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Automatically backup files on multiple machines.
Data recovery tool for iOS devices.
Updates on August 16, 2018
Organize your menu-bar apps.
GUI for the rclone command-line tool.
GUI for rsync.
Displays advanced information about your battery.

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Updates on August 16, 2018
Collects key technical hardware information.
Prevent your Mac from going to sleep.
Strong, free VPN (beta).
Save iPhone SMS text messages to your Mac.
The personal FTP/SFTP/WebDAV file manager (was ViaFTP Lite).
Updates on August 15, 2018
Create calendar events and reminders using natural language.
Browse privately using anonymous proxies and VPN servers.
System maintenance which learns your preferences.
Secure deleting information from Mac.
File archiver.
Handy FTP client (was ViaFTP).
Network speed and traffic in your menu bar.
Open-Source antivirus and malware protection (was Endurance Antivirus).
Strong file encryption and archival.
Collection of paintings from galleries and museums.
Updates on August 14, 2018
Run Windows apps alongside Mac apps without rebooting.
Catalog your disks.
Enhances Open and Save dialogs.
Access your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
Change Bluetooth connections with a single click.
Remove unwanted files when uninstalling apps.
Password-protect any OS X application.
VPN service.
Manipulate image, audio, and video metadata.
Virus definitions for Symantec/Norton AntiVirus.
UNIX/Linux screensaver collection compiled for Mac.
Clone your Boot Camp partition.
Hot-key tasking solution.
Tiling window manager similar to xmonad.
Turn your device into an IP camera.
Password-protect apps.
Advanced system monitor.
Clean your system's disks, memory, and cache.
Automatic online backup; free 5GB account (was iDriveforMac).
Updates on August 13, 2018
Manage display mirroring.
A network monitor for your menu bar.
Controller for LIFX bulbs with an emphasis on security.
Quickly rename video or music files.
Customize your dock.
Create, manage, and debug launchd(8) services.
Instantly hide and show desktop icons.
Monitor your Mac's temperature.
Recover lost data from your IOS device.
Easy file recovery.
Automatically mount network shares.
Change advanced OS X settings and more.
Mount SMB/AFP/FTP filesystems, and others.
Updates on August 10, 2018
Maintains and optimizes your system.
Dock alternative that provides all of your apps to you.
Set global hotkeys for launching your favorite apps.
Keyboard-centric application and window switcher.
Application launcher and alternative, customizable dock.
Updates on August 9, 2018
For macOS 10.12.6 and OS X 10.11.6.
Alerts you about outgoing network connections.
Security and troubleshooting tool.
Automated data backup to Amazon S3.
Professional-level VPN client with easy setup.
Tiny alarm clock for your menubar.
Securely stores all of your personal identification information.
App and website blocker.
Securely browse public Wi-Fi networks.
Menu bar app to keep your Mac from sleeping.
Modern fork of older iTerm project.
Updates on August 8, 2018
Virus checker based on ClamAV.
Connect to Windows machines.
Displays machines, users, and IP addresses of Macs on your network.
Mount server and cloud storage as a local disk.
Quickly build AppleScripts.
Updates on August 7, 2018
Password manager and secure digital wallet.
Secure cloud backup, storage, and sharing; 2GB free.
Function-key lock.
Free app uninstaller.
Updates on August 6, 2018
Recover lost, deleted, formatted, or inaccessible files.
Display contents of Time Machine backups (beta).

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