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Updates on September 18, 2019
Store info about cat.
Physically modelled virtual piano.
Collaborative genealogy application.
Remove DRM from Barnes & Noble books.
Updates on September 17, 2019
Research, organize and share your family genealogy.
Full-featured weaving application.
Updates on September 16, 2019
Organize your geocaches.
Updates on September 15, 2019
Mobile banking; deposit checks from your iPhone and more.
Gather music samples.
Updates on September 12, 2019
Create ringtones and push them to an iPhone.
Control software for the Sonos Music System.
Manage money like a pro.
Updates on September 11, 2019
Companion app for
Learn music chords.
Updates on September 10, 2019
Road trip planner and manager.
Updates on September 9, 2019
Join files of audio tracks.
M3U playlist maker and iTunes file exporter.
Manage notes combinations and to put them in mutual relation.
Updates on September 6, 2019
A Legacy version of Vox (10.4 or later).
Discover and share songs playing around you; Mac version of the popular iOS app.
Cut-up text with generative music.
Updates on September 4, 2019
Application to arrange/import colors.
Updates on September 3, 2019
Break reminder tool with micro-breaks.
Payroll solution for household employers.
Updates on September 2, 2019
Send audio from any app to AirPort Express/Apple TV and more.
Updates on August 29, 2019
Commercial free radio channels.
Updates on August 28, 2019
Intuitive personal finance manager; widget available (was iBank).
Plan, rate, and prioritise your genealogy research plan.
Slow down music for practice.
Find upfront electronic dance music very quickly and easily.
Simple personal finance for your Mac and iPhone.
Find musical chords that work together.
Updates on August 26, 2019
Offline trip planner for Sydney trains.
Updates on August 23, 2019
ePub reader for your desktop.
Updates on August 22, 2019
Log scuba dives directly from your dive computer.
Updates on August 21, 2019
Track all of your diabetes-related health data.
Updates on August 20, 2019
Route planning for hiking, biking, and more.
Fast and intuitive paint and drawing toolset.
Updates on August 19, 2019
Track and graph blood glucose tests.
Updates on August 16, 2019
Manage your song collections complete with lyrics and chords.
An ultra-precise piano tuner for your Mac.
Updates on August 14, 2019
Comprehensive, user-friendly personal-finance software.
Updates on August 13, 2019
Budget and payment planning application.
Convert QIF files to QBO format for import.
Convert QIF to OFX for import.
Convert QIF files to CSV format for import.
Convert QFX files to QIF for export.
Convert QFX files to CSV for export.
Export QBO to QIF for import.
Export QBO files to CSV for import.
Convert PDF to QFX format.
Convert PDF to OFX format.
Convert PDF to CSV and Excel.
Convert OFX files to QFX format for import.
Convert OFX files to QBO format for import.
Convert OFX files to CSV for import.
Convert QIF files to other QIF variants for import.
Convert QIF files to QFX format for import.
Convert OFX files to QIF format for import.
Convert bank transactions to IIF format.
Convert bank transactions to QIF format.
Convert bank transactions to QFX format.
Updates on August 12, 2019
Diabetes management software.
Updates on August 11, 2019
Deal alerts, reservations, check-ins, and more.
Updates on August 9, 2019
Intuitive application to view and edit GPX files.
Updates on August 8, 2019
Native Lossless macOS audio player.
Updates on August 7, 2019
Grades calculator.
Updates on August 6, 2019
Full-featured marine navigation app.
Create your own fretboard diagrams and chord charts.
Updates on August 2, 2019
Auto DX radio tuner.
Bible analysis and study resource.
Updates on July 29, 2019
Convert eBook formats and remove DRM.
Cut True Type fonts with an electronic cutting machine.
Updates on July 28, 2019
Keep track of the Tattva cycles.
Updates on July 26, 2019
SoundCloud desktop client.
Updates on July 23, 2019
Music player with a clean and innovative interface (was Minitunes).
Updates on July 21, 2019
Desktop client for Beats Music,, Pandora, and more.
Updates on July 20, 2019
A cross-platform music player.
Updates on July 19, 2019
Slow down and learn to play your favorite songs.
Updates on July 17, 2019
Music tag editor.

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