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New Mac Apps: Utilities - Page 8

Updates on March 16, 2019
Hide pieces of data in pictures.
Updates on March 15, 2019
Open, create, and convert archives.
Open, create, and convert archives.
Convert fonts to OpenType, PostScript or TrueType.
Get notification of Internet interruptions.
Updates on March 14, 2019
Create ISO images from various file types.
Updates on March 14, 2019
Create compressed archives.
Updates on March 13, 2019
Repair damaged, corrupted, or even inaccessible MOV, MP4 files.
Brings back grid-style Spaces and more.
Screen saver shows the actual phase of the moon.
Updates on March 12, 2019
Application launcher and much more.
Application launcher that is an alternative to the Dock.
Online password manager and form filler.
Manage Final Cut Studio preference files.
Find and remove space-wasting files.
Updates on March 11, 2019
For mid-2010 models only.
Transfer photos between your iOS device and Mac.
App Uninstaller.
Updates on March 10, 2019
Explore all running tasks.
Displays memory usage in the Dock or in floating window.
Updates on March 9, 2019
Open your projects more easily and quickly.
Disk usage utility.
Updates on March 8, 2019
Manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch from your Mac.
GUI and startup item for MouseFix.
Driver update for HP 4500 printer.
Clean and Optimize Your Mac With Elimisoft MacClean.
Updates on March 7, 2019
Transfer contacts, photos, music, videos to any Samsung Galaxy device.
Easy access to all data backed up by Time Machine.
App to decompress archives.
Completely remove applications.
Wireless scanner and connection manager.
Updates on March 6, 2019
Monitor and clean up RAM
Recover lost data for HFS+ and other file systems.
Recover lost data from HFS+ and other file systems.
Recover data from hard drives and removeable media.
Easy to use timer.
Updates on March 5, 2019
Supercharges your Mac's app switcher.
Copy files from multiple folders into one single folder and more.
Internet connection status on your toolbar.
Updates on March 4, 2019
Easily organize film project icons.
Easy-to-use batch file re-namer.
Updates on March 2, 2019
Virus and spyware protection (was Max Secure Antivirus).
Folder manager for desktop publisher/prepress operator/web designer.
Updates on March 1, 2019
AppleScript scripting addition.
Optimize CPU load and speed up your apps.
Capture/share your screen as images and video, Pro version available.
Updates on February 28, 2019
Manage VPN Server connections.
Configure and manage your VPN connections.
Profiling tool specially designed for Java developers.
View live remote screenshots of another Mac.
Screenshots with various options (was Screen Capture X).
Updates on February 27, 2019
Make a Windows password reset disk on Mac.
Window manager.
Lets you control Phillips Hue lightbulbs.
Erase data securely.
Dark-mode manager.
Updates on February 26, 2019
RAR is a powerful terminal based archive utility.
Change file creation and modification dates.
Professional duplicate finder and cleaner (was Duplicates Expert).
Create visual training lessons in PDF or HTML format.
Screen capture utility.
Updates on February 25, 2019
Find your public IP.
Control Spaces with any mouse.
Updates on February 24, 2019
Dock alternative that provides all of your apps to you.
Updates on February 22, 2019
Adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to the Finder.
Dual-pane and multi-tabbed file manager.
Monitor time remaining, charge percentage, and battery status.
Disk optimiser and duplicates detector.
Updates on February 21, 2019
Backup emails fromGmail account.
Helps your Mac battery by 20% (beta).
Updates on February 19, 2019
GUI frontend and results viewer for Nmap.
Show invisible files (was ChangeVisibility).
Backup and document archiving software.
Convert PDFs to Offices files, HTML, and more.
Free antivirus/anti-malware package.
Configure, manage, and diagnose your WD drive.
Shared-source macOS firewall.
Create keyboard shortcuts for your common tasks.
Perform processing tasks.
Updates on February 18, 2019
Keyboard application switcher.

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