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New Mac Apps: Ios - Page 5

Updates on January 13, 2012
Flying game with tilt controls.
Access Word, Excel and PowerPoint from your iPad.
Updates on January 12, 2012
Turn a property deed or legal description into a plat drawing.
Urban dictionary in your pocket.
Updates on January 11, 2012
Use your iPhone to identify songs.
Updates on January 10, 2012
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation with free map updates.
Updates on January 10, 2012
Game about building digital circuits.
Your personal writing studio for iPhone and iPad.
Updates on January 9, 2012
Control your Mac's energy saving schedule.
Updates on January 8, 2012
Chat client for
Updates on January 6, 2012
Stick picking game.
Save the planet from a group of ruthless mice.
Gain better control of your emotions.
Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil is an u
Go on a quest to collect ten powerful talismans.
Discover Tesla's greatest invention in this adventure game.
Access your computer from anywhere in the world.
All-in-one instant messaging.
Cartoon physics-based environment demolition.
Edit, create, and view Office files and much more.
Updates on January 5, 2012
Downloads and reads text files from any website.
Dropbox and Markdown-powered text editor.
Geometric puzzle game.
Hidden object puzzle adventure game.
iValentina provides a very advanced control of a V
Challenging puzzle game.
Filters out background noise.
Bilingual teaching tool.
The reinvention of collage on the iPad.
Discover your facebook friends in augmented reality.
Vinoteka Touch is the latest wine and cellar manag
Location Browser for your iPhone.
Programmable digital guitar.
Turn your iOS device into a customizable viewfinder.
Create, view, and mix artwork.
Interactive health monitor for women.
Localize your photos.
Create puzzles from customized images.
Cash out your register quickly, easily and accurately .
Currency converter for a wide array of currencies.
Turn your iOS device into a digital photo frame.
Access Flash and Java content on your iOS device.
Updates on January 4, 2012
Read the New York Times.
Save Web pages for later offline reading; free version also available.
Get answers. Access expert knowledge.
Fast-paced puzzle game.
Search, shop, and read reviews on
Leverage the power of your professional network on the go.
Fake fingerprint security.
Stream videos over the air to your mobile device.
Survival for a nuclear wasteland.
Place a photo on a calendar to share.
Find airfares and hotel prices quickly, for free.
Customizable webcam browser.
Hands-free email message reader.
Video player that supports a variety of file formats.
Solve puzzles and reveal hidden pictures.
Personal note manager for iOS devices.
Remotely share travel routes and locations.
Create slideshows on your iOS device.
Hotel & hotels powered by expedia.
175 apps bundled into 1 app.
Track football team and league standings, schedules and more.
Action game starring a blunderous power line technician.
Popular Italian card game.
Free and powerful LED flashlight.
Simple, free ovulation cycle calendar calculator.
Educational number game for preschool-age children.
Collection of Lebanese recipes.
Sync iDocument content to your iOS device.
Easily access local weather forecasts.
Colorful, challenging puzzle game.
Personal inventory management utility.
Remotely control PowerPoint presentations with your iOS device.
Track and predict menstrual cycle days.
Colorful, fast-paced memorization game.
Image browser with visual editing options.
Monitor the latest news on The Democratic Party.
Learn, write and run scripts in the Lua programming language.
3D sudoku game with an 8-position cube.

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