Apps found for “Controls


AppControls logo
Create customized controls for applications.
AGAControls logo
Prefpane for Leopard controls some hidden settings.
MenuBarControls logo
Control Spotify from the menubar.
RtControls logo
Code generator for Cocoa developer.
DAQ Plot logo
Plots electrical signals and controls devices.
Shortcuts logo
Quick access to common computer controls.
JS Blocker logo
Safari extension that controls which scripts--and more--run on websites.
Head Soccer logo
A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second.
ContentBarrier X9 logo
Smart and intuitive parental controls (was Family Protector).
Solar Eclipse Maestro logo
Controls up to 4 USB or Firewire cameras during an eclipse.
Cockatoo logo
Elegant off-screen controls for iTunes.
Synergy logo
Adds iTunes controls to your menubar (beta).
M-Beat logo
Places iTunes controls in the menu bar.
Tomcat Controller logo
Pref pane controls Apache Tomcat.
smartctl logo
Controls/monitors storage devices using SMART.
LinkThing logo
Safari extension controls opening of website links.
iTunes Tool logo
Tiny floating toolbar controls iTunes.
iTunes Controller logo
Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar.
MBS Plug-in logo
REALBasic development classes and controls.
Griffin radioSHARK Widget logo
Widget controls Griffin radioSHARK hardware.
Touch Fly logo
Side-scrolling arcade game with simple controls.
servebox logo
Controls Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Subversion all from one window.
SlotRush HD logo
Slot car racing game with free iPhone controls.
pMix logo
Composition and performance tool controls multiple plugin parameters.
ContentBarrier X9 (3 Licenses) logo
Smart and intuitive parental controls (was Family Protector).
Tonto logo
Tools for the Pronto line of remote controls.
iTunes Controller Lite logo
Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar.
Macs Fan Control logo
Monitor and control your computer's fans.
SourceTree logo
Easy way to work with Git and Mercurial.
Boom 3D logo
3D surround sound and phenomenally rich audio.
MegaSeg logo
Professional DJ and radio automation.
VOX logo
Music player that supports many filetypes.
Apple MainStage logo
Live performance tool for musicians.
Kodi logo
Powerful media center tool for Mac or Apple TV (was XBMC).
Cookie logo
Protect your online privacy.
Sketch logo
Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
Espresso logo
Powerful HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript development tool.
Indigo logo
Home control server with X10 and INSTEON integration.
Google Earth logo
View and control dynamic satellite imagery of the world.
Tower logo
Version control with Git made easy.
MainMenu Pro logo
Accelerate and improve your Mac's performance.
OrganizePro logo
Take back control of your tasks.
Remote Buddy logo
Control Mac apps via a number of remotes.
Hands Off! logo
Monitor and control application access to network and disks.
SwitchResX logo
Monitor-resolution utility.
Sonos logo
Control software for the Sonos Music System.
DM1 logo
Advanced drum machine.
TG Pro logo
Control fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and find faulty sensors.
Bingo Caller logo
Everything you need to run a Bingo party.
LaunchControl logo
Create, manage, and debug launchd(8) services.
SelfControl logo
Block distracting websites for predetermined periods of time.
Apple Final Cut Pro X logo
Professional video editing solution.
Bitwig Studio logo
Highly customizable audio DAW.
SmartGit logo
Graphical front-end for Git, the distributed version control system.
eLicenser Control Center logo
License management and copy protection.
SimpleDigitalLocomotive logo
Control model railways (beta).
Push Mic Control logo
Microphone control from the menu bar.
Sound Control logo
Software volume mixer.
Presentation Prompter logo
Feature-filled teleprompter.
Fast Brightness Control logo
Menu bar brightness controller.
iTrain logo
Control your model railroad on your Mac.
Lightkey logo
DMX lighting control.
Plantronics Hub logo
Control settings on Plantronics audio devices.
NZB Control logo
Monitor your SABnzbd or NZBGet application.
Iris logo
Control display emissions for safety.
AppStudio logo
Easily create apps for iOS and Android devices.
Apple Remote Desktop logo
Remotely control Macs; admin component.
Logitech Control Center logo
Keyboard, mouse, and trackball control utility.
AccuRaw EXR logo
Raw image editor with precise control (was AccuRaw).
Vallum logo
Control app connections to outside sources.
LilyView logo
Multi-touch image viewer.
TreeView logo
REALbasic control plugin to create tree views.
InPreflight Studio logo
Comprehensive quality-control and reporting solution for Adobe InDesign.
Arduino Manager logo
Control an Arduino board.
SiriMote logo
Control your Mac with an Apple TV Siri Remote.
Folio logo
Git-based version control for design teams.
Seance logo
Phantom Camera control software.
Smart Shooter logo
Fully control your camera from from your Mac.
OpenEmu logo
Open Source game-emulation app; supports multiple consoles (beta).
OpenSprinkler logo
Control your OpenSprinkler irrigation system (was Sprinklers).
Loxone Smart Home logo
Take control of your home.
Apple Motion logo
Create and customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects.
Gamma Control logo
Adjust the gamma curve of your screen.
Shifty logo
Have more control over Night Shift.
smcFanControl logo
Control Intel Mac fans to make them run cooler.
Camera Suite for GoPro Hero logo
Control GoPro Hero cameras over Wi-Fi.
X-Plane logo
Ultra-realistic flight simulator (release candidate).
Keytty logo
Control your mouse-pointer with your keyboard.
F18 Carrier Landing logo
Advanced mobile aircraft landing simulator.
Mini Motor Racing logo
High-octane racing game.
Magic Cube Classic logo
Puzzle game inspired by the Rubik's Cube.
Draft Control logo
Tracks changes in word processor documents.
ProSelect logo
Pro photography presentation and sales package.
GL Golf logo
3D golf game.
DxO ViewPoint logo
Spectacular perspective and volume correction.
PaperCut NG logo
Limit and control printer use within your organization.
DMG Canvas logo
Create custom disk images.
MountWatcher logo
Control Windows (SMB) and Apple (AFP) volumes/shares/disks.
Smart Remote for LG Smart TV logo
Control your LG TV.
Rapid Jump logo
Control a lovely jumping spirit.