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New Mac Apps: Internet - Page 23

Updates on September 8, 2010
Simplifies the deployment of Opina.
Updates on September 6, 2010
User driven application that provides locations of ramps.
Updates on September 5, 2010
Create a weather button for your Safari toolbar.
Updates on September 3, 2010
Alternative HTML5 Video Player for Safari.
Updates on September 1, 2010
Hot key command for quick Google access.
Menubar item displays status of a website of your choice.
Updates on August 29, 2010
Extensible pure Java alternative to Adobe Flash Media Server.
Updates on August 26, 2010
Build extensions for Apple Safari.
Award-winning photo blog from Boston.com.
Updates on August 24, 2010
Lightweight Twitter client for iPhone and iPad.
Safari extension for displaying links in a floating bubble.
Beautiful, virtual newspaper for your iPad.
Find the best apps for you.
Updates on August 21, 2010
Access your FirstClass account on the road.
Pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution.
Updates on August 20, 2010
Create a party at your favorite place, or join one nearby.
Updates on August 19, 2010
Host, service and network monitoring system.
Discovery engine that finds the best of the web, personalized for you.
Updates on August 17, 2010
Texas Hold-em poker game widget.
Connect to all your social networks and IM services.
Utility to send delayed and repeated messages.
Updates on August 16, 2010
Great prices on books, textbooks, games and more.
Updates on August 13, 2010
Share pictures on Twitter.
Updates on August 12, 2010
Read and explore Wikipedia in magazine-style on the iPad.
Updates on August 9, 2010
Read the Huffington Post on the go.
Supports AIM/iChat, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceI
Updates on August 8, 2010
Create your WeeMee avatar on the go.
Tons of facts to settle arguments and win bar bets.
Send SMS quickly and easily over various gateways.
Updates on August 6, 2010
Live, local weather conditions from over 45,000 locations.
Updates on August 5, 2010
Gmail notifier supports multiple accounts.
Updates on August 4, 2010
Twitter client designed for the iPad.
Turn your iPod touch into a mobile phone.
Low-cost calls in the U.S. and internationally.
Call your Facebook friends for free.
Updates on August 3, 2010
Browse fashion, beauty, relationship and health posts.
Photo sharing app for Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.
Prefpane for iChat and Adium status items and more.
Updates on August 2, 2010
GPS-enabled information as you drive or walk through neighborhoods.
Updates on August 1, 2010
Shows your friends tweets as Growl notifications.
Simple Twitter client.
Updates on July 31, 2010
Manage bookmarks from your menubar.
Rapidly find information using numerous Google services.
Updates on July 29, 2010
Control your Mac remotely via email.
Insightful tips from a literary agent for anyone in publishing.
Chat and share your music, photos, files with anyone.
Browse, shop, and check out Urban Outfitters.
Updates on July 28, 2010
Share what you are doing with friends.
Discover and share great websites on your iPad.
Search Usenet news groups for binary files.
Updates on July 25, 2010
Safari extension Twitter client.
Search the Web from a simple field.
Search for torrent files.
Updates on July 24, 2010
Connect to the social network for gay men.
Web browser with extra features.
Updates on July 23, 2010
Get a free iPhone 4 case from Apple for reception issues.
Latest tech news.
Updates on July 22, 2010
Local news for Kitsap County, WA.
Tweet-plugin for iPhoto.
Predict football game outcomes for all major European leagues.
Search and browse for clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Updates on July 21, 2010
Official app for the 2010 computer graphics conference.
Type while you are walking.
Text, tweet and update status while you view live camera.
Powerful Twitter client for iPad.
The Twitter client for serious tweeters.
Updates on July 20, 2010
Read and discover Wikipedia articles.
Updates on July 19, 2010
Follow friends on Twitter by bumping phones.
Browse, search, and post ads to the popular classifieds site.
Mobile access to Food Network shows, chefs, and recipes.
Access videos and more Cracked.com content on the iPad.
Live stream and purchase the current on-air item.
Updates on July 17, 2010
Control pandora.com with global hotkeys or Apple remote.
Updates on July 16, 2010
MSN Messenger client (was dMSN).
Updates on July 15, 2010
Run Web-based apps locally without a browser.
Widget displays AdSense earnings, click count, eCPM values and more.
Exchange data between FileMaker and Entourage.
Updates on July 14, 2010
Augmented reality; post notes to the real world.
See and post digital notes to the real world.
Updates on July 11, 2010
Open, edit, and save text files from your Dropbox account.

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