Apps found for “Movies


MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone logo
Convert QuickTime movies to iPod/PSP/Phone formats (was MovieToGo).
Slides&Movies logo
Watch movies and slide-shows.
xbMovieSaver logo
Screensaver that plays QuickTime movies.
KavaMovies logo
Organize the movies you have seen, want to see, and own.
Discovr Movies logo
An interactive map of the world of movies.
The Movies logo
Become a movie mogul in this simulation game.
The Movies: Superstar Edition logo
Build your studio into a Hollywood empire.
MoviesToGo logo
Movie showtimes info for iPod.
MovieShare logo
Easily share video between your Apple devices.
GIF Brewery logo
Convert clips from movies into small GIFs.
Rottenwood logo
Catalog your movies.
Filmotech logo
Catalog your movies.
TuneMobie M4V Converter Plus logo
Convert movies bought on iTunes.
Cinema for Hulu logo
Watch and play TV and movies from Hulu.
Movieerb logo
Create multiple clips from movies files.
iVideo logo
Powerful app for organizing and sharing movies.
MovieCaptioner logo
Easily create captions and transcripts for your movies.
RipIt logo
Gets your movies off DVD and onto your Mac.
Popcorn Time logo
Watch torrent movies instantly (beta).
PHOTORECOVERY Professional logo
Recover movies, images, and sound files.
JES Extensifier logo
Edit image-description extensions of QuickTime movies.
Flixster logo
Buy, rent, and watch movies and TV shows.
iSubtitle logo
Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear.
DVD Snap logo
Takes screenshots of movies on Apple DVD player.
Object2VR logo
Create HTML5, Flash, or QTVR object movies.
Recover images, movies, and sound files from all types of Digital Media.
Movie Splitter logo
Split MPEG-4 movies with ease and speed.
MovieBriefs logo
Creates an image contact sheet from your movies.
iStopMotion logo
Create stop-motion animated movies.
MorphX logo
Morph images or movies together.
MovieMerge+ logo
Superglue for your movies (was Splice).
Deframe logo
Extract high-quality still images and clips from movies.
Silica logo
Convert Quartz Compositions into QuickTime movies.
Wide Screen Movie Player logo
View movies full screen and more.
SaveHollywood logo
Use QuickTime movies as screen savers.
Smoovie logo
Create and share stop motion movies.
Toast DVD logo
Burn discs from movies you create.
PhotoStory logo
Transform images into high-quality digital movies.
Stremio logo
Organize and instantly watch your favorite videos, movies, TV series and TV channels.
ChapterWork logo
Work with the chapter tracks and markers in your digital movies.
RoadMovie logo
Subtitle, batch-encode, and upload your movies.
DVDRemaster logo
Duplicate, burn or convert DVD movies to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
Splitt logo
Cut movies into an arbitrary number of segments.
Sequence logo
Easily create timelapse movies from photos.
MoviePrint logo
Create contact sheets for entire movies (beta).
PhotoBee logo
Retrieve photos and movies from iMessage.
Movie Searcher logo
Find movie details, view trailers, or discover new movies.
Mazaika-Video logo
Make video mosaics -- movies assembled from movie clips.
NicePlayer logo
Play DVDs and QuickTime movies (release candidate).
Video ASCII Art logo
Convert digital movies into text art videos.
ExifRenamer logo
Auto-rename photos & movies for better organization.
EyeConnect logo
Stream EyeTV recordings, photos, music, movies to your TV or stereo.
Time Lapse Assembler logo
Create movies from a sequence of images.
DVDxDV logo
Convert DVDs to QuickTime movies for editing.
MovieChapterizer logo
Add chapter names to your movies.
Metadata Hootenanny logo
Viewer/editor for metadata in QT movies.
Bryce logo
Create stunning 3D images/movies.
TransformMovie logo
Batch rotate & resize movies.
MoviePod logo
Drag-and-drop conversion of movies for iPod.
Register logo
Organize movies, addresses, and books.
XRay Video logo
Convert MPEG2 movies to AVI format. (was DivXRay)
ViddyUp! logo
Reformat your movies into iPod-ready files (was Podner).
VLC RAR-Loader logo
Play rar-compressed movies using VLC.
SplitFuse logo
Split/fuse movies into/from multiple segments.
MediaEdit logo
Add stunning transitions/effects to your movies.
Gawker logo
Create time-lapse movies using iSight cam.
Movie Screen Saver logo
Use movies and Flash animation as a screensaver.
MovieHouse logo
Organize your movies for instant playback/retrieval.
Movie Grab logo
Record high quality movies of desktop actions.
PAGEot logo
Add QT movies to HTML pages.
Road Trip Effect logo
Create visual travel log movies in iMovie.
mpeg2decX logo
Convert MPEG2 movies to QuickTime.
BitVice MPEG2 Encoder logo
Compress your movies into MPEG2 elementary video streams.
mpgtx logo
Cut and join MPEG movies.
Wii Transfer logo
Convert movies for viewing on Nintendo Wii.
iFlicks logo
Store, browse and play movies.
I Can Animate logo
Create movies using a variety of animation techniques.
Desktop Movie Player logo
Play QuickTime movies on the desktop.
EasyDivx X logo
View Divx movies in OSX.
mMedia logo
Watch movies, DVD, listen to music/internet radio.
PhotoTunnel logo
Create 3D animated movies from iPhoto collection.
Riveal logo
Extracts sounds, movies, and pictures from Myst.
MovieDek logo
Extract frames from movies.
Fullscreen Movie Player logo
Play movies full screen (QT Pro not required).
ClipMasterCM logo
Organize text, pictures, movies & sound.
iTunes Movie Artwork logo
Automatically downloads and sets the movie artwork of your selected movies.
Screen Grabber logo
Grab screenshots from movies at even time intervals.
MediaCloudMac logo
Stream your UPnP movies right to your Mac.
EX_M4S2 logo
Play Casio Exilim movies.
PixNewsPro X logo
Newsreader for images/movies (was PixMachineMac).
MovieOut logo
Stream movies to a DV device.
xbMovieMaker logo
Converts movies and text into a screensaver.
Lossless Frame Rate Converter logo
Losslessly change the frame rate of QuickTime movies.
Array logo
Create animated Flash movies.
Lillipot logo
Flatten and add faststart to QT movies.
ShowMacster logo
Play QuickTime movies/images during video iChats.
DVDesktop logo
Play DVD movies as your desktop background.
PresentMovie logo
View QuickTime movies in full screen.
Road Trip Effect Pro logo
Create visual travel log movies in iMovie.
PorcFX logo
Add professional quality effects to your movies.