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New Mac Apps: Utilities : File Management

Updates on August 9, 2017

PDF Image Xtractor logo
Extract images from PDF documents.

Updates on July 25, 2017

Decompressor logo
Extract common archive file formats.
VersionsManager logo
Remove gigabytes of superfluous old files.

Updates on July 24, 2017

ZXPInstaller logo
Open-Source Adobe-extension installer.

Updates on July 23, 2017

FastCommander logo
Dual-pane file manager.

Updates on July 20, 2017

Drop Circles logo
Perform actions just by dropping something (was Circles).

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on July 18, 2017

TagSpaces logo
Manage and organize the files on your local drive.

Updates on July 14, 2017

Box Sync logo
Online synchronization tool for box.net; free 10 GB account.

Updates on July 12, 2017

CleanApp logo
Application deinstaller and archiver.

Updates on July 11, 2017

Renamer logo
Rename files in batches.

Updates on July 5, 2017

Shredo logo
File shredder and privacy cleaner.
Tri-CATALOG logo
Catalog your removable media.

Updates on July 3, 2017

Manage apps logo
Manage apps and file associations.

Updates on July 2, 2017

Duplicate File Finder & Remover logo
File management for local and cloud storage.

Updates on June 29, 2017

Open All Files logo
View various file information and types.

Updates on June 28, 2017

Big Mean Folder Machine logo
Bring structure to your file collections.

Updates on June 23, 2017

PHOTORECOVERY Professional logo
Recover movies, images, and sound files.
Recover images, movies, and sound files from all types of Digital Media.

Updates on June 19, 2017

BlueHarvest logo
Disable DS_Store creation and more.

Updates on June 14, 2017

TagFlow logo
Organize, search, and share your files with tags (beta).

Updates on June 9, 2017

Alchemy logo
File conversion, from the menu bar.
My Scanner logo
Scan and create searchable PDFs.

Updates on June 5, 2017

Mounty logo
Re-mount NTFS Volumes in read/write mode.
Batch Image Converter logo
Convert images in batches.

Updates on June 2, 2017

FindrCat logo
Convert keywords in Final Cut Pro X into tags.

Updates on May 30, 2017

LinkMaker logo
Create symbolic links for your files and folders.

Updates on May 25, 2017

iPhoto Library Manager logo
Manage multiple iPhoto libraries and find duplicate photos.
SynKitPro logo
Keep your folders and files in sync.

Updates on May 21, 2017

iDownload for Dropbox logo
Access dropbox from your menu bar (was DropDrive for Dropbox).
fHash logo
File hash calculator.

Updates on May 20, 2017

FileBeats logo
Duplicate finder and renamer.

Updates on May 19, 2017

Advanced File Explorer logo
Full-featured file manager.

Updates on May 16, 2017

Print Window logo
Print folder listings from the Finder.

Updates on May 15, 2017

Desktop Inspector logo
Removes unwanted invisible files.

Updates on May 10, 2017

CleanFolders logo
Remove .DS_Store and other annoying files (was CleanMyFolders).
DEVONsphere Express logo
Finds connections between seemingly unrelated files.

Updates on May 9, 2017

Preference Manager logo
Manage Final Cut Studio preference files.

Updates on May 8, 2017

MaCommander logo
Manage your files.

Updates on May 5, 2017

Disk Medic logo
Duplicate finder.
Split or Join Files logo
Split or join a large file in/from small pieces.
ZipX logo
Compression and extraction tool.

Updates on May 4, 2017

AppDelete logo
Uninstall your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.

Updates on May 3, 2017

File Comparator logo
Find and manage duplicate files.
Tea Box logo
Easily manage all of your projects.

Updates on May 2, 2017

Namagic logo
Batch rename files.

Updates on April 26, 2017

Monolingual logo
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.

Updates on April 25, 2017

FileMorph logo
Batch rename files.

Updates on April 24, 2017

AirBridge logo
Transfer files between your Mac and iPhone.

Updates on April 20, 2017

Okra logo
Clean up your folders and manage files.

Updates on April 18, 2017

Folder2ISO logo
Convert a folder to an ISO image.
Phone Cleaner logo
Free up Storage on your phone.

Updates on April 17, 2017

Playlist Export logo
Export iTunes playlists to a variety of playlist formats.

Updates on April 13, 2017

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery logo
Data recovery for Mac.
File Multi Tool logo
File tweaking tool.

Updates on April 12, 2017

Spacious for Dropbox logo
Upload your files to Dropbox with ease (was Drop for Dropbox).

Updates on April 11, 2017

DeltaWalker Standard logo
Compare, edit and merge files, and synchronize folders.
DeltaWalker Oro logo
Compare, edit, and merge files, and synchronize folders.
DeltaWalker Pro logo
Compare, edit, and merge files, and synchronize folders.

Updates on April 10, 2017

OmniPresence logo
Keep your documents synced across your devices.

Updates on April 7, 2017

Air Doc logo
Transfer files to your iOS device.

Updates on April 6, 2017

GrandPerspective logo
Graphically shows disk usage within a file system.

Updates on April 5, 2017

New Files logo
Create new files quickly.

Updates on April 4, 2017

Disk Cartography logo
Disk space analyzer and mapper.

Updates on April 3, 2017

New File Menu logo
Create new files quickly via the Finder context menu.
unZip Archive logo
Extract zip files.

Updates on April 1, 2017

SecureRemove logo
Allows you to securely erase your sensitive files on your Mac

Updates on March 31, 2017

Doclight logo
Find documents quickly.

Updates on March 28, 2017

Holmes logo
Quick and easy file inspector.

Updates on March 27, 2017

IOTransfer logo
iOS transfer and management.

Updates on March 25, 2017

AppZapper logo
Confidently uninstall virtually any application.

Updates on March 22, 2017

Accessible logo
Get quick access to important files.

Updates on March 18, 2017

Quick Print logo
Print selected Finder items without opening native applications.

Updates on March 17, 2017

iFileX logo
Sophisticated file searching utility.

Updates on March 16, 2017

BaseFolder logo
Convert your Mac into a person cloud machine.
Clean Disk logo
Delete unused localization files and download history.

Updates on March 13, 2017

Post Haste logo
Organize your post-production assets.

Updates on March 12, 2017

FileName Extreme logo
File renaming utility for batch processing and filtering.

Updates on March 11, 2017

Folder Size Catalog logo
Folder-size calculator.

Updates on March 9, 2017

EncImageMaker logo
Create encrypted and non-encrypted disk images.

Updates on March 6, 2017

EXDXF-Pro4 logo
Import and export CAD-standard DXF files to Adobe Illustrator.

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