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New Mac Apps: Screen Savers - Page 4

Updates on May 16, 2008
Quartz Composer screensaver displays iTunes album art.
Updates on May 2, 2008
Floating particles screensaver.
Updates on May 1, 2008
Screen saver sends your photos flying around the screen.
Updates on April 23, 2008
Image search application and screen saver.
Updates on April 15, 2008
Bubbling screensaver originally on BeOS.
Updates on March 24, 2008
Screen saver about the Land Art Festival in Hungary.
Updates on March 22, 2008
Screen saver packed with insects.
Soothing screensaver.
Updates on March 21, 2008
Utilizes built-in iSight camera or USB cam.
Updates on February 20, 2008
Screensaver which dims your monitor to your liking.
Updates on February 18, 2008
Psychedelic spiral screensaver.
Updates on February 15, 2008
Screensaver with star motion.
Updates on January 4, 2008
Screen saver moves to the music.
Updates on December 19, 2007
Convert Flash animation into a screen saver.
Updates on December 17, 2007
Screensaver that fades your pictures in and out.
Updates on December 13, 2007
Screensaver that uses your applications' icons.
Screensaver that reacts to how hard your processor is working.
Updates on December 12, 2007
Clone of fortune screensaver from BeOS.
Updates on December 9, 2007
5 liquid tube screensaver.
Updates on December 3, 2007
Screensaver, thought provoking photography shot in China.
Updates on December 2, 2007
Screensaver displays high quality images from Halo.
Updates on November 27, 2007
Screensaver that blurs the screen gradually.
Updates on November 24, 2007
Multi-RSS quartz screensaver.
Updates on November 19, 2007
Run your screensaver on the desktop.
Updates on October 24, 2007
Flash-animated Halloween screensaver.
Updates on October 20, 2007
Star flying screensaver.
Updates on October 14, 2007
Collection of photographs in a forest theme.
Updates on September 28, 2007
Screensaver creates ring particles, reacts to sound.
Updates on September 22, 2007
Screensaver has falling leaves, animals, and more.
Updates on September 4, 2007
The infamous Blue Screen of Death as screensaver.
Updates on August 30, 2007
Clock screen saver created with Quartz Composer.
Updates on August 26, 2007
Flurry OS X screensaver.
Updates on August 10, 2007
Screensaver logs out inactive user.
Updates on August 7, 2007
Displays glittering flying dragonflies.
Updates on July 24, 2007
Turn your Java-enabled cellphone into a flashlight.
Updates on July 20, 2007
Fade to black with this light-weight, minimalist screensaver.
Updates on July 19, 2007
An eye-popping virtual tour of the Giza plateau.
Updates on July 16, 2007
A 3D, sound-reactive screensaver.
Screensaver featuring gently sliding colored bars and lines.
Updates on July 15, 2007
Turn your screensaver into an animated firing range.
Updates on July 10, 2007
3D screensaver based on the popular book series.
Updates on June 29, 2007
Displays rss newsfeed articles from TheAliveWire.com.
Updates on June 27, 2007
A bright, fluid forcefield simulation for your screensaver.
Updates on June 24, 2007
Create an elegant slideshow from your friends' Facebook images.
Updates on June 2, 2007
A humorous screensaver that pays tribute to the BeOS operating system.
Spirographic line-art screen saver.
Updates on May 2, 2007
A 3D screensaver displaying the solar system in motion.
Random repeating motif patterns for your screensaver.
Updates on May 1, 2007
Lets you try out screensaver plugins w/o installing them.
Random artistic display.
Updates on April 21, 2007
Alarm clock screensaver.
Updates on April 19, 2007
A captivating, tumbling timepiece for your screensaver
Updates on April 15, 2007
Turns screensavers into desktop backgrounds.
Updates on April 13, 2007
An visually pleasing and customizable screensaver of the earth.
Updates on April 11, 2007
A textured screensaver powered by an image-generation algorithm.
A screensaver that draws from over 100 RSS news feeds.
Updates on March 15, 2007
Widget displays symbols for the day in the Aztec calendar.
Screensaver based on the Lorenz Attractor.
Updates on March 10, 2007
A sound reactive screensaver; can be used as an iTunes visualizer.
Updates on February 23, 2007
Lights up screen in various colors when you clap your hands.
Updates on February 16, 2007
Watch Mario and Luigi zoom past in this screensaver.
Updates on February 6, 2007
VJ screen saver.
Updates on January 29, 2007
Search for word definitions at MetaGlossary site.
Widget joins two or more PDF files.
Try out regular expressions for JavaScript/Sed/Perl/Ruby.
Updates on January 25, 2007
Run Mac OS X screensaver modules in regular windows.
Updates on January 8, 2007
3D flying pig simulator.
Updates on January 4, 2007
Ants screen saver.
Updates on December 21, 2006
OpenGL-based screensaver.
Updates on December 14, 2006
Snowman, snow and optional clock screensaver.
Updates on December 13, 2006
A spiral galaxy for your computer.
Updates on December 12, 2006
Widget provides number & passcode for conference calling.
Christmas theme screensaver.
Updates on December 10, 2006
Watch 3D fish swim in 3D Christmas scene.
Updates on December 8, 2006
Moon phase screensaver.
Slide screen saver of Hiragishi-Takadai Park.
Updates on November 27, 2006
Softly falling snow decorates your screen.
Updates on November 26, 2006
Animated skymap screensaver.
Updates on November 13, 2006
Moerenuma Park at Hokkaido Japan screensaver.
Updates on November 12, 2006
Digital radio alarm clock displays your system time.

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