Apps found for “Help


HelpBook.osax logo
Register and display Help Books in any bundles in Help Viewer.
Adobe Help Center logo
Help app for Adobe Creative Suite 2 designated products.
Web Help Desk Free logo
Help desk software for Mac OS X Server.
Web Help Desk Pro logo
Help Desk Software with Apple Remote Desktop integration.
Help Viewer Help logo
Speed up Help Viewer.
Simple Help Editor logo
Help authoring application for software developers.
HelpLogic logo
Easily create Help systems for software/websites.
Fix Help logo
Fixes an issue with OS X Help.
QuickHelp logo
Author/deploy application help to virtually any computer.
FileMaker Help Tool logo
Help system built with FileMaker Pro.
Mac Help Writer logo
Simplifies authoring help for apps.
UniHelp logo
REALbasic classes for creating Help in apps.
123 Live Help Chat Software logo
Flash live help server.
Help Me Write logo
Developed for the visually impaired.
Kext Helper logo
GUI to install kernel extensions.
Gamer's Help logo
Cheat codes, walkthroughs, and much more for many games.
Adobe Creative Studio Help logo
Access hints and tips for Adobe's Creative Suite.
JSON Helper logo
Work with JSON using AppleScript.
MacHelp logo
Live tech support widget.
FaxEmailHelper logo
Aids fax by email in Panther.
PasswordHelper logo
Generate and learn strong passwords.
Location Helper for AppleScript logo
Bring Core Location to AppleScript.
Tony Hawk Helper logo
Tony Hawk gaming tips & codes.
ToDo Helper logo
Organize and manage multiple projects.
WoW Realmhelpers logo
Simplify World of Warcraft server switching.
Hero Helper X logo
Aid for HeroGames role playing system.
Overclockers Helper logo
Displays CPU & bus clock speed.
iCal Helper logo
Makes Entourage-to-iCal transfer easier (was iCalAid).
IPNetMonitorX logo
Tools help monitor your Internet connection (release candidate).
MacOptimizer logo
Utility to help you clean, repair, and organize your Mac.
SpacePig logo
Help the Pig pick up moon diamonds and coins.
Running Sheep logo
Help the sheep break out of their lab and escape the ship.
PlanDoCheckAdjust logo
Help teams manage activities.
Tang's Starfish Rescue logo
Help Tang rescue his starfish friends in this side-scrolling action game.
Screen Shades Pro logo
Tints the display to help users with sensitive eyes.
Mighty Bob Ex logo
Help Bob overcome levels and collect coins.
Answers logo
Create help documents and FAQs quickly and easily.
Blop Blop logo
Help the adorable square piece of jelly back to its home.
Inbetween Land logo
Help aliens return to their home land in this extraterrestrial adventure game.
Bulb Boy logo
Help Bulb Buy save everything that he loves.
Kitty Jump logo
Help your kitty a tiny jet-pack go higher and higher.
Persona logo
Tool to help develop characters while writing.
Garden Shop - Rush Hour! logo
Help Chloe sell her plants in this strategy game.
Florida Driving Test logo
Questions to help you pass your driving-theory test in Florida.
California Driving Test logo
Questions to help you pass your driving-theory test in California.
Ultimate Spelling logo
Help your child learn to spell.
Queen's Garden Halloween logo
Help the Queen, and her loyal assistant Jack, decorate the garden in this unique match-3 game.
Texas Driving Test logo
Questions to help you pass your driving-theory test in Texas.
iFlash logo
Flash cards to help you study almost anything.
Kid's Literacy Games logo
Nine games to help your child learn literacy.
Happy Farmer logo
Help a happy farmer to collect fruits and vegetables.
Man Handler logo
GUI to man pages (help utility).
CHM View logo
Reader for Microsoft compiled HTML help files.
Chmox logo
Viewer for Microsoft Help CHM files.
TimeBoxed logo
Timer to help you get things done.
Betty's Beer Bar logo
Help the barmaid realize her island dreams.
VerizonInHomeAgent logo
Help with Verizon FiOS or high-speed Internet.
Physics logo
Projects help teach general physics.
Folding@Home logo
Help advance science by processing analyses of proteins (beta).
Teacher Studio logo
Set of tools to help teachers with their daily tasks.
Diner Dash logo
Help Flo build her dining empire.
Quick Tag logo
Tag songs in iTunes and help build better smart playlists.
Apple FireWire SDK X logo
Package to help create your own FireWire compatible apps.
Christmas Eve Crisis logo
Help Santa deliver presents.
EyeRecord logo
Program EyeTV recordings with the help of TV-Browser.
Untima 9 logo
Journey to a magical land to help Lord Finnish.
iRehearse logo
Phrase trainer to help musicians learn, practice, transcribe tracks.
Xmas-Circus logo
Game where you help Santa deliver presents.
FRS Fraction Master logo
Help students identify and understand fractions.
iRehearse Plus logo
Phrase trainer to help musicians learn, practice, transcribe tracks.
Applimiser logo
Removes language localizations, optimizes help files.
Amigos Spanish Puzzles logo
Puzzles help you learn Spanish.
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero logo
Help grandma and Flo help save their hometown diners.
Computer Admin Pro logo
Asset management database and help desk tracking.
Plobb! logo
Help little plobb escape from the dungeon.
CVS Set-Up Assistant logo
Help configure CVS server setup.
Sally\'s Salon logo
Help Sally spread her salon savvy.
Web Coder logo
IDE to help code Web pages.
Island Tribe 3 logo
Help true love prevail in this time-management game.
Island Tribe 4 logo
Help the once-evil shaman find his true way in this time management.
Dr. Daisy Pet Vet logo
Help Dr. Daisy diagnose/heal needy animals.
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare logo
Help Flora Dale recover her memory in this puzzler.
Fashion Fits logo
Help Francie set the fashion trends, become an entrepreneur.
Miriel the Magical Merchant logo
Help Miriel manage her busy shop and fulfill her dreams.
XASH logo
View Flash help files without the mandatory IDE.
Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance logo
Read CHM+ logo
Compiled HTML Help (CHM) file reader and converter.
Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue logo
Help Flo defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big.
Jessica's BowWow Bistro logo
Help Jessica expand her cupcake empire.
Piggly logo
Help Mrs. Piggly collect apples in this arcade game.
CHM to PDF logo
Batch convert Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files to PDF.
DayD Time Mayhem logo
Help the professor in this strategy game.
Nutritionist logo
Help your body stay healthy.
Wario Bejeweled logo
Help Wario find his missing jewels.
MacMentor Widget logo
Forum to help switchers (or anyone) learn the ways of Mac.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes logo
Help LEGO-style Marvel characters take Doctor Doom apart.
Emberwind logo
Help free the city of Grendale from the evil hordes.
12 Labours of Hercules 2: The Cretan Bull logo
Help Hercules tame the great Cretan Bull in this time management game.
D2OL logo
Help discover drugs against Anthrax/Smallpox/Ebola/SARS.
Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand That Feeds logo
Follow the clues, and help the detectives find the killer.