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New Mac Apps: Utilities

Updates on April 12, 2018

General maintenance and optimization utility.
Browser maintenance app.
Find and compare files.
Password manager and data vault.
Lightning fast file search utility and file comparison tool.
Video surveillance for IP cameras.

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Updates on April 12, 2018

Automatically mount network shares.

Updates on April 11, 2018

Online backup to Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, SFTP.
Recover lost data for iDevices.
Professional duplicate finder and cleaner (was Duplicates Expert).
Shortcut for switching between windows.
Change your files' and folders' icons.
Keyboard-centric application and window switcher.
Menu-bar calendar with Google Calendar integration.
Protection on public Wi-Fi networks (was Cloak).
Backup photos, videos, and documents.
Prevent left/right drift when plugging in headphones.

Updates on April 10, 2018

Password manager and secure digital wallet.
Powerful hard drive data recovery software.
Securely browse public Wi-Fi networks.
Access your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
Multi-platform password manager.
Enable rsync service.
Find duplicate files (was Duplicate File Finder).
Find and remove duplicate files.
Fast window switcher.

Updates on April 9, 2018

Hard drive and system repair-and-maintenance tool.
Ad blocking and filtering for browsers and applications.
Easy-to-use batch file re-namer.
Identify space-consuming files on your hard disk.
Analyze, browse, and restore Time Machine backups.
File manager for the menu bar.

Updates on April 8, 2018

Monitor system activity, CPU, memory, network, and more.
Video surveillance for your home.
Find files without Spotlight.
View, edit, share, memo and archive documents and PDFs.

Updates on April 7, 2018

Text-to-speech suite.
File management application (was File Cabinet).
Protect your privacy when browsing the web (was Incognito).

Updates on April 6, 2018

View and transfer files on your iOS device.
Finds connections between seemingly unrelated files.
AppCycler will let you automatically cycle through running applications
Disable DS_Store creation and more.
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Menubar item lists/launches apps, and more.

Updates on April 5, 2018

Utility for purging inactive memory.
Realistic Koi pond simulation.
Keep a squeaky-clean workspace.
Mount server and cloud storage as a local disk.
Graphical user interface for OpenVPN.
Access other computers.

Updates on April 4, 2018

Keep your thumb drives free from annoying junk files.
Recover lost iOS data.
Set global hotkeys for launching your favorite apps.
Disk optimiser and duplicates detector.
Find and remove duplicate files.
Open, transfer, and install files by drag-and-drop.
Collects key technical hardware information.
Screen saver shows the actual phase of the moon.

Updates on April 3, 2018

Remove gigabytes of superfluous old files.
Archiving tool.
Complete iOS content management.
Test RAM, internal drives, and system integrity.

Updates on April 2, 2018

Transfer files on your iDevice without iTunes.
Easily hide your personal files.
Recover lost data from iDevices.
Check the integrity of files you download.
Combine and attach images to desktop items.
Quickly access useful system tasks.

Updates on April 1, 2018

Free archive extraction utility.
Switch keyboard layout for different applications.

Updates on March 31, 2018

Share files easily.
Safely store sensitive information.
Controller for LIFX bulbs with an emphasis on security.
Ultra-fast preview of images, videos, and PDFs.

Updates on March 30, 2018

For macOS 10.13.1 , macOS 10.12.6, and OS X 10.11.6.
Block ads and trackers, and access denied content.
Organize your desktop icons.
System scan for potential malware.
Safely store your personal information (was Keeper).

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