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New Mac Apps: Contextual Menus - Page 2

Updates on July 10, 2006
Organize text, pictures, movies & sound.
Updates on May 18, 2006
Access Contextual Menus by just holding down the mouse button.
Updates on May 6, 2006
Launch files, apps and more via contextual menu.
Updates on April 22, 2006
Contextual menu browses connected file volumes.
Updates on April 19, 2006
Contextual menu for selecting files on the fly.
Updates on April 18, 2006
Contextual menu deletes resource fork.
Updates on April 15, 2006
Contextual menu for creating symlinks.
Updates on April 13, 2006
Contextual menu item shows the record date/time of DV files.
Updates on April 1, 2006
Print documents using a contextual menu.
Updates on March 31, 2006
Show folder contents using hierarchical contextual menus.
Updates on March 18, 2006
Contextual menus for file management.
Updates on January 29, 2006
Contextual Menu item, application switcher.
Updates on January 8, 2006
Caller ID utility.
Updates on April 11, 2005
Contextual menu for email client file attachment.
Updates on February 16, 2005
Write humane text format in place of HTML.
Dock menu lists apps it thinks you will use next.
Updates on January 14, 2005
Contextual menu helps organize JPEG photo images.
Updates on December 28, 2004
Contextual menu displays audio/video/graphics.
Updates on December 19, 2004
View/edit images directly in Finder, no other app required.
Contextual menu item shows original of an alias.
Copy/paste/clear/view icons without opening Get Info.
Updates on December 14, 2004
Contextual menu calcuates size fo files/folders.
Updates on October 6, 2004
Fixes broken aliases.
Updates on July 8, 2004
Select files in Finder matching a given criteria.
Updates on June 25, 2004
Contextual menu encodes/decodes MacBinary III files.
Updates on May 27, 2004
List contents of folders by clicking on them.
Updates on May 24, 2004
Set and Get Info tool.
Updates on March 26, 2004
Contextual menu displays image dimensions in Finder.
Updates on October 17, 2003
Contextual menu item displays .PDF files fast.
Updates on July 25, 2003
iTerm contextual menu.
Updates on July 15, 2003
Search shortcut tool.
Updates on March 4, 2003
Contextual menu allows you to quickly align your Finder
Updates on February 24, 2003
Customize your contextual menus.
Updates on February 16, 2003
Contextual menu performs functions on selected text.
Updates on December 3, 2002
CMM to open Terminal, enables a popup menu.
Updates on November 14, 2002
Contextual menu opens docs in program it wasn
Updates on September 9, 2002
Internet Location contextual menu tool.
Updates on June 22, 2002
Contextual menu launcher.
Updates on May 20, 2002
CMM allows for fast file selection & navigation.
Updates on May 17, 2002
Contextual menu for searching using Sherlock 2.
Updates on March 16, 2002
Contextual menu for searching using Sherlock 2.
Updates on January 9, 2002
Contextual menu allows you to store and retrieve commonly used text.
Updates on December 27, 2001
Command-click on any window to navigate the Finder.
Updates on December 9, 2001
Rotate & scale images in the Finder.
Updates on November 5, 2001
Contextual menu to open docs in custom application.
Updates on October 16, 2001
Contextual menu can view & modify MP3 ID3 tags.
Updates on October 9, 2001
View & modify long OSX filenames in OS9.
Updates on February 7, 2001
CM can change file creation/modification dates.
Contextual Menu allows users to quickly select all files matching a given criteria.
Contextual Menu plug-in that shows more file info than the "Get Info" command.
Updates on February 2, 2001
Contextual Menu can change type and creator of selected files in the Finder.
Updates on October 30, 2000
Contextual menu helps open documents in specified programs.
Contextual menu allows you to open documents with other applications.
Updates on May 29, 2000
Contextual menu allows you to change file creator and type codes.
Updates on May 4, 2000
Manage Finder windows' size, position and view settings in OS 8.x.
Updates on March 24, 2000
Contextual menu plugin that works with Aladdin Systems
Updates on March 22, 2000
Copy and paste files in the Finder just like in Windows.
Updates on February 22, 2000
Contextual menu stores your favorite programs for easy access.
Updates on January 9, 2000
Open a document using any application listed in this Contextual Menu.
Updates on August 20, 1999
Similar to Extension Manager, this program manages your Contextual Menu plugs.
Updates on February 26, 1999
Contextual Menu allows you to specify which application to open a document with.
Updates on February 25, 1999
Allows you to route files in the Finder quickly.
Updates on December 12, 1998
Contextual Menu can copy complete paths of selected files to the clipboard.
Updates on December 2, 1998
Contextual menu allows you to copy, paste, and customize Finder icons.
Updates on August 19, 1998
Makes it easy to make new documents in a specific location.
Updates on July 11, 1998
Contextual menu item that enables automatic document translation.
Updates on June 30, 1998
Manipulate QuickTime movies in many useful ways.
Updates on June 11, 1998
Contextual menu calculates size of folders and files.
Updates on May 20, 1998
Play movies directly from the Finder without opening any applications.
Updates on February 6, 1998
Contextual menu allows you to play AIFF sounds from the Finder.
Updates on September 9, 1997
Extends MacOS 8Õs contextual menus.

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