Apps found for “Intel


IntelliJ IDEA logo
Intelligent Java IDE, free Community Edition available.
FFusion Intel logo
Intel-only build of FFusion 3.0.
Myst V: End of Ages Intel Patch logo
Play Myst V at native speeds on Intel Macs.
Mac Intel Family Icons logo
Icons of the MacIntel computers.
MacPro Icons (Intel Xeon) logo
Iconset of the new MacPro with Intel Xeon Processor.
IntelliScanner Software logo
Complete suite of IntelliScanner applications.
Intel Power Gadget logo
Software-based power-usage monitoring tool.
iMac Intel Core2 Duo icons logo
Iconset of the new iMac.
Intelligent Windows logo
Records the location and size of any application window.
smcFanControl logo
Control Intel Mac fans to make them run cooler.
FutureBASIC logo
Compile Intel Mac applications.
Apple Firmware Restoration CD logo
For Intel-based Macs.
27-inch iMac EFI FW Update logo
For all quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7 27-inch iMacs.
CoreDuoTemp logo
Monitor the temperature of your Intel Mac.
BootPicker logo
Startup OS chooser for your Intel Mac.
ZSNES logo
Port of the famous Super Nintendo emulator for Intel Macs.
LEGO Star Wars Updater logo
Adds Intel compatibility to a Lego-centric game set in a galaxy far, far away.
Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n Enabler logo
For Intel Macs only.
Apple Audio Updater logo
Audio patch for Mac OS X 10.4.10 Intel-based Macs.
QXScope logo
Control Intel and Smithsonian USB microscopes with your Mac.
MediOSX logo
Connect an Intel Mac to Meditech host systems.
MAC Address Changer logo
Change AirPort MAC address; Intel only.
Xserve LOM Configurator logo
Configure LOM on Intel Xserves.
Epson Stylus Photo R800 Printer Driver logo
Driver for Intel Macs.
Xcode logo
Integrated development environment (IDE) for OS X.
Sierra Cache Cleaner logo
Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, and more.
iClock Pro logo
Customize your menubar clock.
BOINC logo
Donate your idle computer time to research.
TenFourFox logo
Harness the power of Firefox 45 on your PowerPC Mac.
MacSpice logo
Electronic circuit simulator.
Image SXM logo
Load, display, and analyze scanning-microscope images.
Soundflower logo
Allows applications to pass audio to other applications (beta).
Geo WPS logo
Track your geographic position using OS X wi-fi (formerly Mac WPS).
Sciatrope logo
Prepare for and observe a solar eclipse.
TinyBooks Pro logo
Streamlined bookkeeping and accounting system.
FileSalvage logo
Recover deleted files from a drive.
Bochs logo
x86 PC emulator.
Hangman Pro logo
Hangman game.
OnTheAir Node logo
Next generation playout and ingest engine for the Mac.
Desktop Manager logo
Seamlessly switch between multiple desktops.
Zenmap logo
GUI frontend and results viewer for Nmap.
DSP-Quattro logo
Audio file editing, plug-in hosting and audio-CD mastering.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
fgrab logo
Super-fast screen recorder.
Solar Eclipse Maestro logo
Controls up to 4 USB or Firewire cameras during an eclipse.
TSclientX logo
Remote Desktop Protocol client.
MilkSnake Torus Edition logo
A new take on the classical snake game.
MilkSnake logo
Snake played on the surface of 3D shapes.
Phoenix logo
Create emergency boot disks, recover damaged files, and do basic cloning.
kSpectra logo
Advanced spectral analysis of time series for many sciences.
Luminous logo
Manage IPMI/LOM servers.
Burn logo
Easily burn data, audio, video disks and more.
Solar Walk logo
Astronomer-friendly space exploration tool.
Chipmunk BASIC logo
BASIC interpreter (beta).
Sound Grinder logo
Audio conversion utility, many formats supported.
SteamTRAIN logo
Steam locomotive and train simulator.
Watcher logo
Limit the time a user can be on the Mac each day.
Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.5 logo
Java update for Leopard.
Halo logo
Infamous FPS.
Xslimmer logo
Save hard drive space by reducing the size of applications.
Virtuoso Personal Edition logo
Web, database, and application server.
Diablo II: LoD Updater X logo
Diablo II expansion update.
MIO Console logo
Software and driver for Mobile I/O Digital Audio hubs.
iSquint logo
iPod video conversion app.
Parallels Server logo
Run multiple Mac, Windows, and Linux virtual servers.
VisualHub logo
Convert video formats.
0xED logo
Native hex editor based on the Cocoa framework.
HP DeskJet Driver X logo
OS X driver for many HP DeskJet printers.
SOHO Organizer logo
Includes SOHO Organizer, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials.
gfxCardStatus logo
Keeps track of which graphics card your MacBook Pro is using.
32- or 64-bit Kernel Startup Mode Selector logo
Check your system & set the kernel startup mode.
Zipeg logo
Quickly and easily open and explore content of archives.
MediaCentral logo
Media organizer and viewer.
SimCity 4 Rush Hour logo
Updater for the popular game.
Disk Order logo
File manager with dual pane interface.
Apple AirPort Extreme logo
Improves reliability.
iText Express logo
A small, fast, simple word processor.
Thoth logo
Newsreader with powerful filtering.
TechTool Protogo logo
Turn your USB or Firewire device into a bootable diagnostic toolkit.
BSOD! logo
Blue Screen Of Death screensaver.
rEFIt logo
EFI maintenance and boot menu toolkit.
Capture Me logo
Screen capture tool.
Purge logo
Free up your Mac's RAM.
HDCleanUp logo
Performs a number of system maintenance tasks.
LaCie Update Tool logo
Firmware for LaCie FireWire and USB2 drives.
OSXnews logo
Cocoa newsreader.
Flying Toasters Screen Saver logo
Screensaver featuring winged toasters.
Nemo logo
Newsgroups/Usenet reader.
MiniBatteryStatus logo
Widget displays battery status.
Mac Malware Remover logo
Rid your Mac of common Malware.
Xirc logo
IRC chat app.
Midnight Mansion logo
Explore mansions with traps, tricks, puzzles.
TiVoDecode Manager logo
Automates downloading TiVo Series 2 files/decoding to MPEG-2 files.
Clonetool Hatchery logo
Disk imaging, system backup and restore utility.
iSight Disabler logo
Quickly turn on/off your USB iSight.
RaidEye logo
Tool for monitoring software RAID.
Yet Another NFO Viewer logo
NFO viewer.
Beeb downloader logo
BBC iPlayer downloader alternative.
WouldjaDraw logo
Powerful, easy to use drawing application.
XProof logo
Raster Image Processor (RIP) for Epson printers.