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Creating vector-based raster patterns from bitmap images.
Create photo books and more.
FL Studio allow you to create, mix, record and produce high-quality tracks.
Updates on December 10, 2018
Powerful layer-based image editor.
Scanner software with advanced features.
Creates and optimizes sprite sheets.

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Updates on December 10, 2018
Tag and organize your audio files.
Transcript editor for digital media files.
Design frames for your photos and paintings.
Design frames for your photos and paintings.
Design frames for your photos and paintings.
Updates on December 8, 2018
Powerful image-editing application.
Redate/rename complete folders of images based on EXIF data.
Powerful-yet-free video editor.
Updates on December 7, 2018
Live performance tool for musicians.
Complete recording studio and more.
Simulates soft pastels, oil pastels, and color blending.
Draw with light-like tools.
Take care of your noisemaking needs.
Audio spectrum analyzer and spectrograph app.
High dynamic range image generation and tone mapping.
Updates on December 6, 2018
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (NPAPI version).
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (PPAPI version).
Automated photo enhancement.
Tag and transcribe audio and video files.
Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.
Creative video mixing with a slick grid interface.
Powerful screen recording and production tool.
Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video conversion.
Professional music creation suite.
Free data-visualization.
Vector design built around vector shading.
Translates FCPX projects to other formats.
Create Final Cut Pro X project reports.
Updates on December 5, 2018
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Create a realtime preview of your icon.
Open source flash SWF decompiler and editor.
Professional media player.
Photo editor that enables you to fix and enhance photos.
Batch size and rename photos.
Full-featured video editor.
Simplified image printing solution.
Remove iTunes duplicates and fix track data.
Updates on December 4, 2018
Powerful audio editor.
Batch TIFF-to-PDF converter.
Cross-platform audio editing, mastering, and restoration.
High-quality Raw image converter.
Cloud collaboration and review for Final Cut Pro X.
Convert AVCHD to MP4.
Batch image processor.
Updates on December 3, 2018
Create media sequences for live shows.
Convert clips from movies into small GIFs.
Media player with a high-quality caption feature and more.
Route audio between applications.
High-end game development app.
Create, alter, and inspect Matroska (mkv) files.
Video recording and live streaming.
Easily create captions and transcripts for your movies.
Updates on December 2, 2018
Audio converter and CD ripper (alpha).
Updates on December 1, 2018
Watermark, rename, sort, convert, share, and more.
Correct image creation and modification date and time.
Simple image editor.
Display and edit types of image files.
Professional color correction.
Export documents as a PDF booklet.
Updates on November 30, 2018
Utility for making snapshot.
Application for creating ringtones.
Create beautiful app marketing videos in minutes.
Updates on November 29, 2018
Indian musical tone player.
Convert your audio and video files to others audio formats.
Stitch photos perfectly, with simple drag-and-drop.
Drag-and-drop game builder. No coding required.
Edit images' metadata.
Create and play your own ringtone style music.
Updates on November 28, 2018
Video & Music converter.
Convert videos to GIF animations.
Adjust numbers to create different images from a source image.
Multi-format media player, Pro version available.
Music manager and player.
A Movie Details/Cast Overview for Movies and TV Shows in popular Video Players.

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