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MacUpdate Desktop 6

New Mac Apps: Internet : Ftp

Updates on April 14, 2008

NetFinder logo
FTP client with Finder-like GUI.

Updates on March 8, 2008

osXigen logo
Queue-based FTP client.

Updates on February 25, 2008

OneButton FTP logo
FTP client.

Updates on February 16, 2008

EcxFTP logo
FTP client.

Updates on February 6, 2008

FTP iCal Calendars logo
Companion app for PHP iCalendar.

Updates on February 2, 2008

iSwipe logo
OpenNapster, Hotline, Gnutella, Carracho file searcher.

Updates on November 17, 2007

FTPFS Mac logo
Mounts FTP Servers as a file system.

Updates on November 3, 2007

LiveCargo logo
Send, store, share any size file (widget available).

Updates on October 29, 2007

Tomato Torrent logo
Dynamic BitTorrent client.

Updates on April 24, 2007

UFxp logo
FTP/FXP file transfer client; requires X11.

Updates on April 18, 2007

Web Echo logo
Publish your iWeb site to your webserver.

Updates on March 23, 2007

XCaramba logo
Cross platform file transfer app.

Updates on February 20, 2007

Fire Widget logo
FTP uploader widget.

Updates on October 11, 2006

SolarSeek logo
SoulSeek P2P client.

Updates on September 19, 2006

Twixt Puzzles logo
Challenging puzzle game widget.
eBay Widget logo
eBay search widget.
ZipBoard logo
Widget shows your shipped movie titles from your ZipList.
Quick App Transfer logo
Quick and easy file transfers by URL.

Updates on June 24, 2006

mlnet core logo
P2P client (was mldonkey).

Updates on June 8, 2006

Mobile Pod Docklets logo
Widgets to navigate the SMS.ac website.
iTorrentFlux Uploader logo
Drag & drop uploading of torrents to TorrentFlux.
SoulseeX logo
SoulSeek client.

Updates on June 7, 2006

MUTE logo
New P2P network client.

Updates on May 19, 2006

FTP Client Uploader Creator logo
Upload files and folders to FTP servers.

Updates on March 22, 2006

Directory Uploader logo
Upload a complete directory to an FTP server.

Updates on February 22, 2006

Torrent Station logo
Bittorrent client.

Updates on February 13, 2006

FTP Thingy logo
Basic FTP client.

Updates on October 24, 2005

Graphite Widget logo
Track and graph changes to a number on a website.
Nicotine logo
Soulseek filesharing client.

Updates on July 1, 2005

Weather Radio logo
Listen to Nation Weather Service radio.
Carracho Client X logo
Connect to Carracho servers to transfer files.

Updates on June 17, 2005

Drag N Ftp logo
Easily upload files to a server.

Updates on May 13, 2005

XCopy logo
Use SSH to transfer files between Mac/Unix.

Updates on May 2, 2005

Fugu logo
Cocoa GUI wrapper for OpenSSH SFTP.

Updates on April 3, 2005

Dijjer logo
P2P HTTP cache, similar to BitTorrent.

Updates on March 30, 2005

UpdateManager logo
Framework providing Check For Updates features.

Updates on February 28, 2005

DownloadDemon logo
Upload and download files via drag & drop.

Updates on February 7, 2005

DonkeyController logo
mlDonkey controller.

Updates on January 3, 2005

UnlimitedFTP logo
Java FTP client, browser-based.

Updates on November 22, 2004

GSFTP logo
SFTP/FTP client (was Gideon).

Updates on October 31, 2004

mlMac logo
GUI for mldonkey (Kazaa), and more.

Updates on October 19, 2004

Mutella logo
Gnutella client.

Updates on October 5, 2004

ftp-config logo
GUI for FTP server.

Updates on August 3, 2004

2get logo
Opennap peer-to-peer client.
2get Lite logo
Opennap peer-to-peer client.

Updates on August 2, 2004

Carracho Client logo
Connect to Carracho servers to transfer files.

Updates on July 20, 2004

BulletProof FTP logo
Fast FTP client.

Updates on June 18, 2004

XNap logo
Java OpenNap, Gnutella & OpenFTP client.

Updates on June 15, 2004

FTPeel logo
FTP client w/mirroring & AppleScriptability.

Updates on April 30, 2004

FTPDroplet logo
Drag & drop FTP client.

Updates on April 29, 2004

BBOpenX logo
Open remote files from BBEdit session window.

Updates on April 18, 2004

Myster logo
Access the Myster filesharing network.
Myster X logo
Access the Myster filesharing network.

Updates on March 18, 2004

DropSite Courier logo
FTP automation tool for file transfers.

Updates on March 15, 2004

Carralyzer logo
Carracho and KDX server log analyzer.

Updates on March 7, 2004

Relay Job Dispatcher logo
Integrates with Relay for more functionality.
Relay logo
Digitial delivery system.

Updates on December 28, 2003

Soulseek Client logo
Access the Soulseek network.

Updates on December 10, 2003

NetFinder logo
FTP browser.

Updates on December 3, 2003

Hotline Client X logo
Chat, transfer files, and read news on Hotline servers.

Updates on December 1, 2003

Monica X logo
FTP/HTTP/Hotline download manager.
Hefty FTP logo
Unique queue ftp Internet client.

Updates on October 15, 2003

CuteFTP logo
FTP client with resumable downloads.

Updates on October 7, 2003

eetee logo
BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Opennap, JXTAgroups client.

Updates on September 30, 2003

Vanilla FTP logo
Simple FTP client.

Updates on August 9, 2003

FTP Applet logo
Java ftp client runs in Web browser.

Updates on July 28, 2003

Veta FTP logo
FTP client for OS X and Nokia 3650 phone.

Updates on July 5, 2003

Network Auralization for Gnutella logo
Collage random downloaded MP3s from Gnutella.

Updates on April 7, 2003

MacSFTP logo
Secure FTP file transfer client.

Updates on January 27, 2003

Jim logo
Peer-to-peer filesharing client.

Updates on January 6, 2003

Hotpants logo
Hotline client.

Updates on December 28, 2002

Frogblast logo
Quality Hotline client made w/Cocoa.

Updates on November 8, 2002

Transmit logo
Excellent FTP client software.
Relay Updater logo
Update 1.0.x to 1.0.2.

Updates on October 25, 2002

Pitbull Pro logo
Enhanced Hotline client.

Updates on October 23, 2002

Pitbull Pro X logo
Enhanced Hotline client.

Updates on October 18, 2002

Neo logo
Cocoa shadow client for the Kazaa network.

Updates on October 2, 2002

Platypus Downloader logo
Simple file downloader w/resumable downloads.

Updates on September 23, 2002

Monica logo
FTP, HTTP, & Hotline download manager.

Updates on July 22, 2002

HotCocoa X logo
Cocoa Hotline client.

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