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New Mac Apps: Utilities - Page 1

Updates on April 20, 2019
Antivirus with a live detection system.
Menu-bar shortcuts.
Updates on April 19, 2019
Organize your menu-bar apps.
Online backup service.
Syncs two user-specified folders.
Connect to Windows machines.
Updates on April 19, 2019
Execute commands when sleeping or awakening.
Free up inactive memory (was Boost & Memory).
Smart and intuitive parental controls (was Family Protector).
Remove unwanted files when uninstalling apps.
Secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and sharing.
Create an iPhone backup.
Gorgeous wallpapers on your Desktop (was Unsplash Wallpaper).
Antivirus and malware protection tool.
File management application (was File Cabinet).
File manager for the menu bar.
Updates on April 18, 2019
Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures.
Maintenance and optimization tool.
Change Bluetooth connections with a single click.
Safely store your personal information (was Keeper).
Developer tool for creating application installers.
Virus definitions for Symantec/Norton AntiVirus.
Manipulate image, audio, and video metadata.
Easy-yet-flexible backup of media on your iDevices.
Burn OS images to any SD card or USB drive.
MacBook keyboard remapper.
The personal FTP/SFTP/WebDAV file manager (was ViaFTP Lite).
Monitor your Mac's temperature.
Handy FTP client (was ViaFTP).
Updates on April 17, 2019
x86 virtualization software.
Recover data from damaged, deleted, or corrupted volumes.
Video surveillance for IP cameras.
View, edit, share, memo and archive documents and PDFs.
Batch file renaming application.
Updates on April 16, 2019
Establish remote connections with other Macs and PCs.
Selectively erase logs, caches, activity, and more.
Advanced file-search tool.
System maintenance app.
The troubleshooting app.
Security and troubleshooting tool.
Adjust cursor acceleration and sensitivity.
Detect hidden files belonging to MacKeeper, keyloggers, and others.
Mac cleaning and managing software.
Text-to-speech suite.
Displays remaining battery time and percentage.
Updates on April 15, 2019
Simplified photo management for iPhone.
Preview and remove applications and their service files (was App Cleaner).
Organize your desktop icons.
Dig the junk out of your computer.
Graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks.
X11-based, Open-Source font editor.
The Dock replacement.
Helpful app to assist you during presentations.
Updates on April 14, 2019
Catalog your disks.
Community fork of KeePassX.
Optimize your Mac, fix performance and errors.
Updates on April 13, 2019
Generates 802.1x authentication profiles.
Updates on April 12, 2019
Extract files from iTunes or iCloud backups.
Font management software.
Recover lost, deleted, formated files.
Check Web pages for potential SEO errors.
Easy-to-use and powerful clipboard manager.
Firewall and identity-protection software.
Turn your device into an IP camera.
Private secure messenger (was Wickr).
Fast e-mail backup.
Internet anonymity, data security, and access to blocked content.
Network intrusion detection system.
Create custom configuration files for the Clover EFI bootloader.
Updates on April 11, 2019
Use your iPad as an external display.
Password manager and secure digital wallet.
Delete files that waste your disk space.
Extract images, video, sound, or text from files and folders.
Modern, acceptable update to Comic Sans font.
Monitor battery health.
Securely browse public Wi-Fi networks.
Close your MacBook without putting it to sleep.
Easily access your remote systems.
Encrypt and organize your sensitive data, photos, and contacts.
Professional-level VPN client with easy setup.

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