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New Mac Apps: Multimedia Design

Updates on February 8, 2018

Plot raster images of latitude/longitude-gridded data.
Visual effects for Final Cut Pro and other popular video editors.

Updates on February 7, 2018

Record music using digital instruments, loops, and more.
Create iPhone ringtones and alert tones.

Updates on February 6, 2018

Audio batch processor.

Updates on February 5, 2018

Workflow tools for processing and managing media.

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Updates on February 5, 2018

Capture multiple screenshots into a single document.
One-click video converter, with Blu-ray compatibility (beta).

Updates on February 2, 2018

Transform your Mac into a full-fledged DJ system (was djay).
Housekeeping for your Final Cut Pro libraries.
Professional color correction.

Updates on February 1, 2018

Front-end for a variety of video container tools.
Convert your audio books to MP3 or AAC.
Record sound from numerous sources.
Powerful free photo editor.

Updates on January 31, 2018

Lightweight image browser and viewer.
Easily repair video files.

Updates on January 30, 2018

Easily add watermarks to art, photos, and more.
Next generation playout and ingest engine for the Mac.
Enhanced Quick Look support for Adobe Creative Suite and Cloud.

Updates on January 26, 2018

Playback DivX media.

Updates on January 23, 2018

Digital video editing tool.
Add cinematic style to your photos.
Turn your photos into watercolors, paintings, and other fine art.
Simple and fast transcode for various media formats.
Logging tool for various file formats.

Updates on January 22, 2018

Scanner software with advanced features.
Create stunning images and logos with effects.
Creative photo sharing service.
Generate app icons.
Advanced video editor with integrated screen recorder.

Updates on January 21, 2018

Effectively generate high-quality diagrams.
Powerful vector drawing app (was iDraw).

Updates on January 20, 2018

One-click audio recording.
Stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag-and-drop.

Updates on January 18, 2018

Professional DJ mixing software.
Playlist manager for Live productions.
Broadcast quality video playback.
Client-Server application for OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir Server.

Updates on January 17, 2018

Easy image converter.
Powerful media browser, viewer, and converter (beta).

Updates on January 16, 2018

Create business graphics and presentations.

Updates on January 13, 2018

Manage graphics and picture links in QXP 2017.

Updates on January 12, 2018

Design frames for your photos and paintings.
Design frames for your photos and paintings.
Design frames for your photos and paintings.

Updates on January 11, 2018

The multi-in, multi-out live-video engine (was BoinxTV).

Updates on January 9, 2018

Multitrack sound recorder/editor with MP3 support.
Audio compression toolkit.
Lightweight audio editor from the makers of Amadeus.
Create animations with actors and scenes with modifiable, custom content.
Create animations with easy-to-animate and modifiable actors and scenes.
Create animations with easy-to-animate 2D actors and scenes.
Add special effects to your video chats.
Create scatter plots, contour diagrams and more (was OSXStereonet).

Updates on January 8, 2018

Multimedia player; extended version of MPlayer.
Easily remove backgrounds from photos.
Edit MP3 files without a loss in quality.

Updates on January 7, 2018

Powerful ASCII art editor.

Updates on January 6, 2018

Add your video collection to iTunes with one click.

Updates on January 5, 2018

Free open-source video editor.
iTunes visualizer with animated cloudscapes.
Rip and backup DVDs.

Updates on January 4, 2018

Enlarge digital images while preserving quality.
Enlarge digital images while preserving quality.

Updates on January 3, 2018

Powerful and cost-effective broadcast video processing and capturing.
Convert video to any format in real time.

Updates on January 2, 2018

Automatic ducking for Final Cut Pro X.
Copy DVDs to digital, single-file format.

Updates on January 1, 2018

Icon generator for macOS.
20-tool real-time audio analyzer.

Updates on December 30, 2017

Create diagrams for presentations and projects.

Updates on December 29, 2017

Visual plug-in for iTunes and other players.
Control GoPro Hero cameras over Wi-Fi.
Cocoa-based paint program similar to Microsoft Paint and MacPaint.

Updates on December 28, 2017

Intuitive text-to-speech app.

Updates on December 26, 2017

WYSIWYG e-book editor for the ePub format.
Virtual music studio.

Updates on December 25, 2017

Blu-ray player.
Burn videos to DVD with menus and subtitles.

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