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Mitti 1.0.4

Easy-to-use video cue solution software.

Install Mitti with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 22, 2017

HandBrake 1.0.2

Versatile video encoder; convert any source to MPEG-4 and more.

Install HandBrake with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 21, 2017

iFlicks 2.4.7

Easily import your video collection into iTunes.

Install iFlicks with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Super MOV Converter 6.2.13

Convert any HD video and common video to MOV format.

Download Super MOV Converter.More Info

Sync-N-Link X 1.0.50

Batch sync dual-system sound using timecode.

Download Sync-N-Link X.More Info

Updates on January 20, 2017

FrameQFX 1.1

Apply innovative effects to your videos.

Download FrameQFX.More Info


Updates on January 20, 2017

GIF Brewery 3.3

Convert clips from movies into small GIFs.

Download GIF Brewery.Download

Updates on January 19, 2017

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 11.0.2

Digital video editing tool.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.Download

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.1

Create professional motion graphics and visual effects.

Download Adobe After Effects CC 2017.Download

Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3.1

Professional video editing solution.

Download Apple Final Cut Pro X.Download

Updates on January 18, 2017

CoGe VJ 1.7.3

VJ application for real-time mixing.

Install CoGe VJ with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

ObjectusVideo 1.5.5

Video motion analysis software.

Install ObjectusVideo with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Stream Player 1.0.19

Lightweight internet stream player with OneClick streaming.

Download Stream Player.More Info

Updates on January 17, 2017

Willing Webcam 1.6.3

Webcam image-capture software.

Install Willing Webcam with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 16, 2017

Every2MP4 1.2.1

Simple video conversion.

Download Every2MP4.More Info

H265 Converter Pro 1.5.1

Simple H.256 (MKV) converter.

Download H265 Converter Pro.More Info

iSubtitle 3.0.3

Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear.

Install iSubtitle with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Home Cinema Control 1.2

Control your Marantz or Denon home cinema over your network.

Download Home Cinema Control.More Info

Updates on January 13, 2017

Annotation Transcriber 1.7.33

Tag and transcribe audio and video files.

Install Annotation Transcriber with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Annotation Edit

Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.

Install Annotation Edit with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

TunesKit 3.3.4

iTunes DRM media converter.

Install TunesKit with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 12, 2017

CinePlay 1.4.4

Professional media player.

Install CinePlay with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

DVDFab All-In-One

Complete solution for ripping and converting DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Download DVDFab All-In-One.Download

SAN Fusion 1.5.5

Easily connect Avid Media Composer to an Xsan volume.

Install SAN Fusion with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

X2Pro Audio Convert 4.0.12

Integrates Final Cut Pro X projects with Avid Pro Tools.

Download X2Pro Audio Convert.More Info

Updates on January 11, 2017

VideoDrive 3.5.01

Add your video collection to iTunes with one click.

Install VideoDrive with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Adobe Flash Player App

Play CS4-CC Flash media on the desktop.

Install Adobe Flash Player App with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

iShowU Studio 2.0.2

Screen capture with full post-recording editing.

Install iShowU Studio with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Rewind 1.2

Continuously record the last sixty seconds of your screen.

Install Rewind with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 10, 2017

cTiVo 2.5.0

Download shows from your TiVo and convert them.

Install cTiVo with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

SendToX 1.0.68

Convert FCP 7 projects to FCP X (was 7toX for Final Cut Pro).

Install SendToX with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 9, 2017

Video Toolkit 1.2.0

Convert, cut, and join video files.

Install Video Toolkit with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 8, 2017

Lightworks 1.0

Full-featured video editor.

Install Lightworks with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 7, 2017

iFFmpeg 6.2.4

Convert multimedia files between formats.

Install iFFmpeg with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 6, 2017

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus 4.2.8

Remove DRM from M4V videos.

Install NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

MovieCaptioner 5.38

Easily create captions and transcripts for your movies.

Install MovieCaptioner with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on January 3, 2017

iVI 3.784

Easily convert and import video files into iTunes or iMovie.

Download iVI.More Info

Updates on December 31, 2016

Cinemagraph Pro 2.1.2

Create living photos.

Install Cinemagraph Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

VideoPad 4.56

Powerful video editor.

Install VideoPad with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 30, 2016

Permute 2.3.7

Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video conversion.

Install Permute with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

DVDStyler 3.0.2

Create professional-looking DVDs.

Download DVDStyler.Download

Wondershare Filmora 7.8.9

Video and photo editing (was Wondershare Video Editor).

Install Wondershare Filmora with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Video Converter Ultimate 5.7.2

Convert video files to multiple formats.

Install Video Converter Ultimate with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

iVI Pro 3.783

Add videos to iTunes with a simple drag-and-drop (beta).

Install iVI Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 28, 2016

Serviio 1.8

Stream music, photos and video to PS3, Xbox 360 and more.

Install Serviio with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 27, 2016

Koala Call Sheets 14.0.6

Create stunning call sheets.

Download Koala Call Sheets.Download

Updates on December 26, 2016

MacX Video Converter Pro 6.0.2

High-speed converter for HD/SD videos.

Install MacX Video Converter Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

MakeMKV 1.10.4

One-click video converter, with Blu-ray compatibility (beta).

Install MakeMKV with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 23, 2016

Mosaic 1.0

Pixel texturing and ASCII effects with adaptive tiling.

Download Mosaic.Download

GoPro VR Player 2.1

360° video player (was Kolor Eyes).

Install GoPro VR Player with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Prism 2.71

Convert video files into the formats you need.

Install Prism with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

CatDV 12.0.2

Image media manager.

Download CatDV.Download

Updates on December 22, 2016

Callnote 4.1.0

Record Skype, Hangouts, Viber & Facebook Audio/Video calls.

Install Callnote with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Gorilla 13.0.5

Filmmaking assistant for pre- and post-production.

Download Gorilla.Download

Usher 1.1.15

Manage and watch your collection of videos (was yFlicks).

Install Usher with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 21, 2016

Garmin VIRB Edit

Combine video footage from your VIRB action camera with GPS and other data.

Install Garmin VIRB Edit with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Vooya 1.7.1

Player for raw video data.

Download Vooya.More Info

MetaDoctor Pro 2.0

Add metadata to your video files.

Download MetaDoctor Pro.More Info

MetaDoctor 2.0

Add metadata to your video files.

Download MetaDoctor.More Info

Updates on December 20, 2016

5DtoRGB 1.5.22

Transcoder for converting footage from HDSLR for editing.

Download 5DtoRGB.More Info

VidConvert 1.7.1

Simple and easy video and audio converter.

Install VidConvert with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 17, 2016

Total Video Converter Pro 4.2.2

DVD burning, video conversion, and more.

Install Total Video Converter Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

EditReady 1.4.6

Simple and fast transcode for various media formats.

Download EditReady.Download

Updates on December 16, 2016

Iris 1.2.2

Screen recording software.

Download Iris.Download

Updates on December 15, 2016

FastCut 3.2.3

Advanced video editor with integrated screen recorder.

Install FastCut with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 13, 2016

Panorama Video 3.1.3

Stitch your images and get perfect panoramic video.

Download Panorama Video.More Info

Updates on December 12, 2016

Plex Media Server 1.3.3

Seamlessly connect your Plex clients with your local media.

Install Plex Media Server with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 9, 2016

Superstring Pro 2.7.7

Create stunning lyric videos in minutes.

Install Superstring Pro with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 8, 2016

Wirecast 7.3

Stream live from the desktop.

Download Wirecast.Download

Updates on December 7, 2016

GoPro Studio 2.5.10

Powerful editor for GoPro video.

Download GoPro Studio.Download

Updates on December 6, 2016

Final Cut Library Manager 3.21

Housekeeping for your Final Cut Pro libraries.

Download Final Cut Library Manager.Download

Updates on December 5, 2016

DVD Snap 3.2.1

Takes screenshots of movies on Apple DVD player.

Install DVD Snap with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Shotcut 16.12

Free open-source video editor.

Download Shotcut.Download

Updates on December 2, 2016

Claquette 1.5.3

Capture your screen, attached cameras, and microphones.

Download Claquette.More Info

Updates on December 1, 2016

Install Macgo Blu-ray Player with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Producer’s Best Friend 1.2.29

Create Final Cut Pro X project reports.

Download Producer’s Best Friend.More Info

XtoCC 1.1.83

Translates Final Cut Pro X projects to other formats (was Xto7 for Final Cut Pro).

Download XtoCC.More Info

Mac Media Player 2.17.1

All-in-one free media player.

Install Mac Media Player with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on November 30, 2016

Apple iMovie 10.1.4

Edit personal videos and share them.

Download Apple iMovie.More Info

mpv 0.22.0

Open-source general-purpose video player.

Install mpv with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

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