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New Mac Apps: Ios - Page 19

Updates on July 19, 2010
Weight-tracking robot that helps you lose weight.
Follow friends on Twitter by bumping phones.
Speech-to-text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.
Wallpaper pack for iPad.
18 useful applications all in one; free Lite version also.
Over 100 games and 200 variations.
Updates on July 19, 2010
Adventure puzzle game; free Lite version available.
Browse, search, and post ads to the popular classifieds site.
Action game where you control locomotives around the U.S.
3D golfing game for casual gamers.
Write notes and ideas.
Listen to audiobooks from your mobile device.
Read Hellboy comics; free for a limited time.
Turn your photos into 60s pop art.
23,469 classics for less than a cup of coffee.
Share and upload photos and videos.
Browse and search for camping and cookout meals.
Mobile access to Food Network shows, chefs, and recipes.
iPhone app shows nutritional info for restaurant menus.
Video game industry news and information.
Interstellar arcade game featuring gravity fields and more.
Access videos and more Cracked.com content on the iPad.
Accessory app for Booxter for Mac collections.
Live stream and purchase the current on-air item.
Share what and where you\'re currently drinking.
Updates on July 16, 2010
Fun to-do list with push notifications.
Take better photos in low light.
Access your Firefox history, bookmarks, and open tabs.
Fast-paced tower defense game.
Updates on July 14, 2010
Augmented reality; post notes to the real world.
See and post digital notes to the real world.
Social music service on the web.
Stream your favorite tunes on the go.
Find the location of your car.
Draw and photograph your own iPhone game.
Updates on July 13, 2010
Classic side-scrolling adventure game.
Turn by turn navigation system.
Calculator with simple and intuitive user interface.
Video-based instructions for making sushi.
More than 100 English definitions for sushi kinds.
Defend a city from hoards of raging zombies.
Go to the places where science made history.
Updates on July 12, 2010
Premium solitaire game with 35 different games.
3D side-scrolling adventure game.
Defy the Laws of Gravity, but don't hit the obstacles.
Stretch and distort faces and photos in your iPhone.
Massively multiplayer online RPG with retro style.
Updates on July 11, 2010
Open, edit, and save text files from your Dropbox account.
Construction project management on your iPhone.
Uses the microphone to create or influence the music you hear.
Tower defense arcade game.
Plays sounds and music to help sooth and relax.
Go head-to-head in multiplayer play against other snipers.
Updates on July 10, 2010
The first full-featured sound synthesizer for iPhone.
Turn by turn navigation system.
Rack as many balls on target as possible.
Drug and medication guide for medical professionals.
Send SMS text messages to groups.
Non-stop action in a 3D virtual battlefield.
Non-stop action in a 3D virtual battlefield.
Fully zoom-able weather radar.
Displays your iPhone/iPod touch battery usage in a graph.
Tile rummy game.
Completely interactive fishing experience.
Read e-books from the bookstore.
iPhone app displays local movie theatre showings.
Learn music techniques by slowing the song down.
Six characters, ten pins, two scenes and beautiful 3D graphics.
Bowling alley in the palm of your hand.
Swing your iPhone to bowl.
Track your baby's growth.
Notifications sent from your Mac to iPhone or iPod Touch.
Helps you track and follow your favorite shows.
Rhythm fighting game with colorful 2D artwork.
The original physics-based arcade game with multitouch controls.
Adventure game with over 60 puzzles to solve.
Zombie killing arcade game.
Allows you to video chat with other random iPhone 4 users.
Free version of the arcade baseball game.
Quickly access eBay from the iPad.

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