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New Mac Apps: Internet

Updates on June 16, 2018

Anonymous, secure VPN proxy.
Open-Source Web-browser engine.

Updates on June 15, 2018

Powerful, minimal email client.
Quick and convenient blog editor.
Choose which browser to launch for individual links.
Official Firefox release channel for experimental (beta) builds (was Aurora).

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Updates on June 15, 2018

Opera browser with latest features and refinements (was Opera Next) (beta).
SEO software for researching keywords and tracking rankings.
Retrieve information about top-performing Internet rivals.
Link-building campaigns for multiple webpages and websites.
Social-media marketing management tool.

Updates on June 14, 2018

Subscription-based private Internet browsing.
Portable version of Chromium (FreeSMUG build).
Manage and organize downloads.
Send messages and images to nearby devices via Wi-Fi.
Chat, discharges, consults, and secure live video.

Updates on June 13, 2018

Fast and stable open-source browser.
Modern and fast Web browser.
Fast Web browser with a variety of features.
Download manager.
Download manager.
Client for multiple e-mail accounts (was CloudMagic Email).
Simple chat app.
VoIP application.

Updates on June 12, 2018

Popular Twitter client.
Capture entire Web pages as single images or PDFs.
High-performance Web browser.
Suite of Web optimization tools.
Simple graphical frontend for SQL Server databases.
Complete Web server solution.
Web chat server.
Elegant Facebook-Messenger client.

Updates on June 11, 2018

Fast and reliable FTP client.
Robust email client from the makers of BBEdit, now free.
Displays IP address, country flag, and GeoIP info in the menu bar.
Quickly lookup media to get metadata and trailers (was PCB3, was PopClipBuddy).
Email client for Apple devices.
GUI allowing administration of SQLite databases.
Graphically manage SQL Server databases.
PostgreSQL graphical interface.
Turns Gmail into a full-powered Desktop client.

Updates on June 10, 2018

Secure VPN connection utility.
Oracle administration and development.
Graphically manage MySQL databases.
Provides graphical frontend for many popular databases.

Updates on June 8, 2018

Powerful and flexible email client.
Download manager with multi-threading options.
Telnet/SSH/SSH2 client and terminal emulator.

Updates on June 7, 2018

Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Fast, safe Web browser.
Simple, beautiful, powerful e-mail.
Distribution of the Redmine project management software (was BitNami Redmine Stack).
Easily deploy phpBB.
Easy deployment of DocuWiki.
Easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Java applications.
Simplified deployment of the high-level Python Web framework.
Easy deployment of MediaWiki.
Quick setup for ownCloud.
Ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin.
Easy deployment of WordPress.

Updates on June 6, 2018

Database of all Mac models; lists specs and more.
Automatically downloads complete Web sites.
Browser with essential tools for web development.

Updates on June 5, 2018

Create outstanding eBay auctions.
Excellent FTP/SFTP client.
iPlayer downloader.
Send messages securely.
FTP and SFTP browser.
SQL database server.

Updates on June 4, 2018

Lightweight Facebook chat.
Free voice, video, and messaging service.
Military-grade protection online.
Free, secure messaging for the Desktop.
Privacy-aware collaboration tool.
Block web ads.

Updates on June 3, 2018

Apple's Web browser.

Updates on June 1, 2018

Send messages and make free Viber calls.
Secure Open-Source browser with Human Web.
Simulate a Modbus device with registers.

Updates on May 31, 2018

Convert a single page or an entire site from HTML to markdown.

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