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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps: Productivity

Powerful clipboard menulet for copy and paste.

Updates on March 23, 2018

Organize your ideas, projects, and more (was OmniOutliner).
Organize your time and projects.
Date-focused note taking.
Productivity timer.
Task manager.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on March 23, 2018

Powerful dictation tool.
Gives a rest reminder when you are working too long.

Updates on March 22, 2018

Convert CSV files to other formats.
Simple, powerful emoji manager.
Outline tool for writers.
3D visual thinking for creative brainstorming.

Updates on March 21, 2018

Use your iPad as a digitizer.
Export tabular data from Calendar and Reminders.
Smart cloud clipboard and snippets manager.
Merge PDFs.

Updates on March 20, 2018

Task management tool.
Menu-bar calendar with reminders.
Copy and store multiple clips.
Create and share outlines between Apple devices and Evernote accounts.
Personal task manager.
Task and project manager with mind maps and to-do lists for teams.
Take back control of your tasks.
Asset management on the Desktop.

Updates on March 19, 2018

Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
Mind-mapping application.
Versatile clipboard manager.
Extract and save PDF pages in various image formats.
Reminders/to-do/task manager.

Updates on March 18, 2018

Customizable menu bar clock, calendar, alarms, timezones and chimes.
Fast, efficient contact manager.
List your iCloud tabs in your menu bar.
Clipboard in the Cloud.
Create websites from customizable components.
Simple tracking timer.

Updates on March 17, 2018

Essential text document editing.
Turn your reminders into cards.

Updates on March 16, 2018

Minimal break timer with iTunes integration.
Professional screenwriting software.

Updates on March 15, 2018

Popular productivity suite.
Store text snippets in one place (was CM Text Snippets).
Free-form note-taking application.
Menu-bar world clock.
Time tracking for professionals.

Updates on March 14, 2018

Note-keeping app that syncs with all your devices.
Note manager.
Read, annotate, fill, and sign PDF's.
Visual planning software that supports task dependencies.
Mind-mapping utility on both iOS and OS X.
Visual-planning software.
Complete menu-bar calendar.
Effective time-tracking.

Updates on March 13, 2018

To-do list for your menu bar.
Powerful clipboard utility (was Daily Clipboard).

Updates on March 12, 2018

Keep a window open, on top of everything else.
Free batch-rename utility.
Chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app.
Create unlimited lists.

Updates on March 10, 2018

DRM-remover for audio files.
Toolkit for PDF files.
Note-taking and annotation made easy.

Updates on March 8, 2018

Smart clipboard-history manager.

Updates on March 7, 2018

Elegant personal task management.
Powerful point-and-click and programmable graphing.
Elegant mindmapping application.

Updates on March 6, 2018

Versatile translation app (was Modern Translator).
Task timer for the menu bar.
Notes, synched across devices and the cloud.
A calculator as handy as the real thing (release candidate).

Updates on March 5, 2018

Note taking app for tracking .day-to-day events and ideas.
A lightweight window manager.
Networkable search for legal, media, mobile professionals.

Updates on March 4, 2018

Smart timer for people who know the cost of time.

Updates on March 3, 2018

Extract the contents of PDF files.
Import tabular data to Apple Contacts.

Updates on March 2, 2018

Daily journal with photo support and iCloud syncing.
System management from one easy menu.

Updates on March 1, 2018

Distraction-free writing tool.

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