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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps: Utilities

WiFi Signal logo
Monitor and troubleshoot the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.
VPN Client logo
Connect to a variety of VPN servers.
iDrive logo
Automatic online backup; free 5GB account (was iDriveforMac).
iconStiX logo
Combine and attach images to desktop items.
Uninstaller sensei logo
Completely remove applications.
BwanaDik logo
IP address (WAN and LAN) menu item.
BetterTouchTool logo
Customize Multi-Touch trackpad gestures.

Updates on August 20, 2017

Battery Meter logo
Displays laptop battery charge and time-remaining.
IP Camera logo
Turn your device into IP Camera.

Updates on August 19, 2017

Carbon Copy Cloner logo
Easy-to-use backup/cloning utility.
iLock logo
Password-protect any OS X application.
Freedom logo
App and website blocker.
PhoneView logo
Use your iPhone for file storage, data syncing, and more.

Updates on August 18, 2017

CleanMyMac logo
Delete files that waste your disk space.
coconutBattery logo
Displays info about your laptop battery.
Little Snitch logo
Alerts you about outgoing network connections.
Default Folder X logo
Enhances Open and Save dialogs (beta).
Ethernet Status logo
See LAN/Ethernet status in your menu bar.
NetWorker logo
Network speed and traffic in your menu bar.
Artpip logo
Beautiful art for your desktop.
PlayOnMac logo
Run Windows apps on your Mac.
MacFly Pro logo
System maintenance which learns your preferences.
PhoneRescue for LG logo
Recover lost data from Android devices.
PhoneRescue for Sony logo
Recover lost data from Sony mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for HTC logo
Recover lost data from HTC mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for Google logo
Recover lost data from Google mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for Huawei logo
Data recovery for Huawei mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for Samsung logo
Recover lost data from Samsung mobile devices.
Polaris Office logo
View, edit, share, memo and archive documents and PDFs.
AutoMounter logo
Automatically mount network shares.
Commander One Pro Pack logo
Dual-pane file manager.
Commander One logo
Dual-pane file manager.

Updates on August 17, 2017

SyncTwoFolders logo
Syncs two user-specified folders.
Maintenance logo
System maintenance utility.
Keys logo
A password manager with military-level security at an affordable price.
Ultimate Backup logo
Backup photos, videos, and documents.
System Indicators logo
Menu bar monitoring tool.
DetectX logo
Detect hidden files belonging to MacKeeper, keyloggers, and others.
iBackup Viewer logo
Browse and manage iOS backups.
ManageNameExt logo
Add, remove, or change file name extension.
Shifty logo
Have more control over Night Shift.
Duplicate Finder and Remover logo
Recover disc space.
SyncBird logo
Transfer files on your iDevice without iTunes.
Magoshare Data Recovery logo
Data recovery from most storage media.
Hands Off! logo
Monitor and control application access to network and disks.
TG Pro logo
Control fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and find faulty sensors.

Updates on August 16, 2017

Dashlane logo
Password manager and secure digital wallet.
f.lux logo
Adjusts the color of your display based on the time of day.
PhoneRescue logo
iOS data recovery program.
IP Camera Viewer logo
Video surveillance for your home.
Rocket logo
Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac.
Shotty logo
Access screenshots in the menu bar.
DataVault Password Manager logo
Password manager.
SpotFiles logo
Find files without Spotlight.
Aooro logo
Powerful system cleaner.
FileTools logo
Perform processing tasks.
SympleStats logo
An advanced system monitor for your computer (was XustoStats).
Obsidian logo
Keep OTP tokens in a safe place (was Authenticator Vault).
Vill Q logo
Draw directly on your screen.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner logo
Get rid of duplicate and similar photos automatically.
Easy Duplicate Finder logo
Find and remove duplicate files, photos, songs and emails.
iRamDisk logo
Create a RAM disk.
WiFi Explorer Pro logo
Pro-level tool for Wi-Fi diagnostics.

Updates on August 15, 2017

Yasu logo
System maintenance app.
Horcrux Email Backup logo
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Samba logo
File and print server for SMB and CIFS clients.
Pritunl logo
Open-Source OpenVPN client.
Speech Central logo
Text-to-speech suite.
xZ logo
Decompress archived and compressed files.
BackupLoupe logo
Analyze, browse, and restore Time Machine backups.

Updates on August 14, 2017

RoboForm logo
Password manager; syncs across all devices.
Arq logo
Online backup to Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, SFTP.
Backblaze logo
Online backup service; $5/month for unlimited storage; 15-day trial.
DiskCatalogMaker logo
Catalog your disks.
DCommander logo
Advanced two-pane file manager.
TinkerTool System logo
Change advanced OS X settings and more.
HideSwitch logo
Show and hide system files hidden by Mac OS X.
Scrapbook Pro logo
Copy and store multiple clips.
iPartition logo
Smart hard disk partitioning utility.
NoMachine logo
Establish remote desktop connections with your devices.

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