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New Mac Apps: Ios - Page 9

Updates on December 13, 2010
First person shooter set in the middle of a terrorist war.
Comprehensive professional medical calculator.
Connect to AOL Instant Messenger.
Full-screen Web browser.
Hunting simulation.
Keep track of casual phone calls.
Updates on December 13, 2010
Transit application for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.
Take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos with your iPhone.
Puzzle-solving adventure game.
Combine risk and strategy to conquer the world.
Dice puzzle game.
Take to the skies as a pilot of the famed World War I biplane.
Port of the classic first person shooter.
Updates on December 7, 2010
First true musical instrument for iPhone (free for limited time).
MLB baseball with player photos and stats.
Updates on December 6, 2010
Business management tool.
For grocery shopping.
Multi-user Web browser for iPad.
Make new friends with people around you.
Updates on December 4, 2010
Calculator for triathletes, cyclists, runners, and swimmers.
Updates on December 3, 2010
The ultimate handgun experience.
Updates on December 2, 2010
Helps you use supplements in the most efficient way.
Find local concerts for all your favorite artists.
Make and send dazzling postcards; e-mail or snail mail.
Read and share e-books from Barnes & Noble.
Updates on December 1, 2010
Clean and visual news reader.
Updates on November 30, 2010
iPhone companion for OS X file transfer app.
Turn by turn navigation system.
Make old-school hip-hop, rap and street music.
Direct access to
Updates on November 29, 2010
Latest news and more from the best-selling newspaper.
Find amenities in the airport.
Enter all your golf clubs and their specifications into one location.
Lean about historical figures who were born on this day in the past.
Super-fast Twitter app for the iPhone.
Test your knowledge of pop culture trivia.
Terrifying pursuit of the deadliest animals.
Side-scrolling action with unique controls for iPad and iPhone 4.
Collect the colorful shapes that appear then the music plays.
Google RSS news reader.
Updates on November 28, 2010
Send money and check your PayPal balance.
Keep up with news from all college sports.
Over 40,000 references arranged A-Z.
Search scores from over 500 sports leagues around the world.
Sync Facebook friends with iPhone contacts.
Browse the Web securly.
iPhone app tracks exercise, food intake and weight.
Tower defense game.
Collection of StiK comics.
Golf scoring app for iPhone and iPod touch.
Compare stats on the top NFL quarterbacks.
Intelligent text prediction system.
Touch sensitive piano.
Keep track of all your business and private travels.
Powerful teleprompter for iPad.
Holiday air hockey action.
Easily keep track of gifts you receive.
Free Christmas snow globe.
English explanatory dictionary.
Classic board game played online.
Updates on November 27, 2010
Shoot and clear all orange pegs (sequel is in-app purchase).
Turn by turn navigation system.
Maximize your battery life.
View a huge collection of FAIL images.
Digital photography never looked so analog.
Tetris-like puzzle game.
Free version of blackjack game.
Rich messaging client.
Improves the typing speed of an Apple Mobile user.
Challenge your friends to a real-time duel.
Updates on November 26, 2010
Realistic guide for stargazing with annotated star map.
Find and play music from 4shared.
Flick cards at matching targets.
2D platformer adventure.
Physics puzzle block destroying game.
Create relaxing music.
Music note flash cards.
Tower defense combined with classic iBomber.
Attack the monsters with your own custom doodle monster.
Take stretching routines with you.

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