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New Mac Apps: Multimedia Design : Author Tools

Updates on October 4, 2016

Solid and surface modeler.

Updates on September 26, 2016

2D and 3D modeling and design.

Updates on September 11, 2016

Create personalized watermarked PDFs.

Updates on August 26, 2016

Distraction-free eBook creation.

Updates on August 24, 2016

Create animated and interactive Web content.

Updates on July 10, 2016

Generate interactive fiction based on natural language.

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Updates on June 29, 2016

Create, edit and view stereo image files.

Updates on June 25, 2016

Cocoa text editor for fast transcription of audio or video material.

Updates on June 20, 2016

Patch Adobe CS5.5 or later with Application Manager.

Updates on June 13, 2016

Share all your multimedia with standard UPnP-enabled client devices.

Updates on April 23, 2016

Images full Web pages into JPEG or TIFF format graphics files.

Updates on March 24, 2016

Screen-based protractor tool.
Create harmonious color schemes and palettes.

Updates on March 23, 2016

Media cataloging and viewing utility.

Updates on March 12, 2016

API which allows access to info regarding currently-playing track (beta).

Updates on January 26, 2016

Cookbook-focused templates for iBooks Author.

Updates on January 12, 2016

Updater for Adobe authoring and creative tools.

Updates on January 5, 2016

Cinematography pre-visualization tool.

Updates on December 18, 2015

Print labels for all types of removable media.

Updates on December 6, 2015

Display images at their actual size.

Updates on December 1, 2015

Eye-catching, professional DVD menu backgrounds.

Updates on November 13, 2015

Print Final Cut Pro sequence-marker lists.

Updates on November 11, 2015

Special effects software for photography enthusiasts.

Updates on October 2, 2015

Fast and effective image viewer and browser.

Updates on September 27, 2015

Photography-focused templates for iBooks Author.
Educationally focused templates for iBooks Author.
Diverse collection of stunning graphic-design templates for iBooks Author.
Business templates for Apple’s iBooks Author.

Updates on September 5, 2015

PDF editor built for Mac.

Updates on July 10, 2015

Usability-testing environment for website designers.

Updates on June 26, 2015

Converts PDF documents into fully editable InDesign file.

Updates on June 23, 2015

Digital asset management system for Creative Suite.

Updates on May 23, 2015

View analog and digital simulation waveforms from VCD files and more.

Updates on May 11, 2015

View solid models from files in many formats.

Updates on May 8, 2015

Ultra-simple layout HTML page editor for Web and print.

Updates on May 1, 2015

3D graphics rendering app.

Updates on April 26, 2015

Image management tool.

Updates on April 25, 2015

Transcript editor for digital media files.

Updates on April 15, 2015

Java real-time multi-thread fractal graphics platform.

Updates on April 13, 2015

Print management and post-processing for event photographers.

Updates on March 16, 2015

Create 3D HTML5 objects that need no plug-in support.

Updates on February 23, 2015

Manage lyrics, overheads, computer projection, and more.

Updates on February 17, 2015

Build your own Final Cut and Motion plugins.

Updates on February 16, 2015

Viewer for PDF, Postscript, and image files.

Updates on February 5, 2015

Audio post-production utility for ProTools and more.

Updates on January 28, 2015

Create PDF images, albums or contact sheets from your photos.

Updates on January 27, 2015

CD and DVD labeler.
Tracking and rotoscoping plug-in (was mocha for After Effects).

Updates on January 23, 2015

Screen magnification utility displays color values.

Updates on January 22, 2015

Prepare textbooks for use on the Kindle e-reader (beta).

Updates on January 12, 2015

Adds 11 tools in 2 tool groups to Illustrator's tool palette.

Updates on January 3, 2015

Templates for Apple's Pages.

Updates on December 22, 2014

Color translation and analysis tools.

Updates on December 8, 2014

Convert InDesign content into a new QuarkXPress document.

Updates on December 7, 2014

Advanced subtitle editor.

Updates on November 7, 2014

Measure the dimensions of your screen layout.

Updates on November 4, 2014

Interactive publishing tool for digital content.

Updates on October 29, 2014

Helps you make color schemes.

Updates on October 17, 2014

Post-production photography solution.

Updates on October 15, 2014

View media in real-time with collaborators.

Updates on October 10, 2014

Drag-and-drop slideshow maker.

Updates on October 3, 2014

Visualize color lists as color patches.

Updates on October 2, 2014

QuickTime components to read/write Cineon or DPX images.

Updates on September 30, 2014

Shows the golden section between any two points on the screen.

Updates on September 29, 2014

Lightboard software for live events.

Updates on September 27, 2014

Analyze multimedia files (was MediaInfo Mac).

Updates on September 19, 2014

Make music and motion with unusual inputs.

Updates on September 14, 2014

Process astronomical images taken by webcam via telescope.

Updates on August 22, 2014

Design CD, DVD, and disk labels.

Updates on July 23, 2014

Convert placed photos to grayscale without modifying the original.

Updates on July 21, 2014

CAD drawing and technical Illustrator plug-in.

Updates on July 19, 2014

Instantly sync multi-camera audio and video.

Updates on July 15, 2014

Plugins for Illustrator, cartographic/GIS production.

Updates on June 20, 2014

Rapid production tool for still image and audio Web presentations.
Manage your digital assets.

Updates on June 16, 2014

Create documentation, notes, essays and more.

Updates on June 12, 2014

Import 3D models from many standard file formats.
Update for InDesign's Folio Builder Panel.
Author, create and preview .folio files.

Updates on May 22, 2014

Musical equivalent of a text OCR program.

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