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New Mac Apps: Internet - Page 11

Updates on December 8, 2015
Mac version of popular iOS email app (beta).
Updates on December 4, 2015
Holiday-themed stationery pack for Apple Mail.
Updates on December 1, 2015
Provides rapid access to 24,428 records in the Unicode 6.1 database.
Updates on November 30, 2015
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
Updates on November 21, 2015
Archive Outlook 2011 emails.
Updates on November 13, 2015
Desktop client for Gmail.
Updates on November 6, 2015
Large collection of mail templates for Apple Mail.
Updates on November 3, 2015
Track any text information on the internet websites.
Updates on November 2, 2015
Create, edit, and upload XML sitemaps and notify search engines.
Updates on October 26, 2015
Keep track of your domain names.
Updates on October 20, 2015
Chat with visitors on your website.
Updates on October 14, 2015
Phonetic transliteration of text (was Output Transliteration).
Updates on October 11, 2015
Extract winmail.dat embedded files.
Updates on October 10, 2015
Fun way to build responsive websites.
Updates on October 7, 2015
Remove unwanted characters from forwarded emails.
Updates on October 5, 2015
Manage your Inbox from the menu bar.
Native Mac wrapper for WhatsApp Web client.
Updates on October 4, 2015
Menu item kills Flash plug-in in popular browsers.
Updates on September 30, 2015
Store and manage your bookmarks in smart boxes.
Updates on September 25, 2015
Web browser.
Updates on September 23, 2015
A visual bookmark manager.
Updates on September 20, 2015
Highly scalable Web-delivery platform.
Updates on September 17, 2015
Safari ad blocker.
Updates on September 9, 2015
Easier and faster use of the Web.
Updates on September 5, 2015
Simple RSS reader.
Fraud prevention for web browsing.
Updates on August 21, 2015
Business messaging reinvented.
Updates on August 20, 2015
Extract addresses from Entourage emails.
Conserve space in your Exchange mailbox.
Updates on August 18, 2015
Sync files securely without the cloud.
Updates on August 17, 2015
Ad blocker that allows some ads for charity.
Updates on August 12, 2015
Sell any digital file from any server.
Updates on August 4, 2015
Improve the odds of making the winning bid on eBay.
Updates on August 3, 2015
Plugin for FileMaker, automatically change printer drivers.
Updates on July 28, 2015
Security tool for P2P clients (Beta).
Updates on July 27, 2015
Download manager/accelerator.
Updates on July 25, 2015
Syncs unread Tweets with your iPhone.
Updates on July 24, 2015
Distraction-free work environment with saved-draft tweeting.
Updates on July 19, 2015
Sync any folder with multiple cloud storage solutions.
Updates on July 10, 2015
Messaging client that supports Hangouts/Gtalk and XMPP.
Updates on July 9, 2015
Verify files downloaded from internet.
Updates on July 8, 2015
Identify user geographical info from IP.
Backup your files and access them via cell phone and more.
Updates on July 2, 2015
LAN instant messaging.
Updates on June 30, 2015
File downloader with simultaneous downloads.
Updates on June 29, 2015
Encrypt and compress your internet traffic.
Updates on June 19, 2015
Web, database, and application server.
Updates on June 10, 2015
Helps retire expired Safari bookmarks.
Updates on June 5, 2015
Facebook Messenger as a desktop application (beta).
Updates on June 2, 2015
Mount SSH/SFTP or FTP accounts as if they were local files.
Updates on May 27, 2015
Keyword searching from Safari's address bar.
Updates on May 26, 2015
Save, restore, archive, and share browsing sessions.
Updates on May 25, 2015
Test over 40 areas of any website.
Updates on May 23, 2015
Archive public twitter timelines.
Updates on May 21, 2015
Unofficial client for the Beanstalk GIT web app.
Updates on May 15, 2015
Monitor new entries in the IMDb Top 250.
Updates on May 13, 2015
Menubar notifier for Reddit users (was Reddit Notifier).
Updates on May 8, 2015
The next evolution of browsers.
Updates on May 6, 2015
Send short, concise emails.
Updates on April 17, 2015
Simple, streamlined FTP client.
Updates on April 9, 2015
Send multiple emails individually (beta).
Updates on March 29, 2015
Transfer files over Rendezvous network.
Updates on March 26, 2015
Offline WordPress editor (beta).
Updates on March 25, 2015
Collection of 100 templates for Apple Mail.
Updates on March 22, 2015
Allows you to download HTML5 media.
Updates on March 14, 2015
Download manager/accelerator.
Updates on March 11, 2015
Full-featured file server.
Download photos and photosets from a Flickr account.
Updates on March 4, 2015
Sync your Safari bookmarks across computers and to your iPhone.
Updates on February 26, 2015
ANSI-BBS terminal.
Updates on February 24, 2015
Encrypt important notes, messages, and more.
View GitHub issues in Notification Center.
Updates on February 21, 2015
NZB client downloads news groups.
Updates on February 18, 2015
Share local files via Dropbox.
Updates on February 12, 2015
Easy-to -use FTP client.
Updates on February 10, 2015
del.icio.us client application.
Updates on February 9, 2015
Web-based email-address verification tool.
Exports Apple Mail rules to CSV files.
Updates on February 5, 2015
Multi-platform CVS client.
Updates on February 4, 2015
Control an X-10 Model CP290 from your iOS device.

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