Apps found for “Database Management


SQLPro for Postgres logo
Database management studio for Postgres.
SQLPro for MSSQL logo
Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server (was SQL Client).
SQLPro for MySQL logo
Database management studio for MySQL.
SQLPro for SQLite Lite logo
Database management app (was SQLite Professional Read-Only).
Querious logo
MySQL database management application (beta).
Toad logo
Productivity solution that simplifies database management.
Oracle SQL Developer logo
GUI for Oracle database management.
cubeSQLAdmin logo
Full-featured and high performing database management system.
SQLBoss Monitor X logo
SQL database management system.
rekall logo
Database management software.
rekordbox logo
Professional DJ music management.
A Better Finder Rename logo
File, photo, and MP3 batch renamer.
DbVisualizer logo
Cross-platform database visualization and management tool.
EndNote logo
Bibliographic management app.
Big Business Server logo
Complete business management solution.
CleanApp logo
Application deinstaller and archiver.
Find Any File logo
Search your disks for files using various criteria.
SQLPro Studio logo
Powerful database manager.
Big Mean Folder Machine logo
Bring structure to your file collections.
Tri-CATALOG logo
Catalog your removable media.
Witgui logo
Wii and GameCube game manager.
Leap logo
Comprehensive file management application.
iBackupBot logo
Browse, view, export and modify iTunes backup files.
Redmine logo
Distribution of the Redmine project management software (was BitNami Redmine Stack).
SpinOffice CRM logo
Customers, mail, calendar, and tasks in one central database.
PDFExplode logo
Extract chapters and sections from PDF documents using the Table of Contents.
pwSafe logo
Secure password management across devices.
STAR Desktop Mailings logo
Easy management of e-mail campaigns.
ACCDB MDB Explorer logo
Quick and easy way to view ACCDB and MDB database files.
Phone to Mac logo
Copy media from an iOS device to your Mac.
Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for FileMaker logo
Recover data from damaged FileMaker databases (was FileMaker Recovery).
Troi File Plug-in logo
FileMaker database enhancement.
File Viewer logo
View and identify any file on your Mac.
Tessera logo
Art gallery management system.
TypeWise logo
Smart font management tools with fast-scrolling WYSIWYG font list.
Sh-Out ! My Brain logo
Idea management tool.
ProjectGesture logo
Project management application.
DropKey logo
Simple file encryption tool.
Toucan Search logo
Fast indexed file search.
Flick! logo
Database for artists and their artworks.
myLicenses logo
Store, collect and manage your licenses (was Lizenzen).
Apple ODBC Administrator Tool logo
Enables database administration of ODBC-compliant data sources.
InfoValet logo
File storage/management system.
FileType logo
Change file type creator.
JIRA logo
Project and bug-tracking management system.
iTunesXMLparser logo
Parse iTunes XML exported library and export the records as text file.
JournalX logo
Collect, organize & find documents.
Defaults Manager logo
User preferences editor/deletion tool.
McSerialNumber logo
Registration database.
TimeMachinePerspective logo
Time Machine tool to exclude files.
iSynchronize logo
Simple solution for syncing application data.
Prosopagnosia logo
Ensure correct tagging of pictures uploaded to Facebook.
Ingestamatic logo
Image management tool.
FlockFiler Lite logo
Database for sheep breeding records.
Omnis Studio logo
Visual RAD tool for professional data management.
To-do Lists logo
Simple but powerful interface for to-do management.
ViewSQL Pro logo
Create SQLite database files and read REALSQL/SQLite databases.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
A Cook's Books logo
Recipe management software.
FUNDimensions logo
Financial management tool for fundraising.
Maquarium logo
Aquarium management software.
Font Reserve Updater X logo
Unique font management software.
Firewall Builder logo
Firewall configuration and management system.
Time Machine logo
Employee time management system.
webEdition logo
Content management system.
SiteTagger logo
Tag-based bookmark management.
Helix Server logo
Sophisticated business db management tool.
Legal Suite logo
Legal case management solution.
iCuistot logo
Recipe management software.
Computer Admin Pro logo
Asset management database and help desk tracking.
Frontier logo
Full-featured Web content management system.
EnPassword logo
Powerful password management application.
Factuur Bright X logo
Invoice management.
Stock logo
Inventory/customer/sales management.
eArtist logo
Business management tool for artists.
TanzProfi logo
Management app for dance schools.
Discipline Referral Database logo
Internet-based discipline management software for schools.
Computer Admin Lite logo
Asset management database.