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New Mac Apps: Author Tools - Page 10

Updates on October 8, 2001
Convert many different image formats.
Updates on July 25, 2001
3D graphic creation tool.
Create caption labels.
Updates on July 21, 2001
Import Photoshop files into InDesign.
Updates on May 7, 2001
Create plotter-size signs in Illustrator.
Updates on February 15, 2001
Open and edit GIF, JPEG, PICT, and TIFF files.
Updates on December 19, 2000
Adds support for non-PostScript printers and more.
Updates on July 22, 2000
Fixes hyphenation bug in Adobe InDesign 1.5.
Updates on July 12, 1999
Organize your graphic application filters and plug-ins.
Updates on May 11, 1999
Create a picture index slideshow.
Updates on March 30, 1999
View any EPS file that was created on any platform.
Updates on March 17, 1999
ScreenShot on steroids.
Updates on September 15, 1998
Scanning image preparation plug-in.
Updates on January 19, 1998
Quickly downloads images from digital camera to you Mac.
Updates on January 17, 1998
Import Excel spreadsheets into PageMaker 6.5 documents.
Updates on December 24, 1997
Update PageMaker
Updates on November 25, 1997
Catalog all of the images in your Internet browser's cache.
Updates on October 4, 1997
3D design communication and presentation.
Updates on August 13, 1997
Lets you view and edit text comments embedded in JFIF files.
Updates on June 12, 1997
Determines the magnitude of the various color components.

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