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Updates on October 14, 2019
View route file types.
GPS tracks manager; Google maps photo linker.
Updates on October 9, 2019
Powerful GPX file reader.
Updates on October 8, 2019
Create and edit routes.
Updates on September 24, 2019
Easily create shareable maps.
Updates on September 21, 2019
Manage your Garmin devices.
Updates on September 19, 2019
Organize your trip on Apple Map (was Road Tripper).
Updates on September 16, 2019
Organize your geocaches.
Updates on September 10, 2019
Road trip planner and manager.
Updates on August 26, 2019
Offline trip planner for Sydney trains.
Updates on August 11, 2019
Deal alerts, reservations, check-ins, and more.
Updates on August 9, 2019
Intuitive application to view and edit GPX files.
Updates on August 6, 2019
Full-featured marine navigation app.
Updates on July 16, 2019
Make location data more accurate.
Updates on July 9, 2019
Plan a Disney Vacation Club vacation.
Updates on July 6, 2019
View GPX files.
Updates on July 2, 2019
International time simplified.
Updates on June 18, 2019
Organize your bike tours.
Updates on June 8, 2019
Flight planning application for private pilots.
Updates on May 12, 2019
3D mapping app for transferring waypoints, tracks, and routes.
Updates on April 8, 2019
View and control dynamic satellite imagery of the world.
Updates on April 6, 2019
Advanced business tools for Google Earth.
Updates on March 27, 2019
Convert GPS info into GPX/KML format for Google Earth.
Updates on March 20, 2019
OpenStreetMap viewer.
Updates on January 26, 2019
Remember your favorite places.
Updates on January 8, 2019
Information compendium of publicly-owned campgrounds (was Ultimate Campgrounds).
Updates on December 30, 2018
Keep your memories alive using a journal.
Updates on December 13, 2018
Access Google Maps.
Updates on November 26, 2018
Plan your flight.
Updates on November 13, 2018
Tour the world virtually.
Updates on September 27, 2018
Flight travel app.
Updates on August 19, 2018
Find destination, track your flight.
Updates on June 11, 2018
Extensive vacation planning.
Updates on May 25, 2018
View marine charts from Garmin.
Updates on May 7, 2018
Get a Lift ride from your Mac.
Updates on March 11, 2018
Make your travels come to life.
Updates on February 24, 2018
Never forget what to pack for your trips.
Updates on January 18, 2018
Add GPS coordinates to your photos.
Updates on January 10, 2018
Edit GPS eXchange (GPX) files.
Updates on December 6, 2017
Track and follow ships on a real-time map.
Updates on October 17, 2017
Marine chart planner.
Updates on October 7, 2017
Canada Geography.
Updates on September 29, 2017
Analyze your IGC logs and plan flights.
Updates on September 25, 2017
Simple and fast translator.
Updates on September 19, 2017
View offline and online maps.
Updates on July 13, 2017
Open source server for various GPS tracking devices.
Updates on June 19, 2017
Call an Uber from your Mac.
Updates on May 27, 2017
Track your myki pass and money balance.
Updates on May 16, 2017
Book a ride with Lyft from the Desktop.
Updates on March 1, 2017
Shows distances between map pins you set.
Updates on February 17, 2017
Know when traffic jams are dissolving.
Updates on February 13, 2017
Simple, beautiful flight tracking widget in your Notification Center.
Updates on December 24, 2016
Quickly obtain information about any location on a map.
Updates on October 24, 2016
Visualize your entire history of GPS-tagged photos on a world map.
Updates on September 28, 2016
View Mapsforge offline vector maps.
Updates on August 29, 2016
Campground locations across Canada.
Updates on July 7, 2016
Provides communications with your vehicle.
Updates on April 15, 2016
Book Uber from your menubar, fast and simple (beta).
Updates on April 3, 2016
Collect, manage Points of Interest for download to Garmin GPS device.
Updates on February 27, 2016
View almost 1,000 California traffic cams.
Updates on January 3, 2016
Find out time train information throughout the Republic of Ireland.
perfect helped in planning your next trip.
Updates on September 5, 2015
Shows gas station prices across the US.
Updates on July 29, 2015
For Davis weather stations.
Updates on July 2, 2015
Easily schedule events across time zones.
Updates on May 31, 2015
Find locations for remote camping.
Updates on May 12, 2015
USFS and BLM Campground locations.
Updates on December 15, 2014
Download offline maps as high-resolution images.
Updates on November 9, 2014
Online and offline viewer for various map types.
Keep track of your travels.
Updates on November 2, 2014
Calculate the points needed for a Disney vacation.
Updates on October 25, 2014
Make the most of your outdoor trips.
Updates on October 22, 2014
Google Maps menu-bar interface.
Updates on October 13, 2014
Create travel blog entries.
Updates on September 10, 2014
Quickly and easily visualize your GPX tracks and waypoints on a map.
Updates on July 19, 2014
Unique attractions and locations across the USA.
Updates on June 21, 2014
Feature-packed birdwatching tool for outdoors and at home.
Updates on June 10, 2014
Keep track of Divvy, Chicago's popular bike share system.
Updates on February 6, 2014
Manage tracks produced by the Columbus V-900 GPS logger.
Updates on December 9, 2013
Avoid jet lag with an optimal sleep plan.

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