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Automatically calculates the BPM of your iTunes songs.
Updates on October 21, 2019
Convert a music or sound file to any format.
Free digital audio workstation.
Powerful AA/AAX to MP3 Converter.
Updates on October 19, 2019
Convert iTunes DRM protected music.
Switch audio sources from the menu bar (beta).
Updates on October 18, 2019
Mixer built specifically for radio DJs.
Schedule program blocks for Radiologik DJ.
Updates on October 17, 2019
Record and enhance audio from any application (was Audio Hijack Pro).
3D surround sound and phenomenally rich audio.
Convert iTunes and Audible audiobooks.
Audio file editor for the most basic audio engineering needs.
Two-channel time and frequency-domain signal analysis.
Modularized, multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer.
Audio signal analysis tool.
Real time audio signal generator.
Updates on October 16, 2019
Record music using digital instruments, loops, and more.
CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner app.
Professional music creation suite.
Audio and MIDI multitrack recorder.
Audio and MIDI multitrack recorder.
Extended audio and MIDI multi-track recorder.
Import Audiobook CDs or other audio to iPod.
Updates on October 15, 2019
Open-source tool for sound visualization and manipulation.
Audio ripping and encoding application.
Digital audio workstation.
Remove iTunes duplicates and fix track data.
Updates on October 14, 2019
12-tone music composer and analyzer.
Audio converter and CD ripper (alpha).
Updates on October 13, 2019
Quick way to cut your audio files visually.
Displays full-screen size album cover art.
Updates on October 12, 2019
Multitrack sound recorder/editor with MP3 support.
Create and edit audio recordings.
Quickly record audio from any application.
Lightweight audio editor from the makers of Amadeus.
Adds song titles to your profile.
Updates on October 11, 2019
Sampler with VSTi plug-in sampling.
Aliasing-free oscillators/multimode filters for AU/VST/Pro Tools.
Audiophile-grade music player with iTunes compatibility.
Make your Mac speak.
Updates on October 10, 2019
Music player that supports many filetypes.
Music manager and player.
Updates on October 8, 2019
Complete recording studio and more.
Audio compression toolkit.
Create, organize, and share multiple iTunes libraries.
Automatic accompaniment program.
White noise and soundscape generator.
Updates on October 7, 2019
Display iTunes track info and cover art on your desktop.
Software volume mixer.
Updates on October 6, 2019
Convert audio files into various formats.
Updates on October 5, 2019
Encode, transcode, and play various music file formats.
Updates on October 4, 2019
Organize your music collection.
Updates on October 2, 2019
Robust audio recording and editing tool.
Updates on October 1, 2019
Move playlists, songs and radio stations.
Updates on September 29, 2019
Remote use with Outline processors.
Updates on September 27, 2019
Satellite and station tracking.
Updates on September 26, 2019
Route audio between applications.
Updates on September 24, 2019
Music notation solution.
Record and play music back from a client-server.
Updates on September 20, 2019
Digitise vinyl records and cassette tapes to CD, MP3, and other formats.
Audio spectrum analyzer and spectrograph app.
Updates on September 19, 2019
Streamlined audio editor.
Highly customizable audio DAW.
Updates on September 18, 2019
Professional post-production audio editor.
Updates on September 16, 2019
Music book and play-along.
Updates on September 13, 2019
Chromatic tuning application.
Audio sample browser, manager and organizer.
Updates on September 11, 2019
Audio editor tool.
Updates on September 5, 2019
Creative musical production tool for artists, producers, and engineers.
Updates on September 3, 2019
MIDI events generator and receiver.
Updates on August 30, 2019
DJ software for mixing and performing.
Updates on August 29, 2019
Automatically pause your music and set volume for individual apps.
Audio file editing, plug-in hosting and audio-CD mastering.
Updates on August 28, 2019
Audio recorder and editor with built-in effects.
Updates on August 27, 2019
Lossless volume adjustments for audio files.
Updates on August 26, 2019
Simple audio recording software.
Updates on August 23, 2019
High-resolution music player for audiophiles.
Updates on August 21, 2019
Everything you need to perform live mixes.
Updates on August 16, 2019
12-note chromatic scale tuner.
Updates on August 15, 2019
Transform your Mac into a full-fledged DJ system (was djay).

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