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Parallels Desktop logo
Run Windows apps without rebooting.
OS X Yosemite Wallpaper logo
Desktop image for Apple's upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Parallels Server logo
Run multiple Mac, Windows, and Linux virtual servers.
UninstallPKG logo
Remove packages (.PKG) and all their contents.
Pinball logo
3D pinball game (was MacPinball).
Bingo Caller Pro logo
Full-featured bingo caller for private or group use.
Atlas Recall logo
Searchable index across all your devices and apps (beta).
Aircall logo
Have all of your numbers in one place.
Koala Call Sheets logo
Create stunning call sheets.
Influence All News Widget logo
Dashboard news widget for Influence All fans.
Quick Pallet Maker logo
Calculates optimal box/pallet shipping dimensions.
Call Recorder for Skype logo
Record and save Skype conversations (was Skype Call Recorder).
All My Patients Viewer logo
Viewer for documents created by All My Patients.
Weather Wall logo
Dynamic wallpaper application.
Close all Open Applications logo
Closes all apps, asks to save changes.
Quit All logo
Quits all running applications except Finder/sys apps.
AllPagesZoom Safari Extension logo
Adjust zoom, saturation, and more for all websites.
Neverball logo
Roll a ball through an obstacle course.
Quit All Apps logo
Quit all running apps running in the Dock.
iPhotoToGallery logo
Export pictures from iPhoto to Gallery.
Emilia Pinball logo
OS X port of Emilia Pinball.
All-Business-Letters logo
Collection of professionally written business letters.
EightBall X logo
Magic 8-ball dockling.
Smart Wall logo
Display useful info as a wallpaper.
Finally Safari Extension logo
Add the word "finally" to all headers at
CoachStat Baseball logo
Statistics for baseball teams.
iPhotoToGallery3 logo
Upload your iPhoto photos to a Gallery 3 site.
PHP Install logo
Unofficial PHP 4.3.0 install .command file.
Wallify logo
Widget runs a screen saver behind all your icons on your desktop.
Wally Bally logo
Tilt your MacBook physically to bounce a ball hitting colored walls.
CrayonBall logo
Rolling, tumbling ball puzzle game.
MacInstall logo
Create software installer packages.
MLB Baseball News logo
Widget delivers all the latest MLB news.
AppWall logo
Screensaver that shows a wall of iOS apps in style of WWDC.
2 Minute Football 3D logo
3D customizable football game.
BootCamp Installer Helper logo
Install Boot Camp Assistant from Leopard install disc.
Mr. Alligator logo
Talking alligator widget.
CallWall logo
Identify calls and regulate them.
HideAllApps logo
Hide all visible apps, except the one you're using.
Equalizer - Parallel Rendering logo
A framework for parallel, scalable OpenGL applications.
Google Update Uninstaller logo
Keep Google Chrome from updating automatically.
PlinkoBall logo
Falling marbles game with a twist.
Super Gerball logo
3D action ball-rolling game.
SerialParallels logo
Allows Parallels to connect to serial ports.
Apple iSync Uninstall logo
Remove your iSync beta install.
Phone Wallpaper X logo
Create, edit and upload wallpapers to cell phones.
KODAK Gallery Upload Plug-in logo
Plugin for iPhoto for uploading to KODAK Gallery.
Avoid The Balls logo
Don't touch those blue balls.
Fantasy Football Draft Advisor logo
Fantasy football draft advisor.
Walletdrainer logo
Widget for all the deal sites.
PasswordWallet logo
Securely store your usernames and passwords.
Bingo Caller logo
Everything you need to run a Bingo party.
DVDFab All-In-One logo
Complete solution for ripping and converting DVD and Blu-ray discs.
Parallels Access logo
Remote access to your system from any desktop or mobile device.
Open All Files logo
View various file information and types.
Mail Call logo
Full-featured mail notifier.
All My Patients Vet Edition 2 logo
Patient record management for vets, animal shelters and clinics.
All Chords logo
Scales and Arpeggios.
QRecall logo
Backup and document archiving software. logo
Download mp3's from the gNutella network and more.
Waterfall logo
Keep your RapidWeaver themes up-to-date.
ActionAlly logo
To-do list and productivity tool that keeps you on task.
All My Patients logo
Medical record management system.
AllBookmarks logo
Quick access to Safari, Firefox and 1Password bookmarks.
All-in Yoga logo
Over 250 poses and breathing exercises.
All-Business-Documents logo
Business document templates.
Downfall logo
Tetris-like arcade game.
All Thumbs logo
Create image thumbnails for the web.
Freefall logo
Satellite discovery and exploration application.
Aquallegro logo
Music teaching app.
GooBall logo
A 3D maze game featuring protoplasmic aliens.
Super DX-Ball logo
Brick-breaking game.
Allgood Solitaire logo
Many variations of solitaire.
DX-Ball logo
Breakout brick breaking game.
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Updater logo
Fixes game hanging bugs.
HP 4500 All In One Printer Driver logo
Driver update for HP 4500 printer.
Disk Recall logo
Disk cataloging utility.
CS3 for all iconset logo
Replacement icons for system and applications.
Fakie Flair Challenge logo
Freestyle 3D skiing game.
AllSecure logo
Secure your data with 256-bit AES encryption.
Myth: The Fallen Lords logo
Updater for the popular game.
DocumentWallet logo
Get your documents organized.
Jack of All Trades logo
Space bounty hunter, trader, rebel game.
Allenroids logo
Asteroids clone with retro-style graphics.
Westward IV: All Aboard logo
Real-time strategy game.
Boris Calligraphy logo
Plug-in update for Final Cut Pro.
Jack of All Tribes logo
Time management game with puzzle elements.
Phoenix Ball logo
3D breakout game.
FeedForAll logo
Create, edit, and publish RSS feeds and podcasts.
Battlefront Mod Installer logo
Add maps and mods to Star Wars Battlefront.
CrystalBall logo
Pen and paper role playing game utility.
FizzBall logo
Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery.
Freddie Mercury Wallpaper logo
Put Freddie on your desktop.
Macally iMediaKey X Driver logo
Driver for the iMediaKey.
Parsley is Atomically Delicious logo
GUI for Atomic Parsley.
3D Stress Ball logo
Marble arcade game.
The Three Musketeers: One for All! logo
Swashbuckling platform adventure.
Allegro Media Server logo
Streams music from your iTunes library.
Burn it All - Journey to the Sun logo
Flaming puzzle game.
UltraBall logo
Fun break-out game.