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Updates on July 30, 2009

GeekCalc 1.0.7

Caclulator for software developers.

Download GeekCalc.Download

Binary Calculator 3.1

Manipulate 32-bit numbers in a variety of formats.

Download Binary Calculator.Download

Updates on July 2, 2009

Base Converter 1.6

Convert between several types of numbering systems.

Download Base Converter.Download

Updates on June 9, 2009

CHMOD/CHOWN Cheat Widget 1.0

All the CHMOD and CHOWN command, parameters and some examples.

Download CHMOD/CHOWN Cheat Widget.Download

Updates on April 26, 2009

App Tracker x10 1.0

Track the current rank of any applications on the app store.

Download App Tracker x10.More Info

Updates on April 3, 2009

The World Factbook '09 1.0

Source of information on all the nations of the worl.

Download The World Factbook '09.More Info


Updates on March 23, 2009

Fast Fonts 1.0

Displays all fonts available to the iOS; for developers mostly.

Download Fast Fonts.Download

Updates on January 25, 2009

Mowgli 1.4.104

GUI Subversion client.

Download Mowgli.Download

Updates on January 5, 2009

DLCounter 1.1

Menubar item for developers to track their software downloads.

Download DLCounter.Download

Updates on December 31, 2008

Apple CHUD Tools 4.6.1

Developer tools to fine-tune software.

Download Apple CHUD Tools.Download

Updates on November 18, 2008

AudioUnitAnalyzer 0.1

Development tool investigates AudioStreamBasicDescription properties.

Download AudioUnitAnalyzer.More Info

Updates on November 12, 2008

ClassDumper 2.0

View internal workings that a Cocoa app uses.

Download ClassDumper.Download

Updates on November 9, 2008

awk Cheat Widget 0.9

All of the main commands in awk.

Download awk Cheat Widget.Download

Updates on November 2, 2008

Man Handler 2.01u

GUI to man pages (help utility).

Download Man Handler.Download

Updates on October 15, 2008

servebox 1.0

Controls Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Subversion all from one window.

Download servebox.Download

Updates on September 6, 2008

RuntimeBrowser 0.91

Class browser for the Objective-C runtime on Mac OS X.

Download RuntimeBrowser.Download

Updates on September 1, 2008

iPGStats 1.0

Browse PostgreSQL backends.

Download iPGStats.Download

Updates on July 8, 2008

Project Track 1.7.6

Database for software developers.

Download Project Track.Download

Updates on July 5, 2008

RailsMan 0.1

Manage Ruby on Rails applications from a single window.

Download RailsMan.Download

Updates on May 21, 2008

CocoaNav 1.01

Visual way to explore Cocoa.

Install CocoaNav with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on May 15, 2008

Project Analyzer 1.0

Helps software developers and IT managers with PeopleSoft Projects.

Download Project Analyzer.Download

Updates on May 8, 2008

ScreenShotter 1.3.2

Developer tool for screenshot backgrounds.

Download ScreenShotter.More Info

Updates on January 21, 2008

Oilcan 2.1

PostgreSQL query tool.

Download Oilcan.Download

Updates on January 12, 2008

HyperNext Studio 3.83

Create, develop, distribute your software, Player version available.

Download HyperNext Studio.Download

Updates on December 14, 2007

bEHarmonia 1.0

Bug and enhancement tracking software for home users.

Download bEHarmonia.More Info

Updates on September 4, 2007

RegExhibit 1.2

Examine and test regular expressions.

Download RegExhibit.Download

Updates on June 30, 2007

iQueryODBC 1.7.0b78

Run queries against ODBC data sources.

Download iQueryODBC.Download

Updates on May 16, 2007

PHP Function Index 2.1.2

Browser to lookup any PHP function.

Download PHP Function Index.Download

Updates on April 12, 2007

RB Utilities 2.5

A helpful utility belt for REALbasic users.

Download RB Utilities.Download

Updates on April 2, 2007

XASH 1.4

View Flash help files without the mandatory IDE.

Download XASH.Download

Updates on March 29, 2007

RegexTester 1.0

Validate one or more strings against a regular expression.

Download RegexTester.More Info

Updates on January 23, 2007

AWMOORuby 2.1

Simple way to get started with Ruby.

Download AWMOORuby.More Info

Updates on December 28, 2006

Inter-Plane Capacitance 11

Estimate PCB power plane decoupling.

Download Inter-Plane Capacitance.More Info

Updates on October 20, 2006

EasyPrototype 1.5

Create application prototypes without programming.

Download EasyPrototype.More Info

pageLogger 1.5.3

Provides info about visitor behavior on your Web site(s).

Download pageLogger.More Info

Updates on September 17, 2006

QT Codecs 1.0

Lists available QuickTime audio codecs.

Download QT Codecs.Download

Updates on September 5, 2006

BitCalc 1.1

Specialized in bitwise operations used for programming.

Download BitCalc.More Info

Updates on August 29, 2006

Xcode Assistant 1.0

Immediately get a list of all your code files.

Download Xcode Assistant.More Info

Updates on August 8, 2006

HexDecBin 1.0

Converts values among hex, decimal and binary.

Install HexDecBin with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 5, 2006

The Lonesome Electric Chicken 3.2

Quotations on your desktop.

Download The Lonesome Electric Chicken.More Info

Updates on April 5, 2006

QuiXample 1.7.2

Search through FutureBASIC source code files.

Download QuiXample.More Info

Updates on February 22, 2006

Cocoa Symbol Explorer 1.5

View/search Obj-C runtime hierarchy.

Download Cocoa Symbol Explorer.Download

Updates on January 27, 2006

BugReporter SDK 1.0.3

Automatically invoke a bug-reporting system.

Download BugReporter SDK.Download

Updates on December 19, 2005

Peastat 0.2

Web stats analyzer.

Download Peastat.Download

Updates on December 15, 2005

Adobe Help Center 2.1

Help app for Adobe Creative Suite 2 designated products.

Install Adobe Help Center with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on December 8, 2005

GalaXQL 1.0

Unique interactive SQL tutorial.

Download GalaXQL.Download

Updates on August 10, 2005

MacCVSClient 1.10

Open source version control system.

Download MacCVSClient.Download

Updates on June 6, 2005

Notes 0.1

App to take and search notes.

Install Notes with MacUpdate Desktop.Install

Updates on June 5, 2005

eSvn 0.6.8

GUI front end to subversion (SVN).

Download eSvn.Download

Updates on May 24, 2005

Demystifier 1.0b2

Development tool displays DOM for Safari and IE.

Download Demystifier.Download

Updates on April 11, 2005

OCUnit v41

Testing framework for Objective C.

Download OCUnit.Download

Updates on April 6, 2005

Script Dictionary to HTML 1.0

Translate and browse specified application "Dictionary".

Download Script Dictionary to HTML.Download

Updates on November 24, 2004

Docoa Browser 1.0

Browse & search Apple`s Cocoa frameworks documentation.

Download Docoa Browser.Download

Updates on August 2, 2004

Timmy OTool 0.9.2

Graphical front-end for the command line OTool.

Download Timmy OTool.More Info

Updates on July 21, 2004

Learn Java And Have Fun 1.0

Java teaching ebook.

Download Learn Java And Have Fun.Download

Updates on June 17, 2004

Function Prototyper 1.4.0

Generate function prototypes for BBEdit documents.

Download Function Prototyper.Download

Updates on June 4, 2004

TestKit 0.9.4

Testing framework for OS X and Objective-C.

Download TestKit.Download

Updates on June 3, 2004

FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference 2.0

Copy and paste example code directly.

Download FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference.Download

Updates on May 29, 2004

TranCiph 1.0.1

Text trans-ciphering tool.

Download TranCiph.More Info

Updates on March 18, 2004

LexPad 1.04

Manages PAD info for developers.

Download LexPad.Download

Updates on December 22, 2003

wwDVD 1.1.1

Use Apple`s WWDC DVD set more easily.

Download wwDVD.Download

Updates on July 21, 2003

iCanary 1.1

Find AppleScript solutions for use with Filemaker.

Download iCanary.Download

Updates on March 27, 2003

MagicHat 1.1

Programmer research reference tool.

Download MagicHat.More Info

Updates on February 4, 2003

TFM 1.1.2

Search and view Mac OS X source code.

Download TFM.Download

Updates on December 21, 2002

Class-Dump GUI 1.0b

GUI shell for Class-Dump command line app.

Download Class-Dump GUI.Download

Updates on October 19, 2002

testNewEmailApp 1.1

Dummy product test wl update.

Download testNewEmailApp.Download

Updates on October 4, 2002

AccessWEB 0.5.1

Simple search application for developers.

Download AccessWEB.More Info

Updates on September 30, 2002

Toolbox Info 0.4

FutureBASIC plug-in views toolbox info.

Download Toolbox Info.Download

Updates on September 22, 2002

REALPlugJuggler X 1.1

View author info for REALbasic plug-is quickly.

Download REALPlugJuggler X.Download

Updates on August 3, 2002

Learning Mac OS X

A movie based tutorial of Mac OS X.

Download Learning Mac OS X.Download

Updates on April 29, 2002

Dictionary 1.0

Keep a developer dictionary of your steps.

Download Dictionary.Download

Updates on August 29, 2001

ASCII Tools 1.0

Show ASCII value of a character.

Download ASCII Tools.Download

Updates on May 14, 2001

DataShell 1.6.1

Driver solution for FutureBasic.

Download DataShell.Download

Updates on February 20, 2001

Download quixotic.Download

Updates on October 28, 2000

Apple Memory Guide November, 2000

Guide to installing memory in all Mac computers.

Download Apple Memory Guide November, 2000.Download

Updates on April 22, 2000

ie Bug Tracker 1.1

Solution for developers to track bugs in their programs.

Download ie Bug Tracker.Download

Updates on August 19, 1999

Duplicates Type/Creator DB 3.3

Database describes TYPE and CREATOR codes on Mac files.

Download Duplicates Type/Creator DB.Download

PC-Extension codes DB 1.1

Describes the PC file and the related file extension code.

Download PC-Extension codes DB.Download

Updates on August 15, 1999

ASCII-lister 1.2

Takes ASCII code of each pressed key and adds it to a list.

Download ASCII-lister.Download

Updates on August 8, 1999

BugLink 1.1.2

Client/server style bug tracking environment.

Download BugLink.Download

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