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New Mac Apps: Reference - Page 2

Updates on September 4, 2007
Examine and test regular expressions.
Updates on June 30, 2007
Run queries against ODBC data sources.
Updates on May 16, 2007
Browser to lookup any PHP function.
Updates on April 12, 2007
A helpful utility belt for REALbasic users.
Updates on March 29, 2007
Validate one or more strings against a regular expression.
Updates on January 23, 2007
Simple way to get started with Ruby.
Updates on December 28, 2006
Estimate PCB power plane decoupling.
Updates on October 20, 2006
Create application prototypes without programming.
Provides info about visitor behavior on your Web site(s).
Updates on September 17, 2006
Lists available QuickTime audio codecs.
Updates on September 5, 2006
Specialized in bitwise operations used for programming.
Updates on August 29, 2006
Immediately get a list of all your code files.
Updates on August 8, 2006
Converts values among hex, decimal and binary.
Updates on June 5, 2006
Quotations on your desktop.
Updates on April 5, 2006
Search through FutureBASIC source code files.
Updates on February 22, 2006
View/search Obj-C runtime hierarchy.
Updates on January 27, 2006
Automatically invoke a bug-reporting system.
Updates on December 15, 2005
Help app for Adobe Creative Suite 2 designated products.
Updates on August 10, 2005
Open source version control system.
Updates on April 11, 2005
Testing framework for Objective C.
Updates on November 24, 2004
Browse & search Apple`s Cocoa frameworks documentation.
Updates on August 2, 2004
Graphical front-end for the command line OTool.
Updates on July 21, 2004
Java teaching ebook.
Updates on June 4, 2004
Testing framework for OS X and Objective-C.
Updates on May 29, 2004
Text trans-ciphering tool.
Updates on March 27, 2003
Programmer research reference tool.
Updates on February 4, 2003
Search and view Mac OS X source code.
Updates on December 21, 2002
GUI shell for Class-Dump command line app.
Updates on October 4, 2002
Simple search application for developers.
Updates on August 3, 2002
A movie based tutorial of Mac OS X.
Updates on April 29, 2002
Keep a developer dictionary of your steps.
Updates on May 14, 2001
Driver solution for FutureBasic.
Updates on February 20, 2001
test app
Updates on October 28, 2000
Guide to installing memory in all Mac computers.
Updates on April 22, 2000
Solution for developers to track bugs in their programs.
Updates on August 8, 1999
Client/server style bug tracking environment.
Updates on June 15, 1998
A guide to authoring commercial software solutions in FileMaker Pro.

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