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Updates on April 21, 2019
Spotify Music and converter.
Professional music converter software.
Pre-visualization for filmmakers and directors.
Updates on April 20, 2019
Easily edit music tags.
Calculates fret positions in inches and millimeters.
Finds chords for 3 and 4 string instruments.
Updates on April 20, 2019
Creates chords and lyrics sheet music for cigar box instruments.
Updates on April 19, 2019
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Creative musical production tool for artists, producers, and engineers.
High-speed converter for HD/SD videos.
Drawing, painting, image editing.
Create living photos.
Powerful audio editor.
Updates on April 18, 2019
Digital video editing tool.
Copy DVDs to digital, single-file format.
Dependable and intuitive font editor.
Media asset database and video logging product.
Create media sequences for live shows.
Updates on April 17, 2019
Bitmap image editor.
Create 3D design concepts.
Photoshop-compatible plugin.
Updates on April 16, 2019
Professional music creation suite.
Virtual music studio.
DJ software for mixing and performing.
Batch size and rename photos.
Webcam image-capture software.
Updates on April 15, 2019
Use virtually any part of an existing DVD as source material.
High dynamic range image generation and tone mapping.
Everything you need to perform live mixes.
Create, alter, and inspect Matroska (mkv) files.
Simple audio recording software.
Transfer data from iTunes to your digital audio player.
Updates on April 14, 2019
Play music from Myst III: Exile.
Updates on April 13, 2019
Mix your music and share it online.
Explore, discover and organize your digital inspirations.
Updates on April 12, 2019
Powerful PDF editor.
Professional DJ software compatible with iTunes playlists.
Powerful media manager for Creative Suite.
Convert videos to GIFs.
Media player with a high-quality caption feature and more.
Add text to video.
2D animation tool.
Media player plays almost every media file.
High-end game development app.
Updates on April 11, 2019
Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
Create professional looking Web banners.
AU/VST plug-in with a genetic approach to sound creation.
Create PDFs containing images, text, vector shapes, more.
Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.
Panoramic photo stitching software; Pro version available.
Photoshop plug-ins for image correction.
Updates on April 10, 2019
3D surround sound and phenomenally rich audio.
Easy-to-use video-cue solution.
All-in-one solution for ready-to-publish comics and manga (was Manga Studio EX).
Powerful and cost-effective broadcast video processing and capturing.
Convert video files via Handbrake Command Line Interface.
Batch convert video simply and efficiently.
Draw with light-like tools.
Correct image creation and modification date and time.
Updates on April 9, 2019
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (NPAPI version).
Powerful, free image editing application; now a native Mac app.
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (PPAPI version).
Create photo books and more.
Menubar icon that shows Spotify's currently playing track.
Simple, intuitive painting app.
Cloud collaboration and review for Final Cut Pro X.
Updates on April 8, 2019
Music player that supports many filetypes.
Music manager and player.
Easy-to-use video and audio file converter.
Cross-platform audio editing, mastering, and restoration.
Post production plugin.
Smooth, analog-sounding filters plugin for AU/VST/Pro Tools.
Versatile tape delay plug-in with many effects and features.
Shift your subtitles files.
Panorama image tools, now compiled for OS X.
Convert images to .icns files, Pro version available (was img2icns).
Updates on April 7, 2019
Record and enhance audio from any application (was Audio Hijack Pro).
Digital audio workstation.
Sets (not edits) most wanted EXIF data in an image.
Updates on April 6, 2019
Cross-platform vector design.

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