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Category: Utilities : Control Strips

Updates on December 8, 2015

Now Playing 3.0.2

Control iTunes from your menu bar.

Download Now Playing.More Info

Updates on October 30, 2014

Ctrl Alt Delete 1.0.9

Quickly terminate frozen apps with a familiar shortcut.

Download Ctrl Alt Delete.Download

Updates on February 4, 2014

Gestr 1.76

Trackpad app and bookmark launcher.

Download Gestr.Download

Updates on November 7, 2012

RemoteHelper 4.2.12

Use your iOS device as a remote.

Install RemoteHelper with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on April 23, 2012

Langwitch 1.0

Easily switch between multiple keyboard layouts.

Download Langwitch.Download

Updates on June 26, 2011


Simple plugin for Skype.

Install Skii with MacUpdate Desktop.Install


Updates on June 10, 2011

AIStart 1.0.0b

Save your Illustrator settings and get started quickly next time.

Download AIStart.Download

Updates on April 9, 2011

Cockpit 2.0.1

Multi-app controller and automation center.

Download Cockpit.More Info

Updates on January 3, 2008

iTVRemote 1.2

Tiny replacement for EyeTV controller.

Download iTVRemote.More Info

Updates on March 10, 2007

World Clock Deluxe CSM 3.1.3

Control strip that acts as a multi-time clock.

Download World Clock Deluxe CSM.Download

Updates on June 25, 2003

Stopwatch CSM 2.1

Stop watch control strip module.

Download Stopwatch CSM.Download

Updates on March 25, 2003

MP3 Strip 1.5

Control Strip module plays MP3s.

Download MP3 Strip.Download

Updates on January 8, 2002

BrightnessRocker 1.3

Add monitor brightness control to your control strip.

Download BrightnessRocker.Download

Updates on December 24, 2001

Quit CSM 2.2f1

Quit applications without making them active.

Download Quit CSM.Download

Updates on December 1, 2001

HandyMan 2.1

Control Strip launching module.

Download HandyMan.Download

Updates on November 27, 2001

Clipboard Manager 1.0

Control Strip for creating multiple clipboards.

Download Clipboard Manager.More Info

Updates on August 4, 2001

SwitchRes CS 2.5.2

Control strip allows you to switch resolution of your monitor.

Download SwitchRes CS.Download

Updates on May 14, 2001

Extensions Strip 2.0b6

Run control strip modules.

Download Extensions Strip.Download

Process Manager 1.6

Control Strip can switch between open applications.

Download Process Manager.Download

Updates on March 5, 2001

ScriptStrip 1.1

AppleScript running control strip.

Download ScriptStrip.Download

Updates on January 29, 2001

Jeremys CSM 2.1.7

Collection of many control stips modules.

Download Jeremys CSM.Download

Updates on December 18, 2000

VolumeRocker 1.6

Control Strip module provides a rocker switch style volume control.

Download VolumeRocker.Download

Updates on October 28, 2000

OpenStrip for MacOS X 0.4

Control strip implementation for MacOS X.

Download OpenStrip for MacOS X.Download

Updates on August 27, 2000

FavorStrip 2.6

Control strip launches files stored in the Favorites folder.

Download FavorStrip.Download

Updates on August 17, 2000

Audion Strip 1.0

CSM controls basic functions of Audion.

Download Audion Strip.Download

Updates on July 23, 2000

MyBattery 3.3.8

Monitor your PowerBook

Download MyBattery.Download

Updates on May 15, 2000

Macintosh Explorer CSM 1.0

Control strip module to launch the Mac Explorer application.

Download Macintosh Explorer CSM.Download

Updates on November 29, 1998

Deskpop 1.0.5

Lists all volumes, folders and files currently on the Mac's desktop.

Download Deskpop.Download

Updates on January 2, 1998

Essential PowerBook Strip 1.0

Monitor your PowerBook's battery.

Download Essential PowerBook Strip.Download

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