A complete media center for your Mac.
a52decX logo
Converts a DVD AC-3 sound to an AIFF CD format.
iPod family Icons 2006 logo
Complete set of icons for the 2006 iPod's.
Developer Color Picker logo
Custom color picker designed specifically for developers.
Greek Radio logo
Listen to over 200 Greek radio stations.
VoteWatch logo
Widget shows recent votes in US Congress.
iTunes Tag Sort logo
Edit metadata for multiple iTunes tracks at once.
Casimage logo
Database software for medical images.
Oxidizer logo
Create flame fractal designs.
syncOtunes logo
Synchronize iTunes libraries.
VitaminSEE logo
Fast image viewer coded in Cocoa.
PixelWalker logo
Fast, lightweight image browser.
PixelCoaster logo
Tool for 2D/3D image transformation.
cfxr logo
Add basic sound effects to games.
Clipt logo
Screen capture utility.
JIsoX logo
Java app creates an iso disk image from a VIDEO_TS folder.
Acetate logo
Animation overlay app helps track arcs and joints.
FIFA World Cup 2006 Schedule logo
Widget for the World Cup schedule.
QTSpaces logo
Multi movie player, switch between movies like Spaces.
DJ Kit logo
1,200 high-definition audio files available as in-app purchase packs.
Vidnik logo
Record video segments using iSight camera, upload them to YouTube.
GeoTag Desktop logo
Add geo locations from your iPhone to photos taken with non-GPS cameras.
Chlor logo
Open source vector graphics editor.
Kandalu X logo
Transfer music from iPod to Mac.
Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug logo
Over 200 FCPX and Motion filters for professional visual effects creation.
Voice Index Maker logo
Make a vocal announcement for albums in iTunes library.
Sapphire Plug-ins for Apple FxPlug Products logo
Over 200 2D effects for post production, film, broadcasting.
YTShowRating logo
Preview video ratings on YouTube.
Smooth Surfin' logo
Queue up iTunes tracks with single click.