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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps: Internet : Internet Utilities

Updates on August 24, 2017

DEVONagent Express logo
Web search from the menu bar.
DEVONagent Pro logo
Maximize Web-search efficiency.
NetShred X logo
Erase your browser cache, cookies, history, and more.

Updates on August 21, 2017

VPN Tracker World Connect logo
Secure VPN connection utility.

Updates on August 20, 2017

Internet Status logo
Internet/network connection status in the menu bar.
TransData logo
Network data-transfer rate.

Updates on August 16, 2017

Rocket VPN logo
Fast and smart VPN.

Updates on August 11, 2017

BookmarkApp logo
Sort and delete duplicate bookmarks.
Bookmark logo
Organize bookmarks in Safari.

Updates on August 8, 2017

IDIS Center logo
Access remote sites and monitor live video.

Updates on August 7, 2017

WiseVPN logo
VPN proxy.

Updates on August 3, 2017

Sync logo
Sync app for secure cloud storage; 5GB free to start.
Net Radar logo
Monitor the status of your VPN connection.

Updates on August 1, 2017

Flareget logo
Download manager and accelerator.
NetworkEyes logo
Network-monitoring tool.
Netfits logo
Fast network boost service.
AdBlocker Privacy Pro logo
High-performance AdBlocker proxy (was AdBlocker XustoPrivacy).

Updates on July 31, 2017

N2ping logo
Optimize your network connection to China.

Updates on July 27, 2017

LogMeIn Hamachi logo
Create secure virtual networks.

Updates on July 26, 2017

SiteTours logo
Cycle through a list of Web cams.

Updates on July 19, 2017

vmAIS logo
Configuration tool for your Vesper Marine AIS transponder.

Updates on July 13, 2017

Folx GO logo
Download manager.

Updates on July 8, 2017

CloudApp (Pro) logo
Video screen recorder, GIF maker, screenshot creator.

Updates on July 7, 2017

Free Download Manager logo
Multi-function download manager.

Updates on July 6, 2017

NetstatPlus logo
View the status of TCP network connections.

Updates on July 5, 2017

Escape logo
Track every time you open your email or social network.

Updates on June 30, 2017

Parallels Access logo
Remote access to your system from any desktop or mobile device.
Voyager VPN logo
Simple, fast, and stable VPN.

Updates on June 19, 2017

iiUsage logo
Usage meter for iiNet.

Updates on June 17, 2017

PingStatus logo
Monitor your internet connection.

Updates on June 16, 2017

MacUpdate Desktop logo
Search and install Mac apps w/ 1-click and keep them updated.

Updates on June 14, 2017

Green logo
Next generation VPN.

Updates on June 13, 2017

Traffic logo
Monitor the inbound/outbound data from your Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection.

Updates on June 12, 2017

Global VPN logo
Secures and speeds up your Internet connection.

Updates on June 10, 2017

iNETMeter logo
Internet stats in your menu bar.

Updates on June 8, 2017

ShadowTunnel logo
Network proxy client designed for web developers.

Updates on June 4, 2017

TinyURL logo
Generates TinyURLs.

Updates on June 2, 2017

AuctionSieve logo
Filter through eBay auction listings.

Updates on May 20, 2017

Microsoft AutoUpdate logo
Provides latest MS Office updates to customers.

Updates on May 10, 2017

WiFi Speed Test logo
Quickly test your WiFi and internet speed.

Updates on May 8, 2017

iDownloader logo
Fast and Elegant File Downloader.

Updates on May 3, 2017

AGEphone logo
Feature-rich VoIP functionality.

Updates on May 1, 2017

Website monitor logo
Monitor websites for interesting new content.

Updates on April 26, 2017

QuickWho logo
Graphical interface to the Unix whois tool.

Updates on April 24, 2017

TrafficCamNZ logo
View traffic camera footage.

Updates on April 21, 2017

Blade VPN logo
VPN with high speed and ultra security.

Updates on April 16, 2017

Seasonality Core logo
Complete weather forecast application.
GTDownloader logo
File downloader with simultaneous downloads.
VPN Monitor logo
Monitor and immediately reconnect a lost or 'dropped' VPN connection.

Updates on April 11, 2017

VPN Banana logo
Global high-speed acceleration services.

Updates on April 8, 2017

Blogo logo
Write, publish, and manage multiple WordPress and Blogger blogs.

Updates on March 31, 2017

Folx Pro logo
Download manager.
Poster logo
Post photos and video to the Web.

Updates on March 30, 2017

Later logo
Read later extension.

Updates on March 29, 2017

Folx GO+ logo
Manage and organize downloads.

Updates on March 27, 2017

RankGuru SEO logo
Search engine ranking evaluation tool.

Updates on March 25, 2017

Speedtest logo
Quick, easy, one-click connection testing.

Updates on March 20, 2017

OpenSSH logo
SSH protocol connectivity tools.

Updates on March 18, 2017

WiFiPerf logo
Network performance testing app.

Updates on March 17, 2017

Mobile Web Page Templates logo
Beautifully designed responsive web page templates.

Updates on March 10, 2017

Cache Detective logo
Read and extract the cache files of browsers and chat applications.

Updates on March 7, 2017

Thumbtack logo
Easy access to your Pinboard bookmarks.

Updates on March 6, 2017

CloudApp (Business) logo
Video screen recorder, GIF maker, screenshot creator.

Updates on March 5, 2017

PhotoDesk logo
Instagram client for photo sharing.

Updates on February 27, 2017

Otomatic logo
Get the content that you care about.

Updates on February 23, 2017

BlueVoice X logo
Send messages and images to nearby devices via Wi-Fi.

Updates on February 15, 2017

Maxel logo
Native download manager and accelerator.

Updates on February 13, 2017

DNSCrypt logo
A protocol to improve DNS security.

Updates on January 26, 2017

SEO PowerSuite logo
Toolkit to make SEO baby-simple and yield top results.

Updates on January 24, 2017

iScan logo
Listen to police and fire scanners from around the U.S.

Updates on January 21, 2017

Web Dumper logo
Download entire websites for offline browsing.
PiPifier logo
View HTML5 video in PiP mode.

Updates on January 3, 2017

Direct URL logo
Load specific URLs for which you would not like to use a browser.

Updates on December 30, 2016

RWmultitool logo
Edit your RapidWeaver images, Lite version available.

Updates on December 28, 2016

JonDo logo
Protect your privacy on the Internet (was Java Anonymous Proxy).

Updates on December 7, 2016

Dyn Updater logo
Provides support for updating hosts and more.

Updates on December 6, 2016

Native-ShareLaTeX logo
Native application wrapping an online collaborative LaTeX editor.
Pins logo
Simple and elegant bookmark manager.
Syntra Small logo
Ultra-lightweight code editor.

Updates on November 30, 2016

Blue Crab logo
Browse complete websites offline.

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