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Use your iPad as an external display.
Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.
Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
View PDF documents.
Customizable menu bar clock, calendar, alarms, timezones and chimes.
Scanner software with advanced features.

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Cloud backup and synchronization tool with Finder integration.
High-performance Web browser.
Popular productivity suite.
Collaborative communication app.
Updates on February 20, 2019
Geographically trace online data-packet routes.
Multiple clipboard manager and media hub.
Reference management and bibliography software.
Create and explore your family tree.
Maintenance and optimization tool.
System maintenance utility.
Project management and word processing tool for writers.
Menu-bar calculator supports text input.
A unified workspace for modern teams.
Updates on February 19, 2019
Powerful PDF editor.
Professional vector graphics tool for Web and print.
Animation authoring environment for creating interactive content (was Adobe Flash CC).
Create template-based websites rapidly.
Professional image editor.
Make user-defined size screenshots of websites (beta).
Powerful third-party mouse driver.
Powerful file manager: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, and more.
Personal productivity tool.
Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.
Powerful, adaptive, configurable image editing.
Updates on February 18, 2019
Versatile video encoder; convert any source to MPEG-4 and more.
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Powerful media center tool for Mac or Apple TV (was XBMC).
Blu-ray player.
Updates on February 16, 2019
Access cloud storage just like a USB drive.
Password manager and secure digital wallet.
Send messages and make free Viber calls.
Updates on February 15, 2019
Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (PPAPI version).
Email client from Mozilla.
Binary disassembler, decompiler, and debugger.
An advanced browser made with the power user in mind.
Next iteration of the legendary strategy game.
Updates on February 14, 2019
Run Windows apps without rebooting.
Modern and fast Web browser.
Fast and stable open-source browser.
Updates on February 13, 2019
Catalog your disks.
Fast, safe Web browser.
Create custom photo galleries for the Web.
Anonymize Web browsing and more.
Powerful calendar app with multiple syncing options.
Stream music, create playlists and more.
Manage your Garmin devices.
Free digital notebook.
Popular productivity suite.
Updates on February 12, 2019
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
Extract images, video, sound, or text from files and folders.
Import, develop, and showcase volumes of digital images.
Online backup to Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, SFTP.
Convert multimedia files between formats (was iFFmpeg).
Subscription-based private Internet browsing.
Updates on February 11, 2019
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.
The word processor for scholars, writers, and long document writing.
Access Adobe apps from the cloud with a monthly fee.
Image enhancement for RAW and JPEG files (was DxO Optics Pro).
Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures.
Updates on February 10, 2019
RSS and Atom newsreader.
Powerful and flexible email client.
Updates on February 9, 2019
Connect to Windows machines.
Popular weather app.
Updates on February 8, 2019
Organize your ideas, projects, and more (was OmniOutliner).
Comprehensively manage your personal finances.
Pro version of the popular outliner.
Replacement for the built-in Archive Utility.
The latest version of Apple's mobile OS.
Quick launcher for apps and more.
3D surround sound and phenomenally rich audio.
Online synchronization tool for; free 10 GB account.
Desktop client for WhatsApp Messenger.
Amazon-based communications service.
Updates on February 7, 2019
Graphics editor with powerful features.

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