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Updates on February 15, 2019
iTunes in the menubar.
Updates on February 13, 2019
Reader for non-DRM e-books.
Updates on February 7, 2019
Furnishing planner.
Updates on February 5, 2019
Music notation package.
The fastest way to figure out where to eat.
Updates on February 4, 2019
Gather music samples.
Updates on January 29, 2019
Motivation to get more exercise.
Plan out your exercise.
Real time music composition.
Updates on January 28, 2019
Personal finance made simple.
Updates on January 26, 2019
Remember your favorite places.
Updates on January 21, 2019
Schedule manager for the X-10 model CP290 computer interface.
Simple interface for the X-10 Model CP290 Computer Interface.
Listen to Pandora on your Mac.
Updates on January 18, 2019
Manage personal checking accounts.
Manage personal checking accounts.
Updates on January 15, 2019
Highlights and notes manager for Kindle.
Updates on January 12, 2019
Powerful guitar tab editor.
Updates on January 11, 2019
Preview book layouts; ideal for publishers and authors.
Updates on January 10, 2019
Grid-based painting tool.
Updates on January 9, 2019
Spotify in your menu bar.
Updates on January 8, 2019
Read and manage eBooks and other digital publications.
Music player for social dance DJs.
Information compendium of publicly-owned campgrounds (was Ultimate Campgrounds).
Updates on January 5, 2019
Research, organize and share your family genealogy.
Convert music and rip CDs (was dBpoweramp Reference).
Updates on January 2, 2019
Decorative tree for your desktop.
Updates on December 30, 2018
Keep your memories alive using a journal.
Updates on December 28, 2018
Unique art and incredible photo effects.
Updates on December 27, 2018
Route planning for hiking, biking, and more.
Updates on December 25, 2018
Food database.
Updates on December 21, 2018
Listen to multiple Internet radio streams.
Personalized relaxation and sleep assistance.
Updates on December 20, 2018
Optimize your live performances.
Updates on December 19, 2018
Learn banjo chords.
Updates on December 18, 2018
Learn mandolin chords.
Updates on December 17, 2018
Personal finance tracker.
Updates on December 13, 2018
Access Google Maps.
Updates on December 12, 2018
Listen to Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio feeds.
Updates on December 6, 2018
Budget and track ongoing expenditures.
Updates on December 3, 2018
Clever and beautiful metronome.
Updates on November 27, 2018
Control iTunes and Spotify from the menu bar.
Updates on November 26, 2018
Plan your flight.
Updates on November 21, 2018
Application to arrange/import colors.
Updates on November 18, 2018
Versatile and user-friendly sketching drawing tool.
Creating computational art from video and audio.
Updates on November 17, 2018
DJ software for harmonic mixing.
Updates on November 16, 2018
Internet radio player and recorder.
Updates on November 15, 2018
Musical calculator and look-up tool for recording engineers and composers.
Create life-like crayon drawings.
Updates on November 14, 2018
Learn guitar the fun and easy way.
Updates on November 13, 2018
Tour the world virtually.
Updates on November 12, 2018
Control iTunes and Spotify from your menu bar.
Updates on November 9, 2018
Slow down music for practice.
Updates on November 4, 2018
Listen to the radio from your menu bar.
Updates on October 31, 2018
Home finance management without unnecessary features.
Updates on October 27, 2018
Elegant metadata editor for all of your music.
Updates on October 26, 2018
Know what music is playing.
Updates on October 22, 2018
Virtual Yoga teacher with 27 different sessions.
Updates on October 18, 2018
See in your menu bar whats playing in iTunes or Spotify.
Personal food diary.
Updates on October 17, 2018
Break reminder tool with micro-breaks.
Updates on October 16, 2018
Keep an eye on your favorite sports teams.
Updates on October 12, 2018
Track your caloric intake in everyday foods.
Updates on October 10, 2018
Personal budgeting with automatic expense tracking.
Updates on October 8, 2018
Track your steps with your Fitbit.
Updates on October 5, 2018
Join files of audio tracks.
Updates on October 2, 2018
Heart-rate meter.
Updates on September 30, 2018
Quickly rate songs playing in iTunes.
Updates on September 27, 2018
Flight travel app.
Drop music files to see their metadata in Final Cut Pro.
Updates on September 26, 2018
Have the current song title in your menu bar.
Updates on September 25, 2018
Reminds you to take periodic breaks from your projects.
Shows what's currently playing.
Updates on September 21, 2018
Manage duplicate iTunes tracks.
Updates on September 19, 2018
Modern-day HyperCard clone.
Updates on September 17, 2018
Access the D-STAR digital voice network.
Updates on September 15, 2018
Cut True Type fonts with an electronic cutting machine.
Updates on September 10, 2018
Simple and elegant break reminder.
Updates on September 6, 2018
Personal finance management application.

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