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Updates on January 23, 2017

Radio Network logo
Listen to the internet radio.

Updates on January 16, 2017

ChordMate logo
Find the right chords and chord progressions.
Songs logo
Song-sheet editor.
AutoMute logo
Have the sound muted on your Mac when opening it.

Updates on December 28, 2016

Radiant Player logo
Native Google Music client (unofficial).

Updates on December 24, 2016

microsynth logo
Polyphonic multi-timbral microtonal SoundFont synthesizer.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on December 13, 2016

ChordPro Buddy logo
Song editor and viewer.
Musique logo
Music player with a clean and innovative interface (was Minitunes).

Updates on December 8, 2016

Sound Booster logo
Enhance the audio experience on your Mac.

Updates on November 29, 2016

AirRecord logo
Record AirPlay audio on macOS.

Updates on November 28, 2016

Touch Bar Piano logo
Touch bar piano.

Updates on November 22, 2016

TryToAAC logo
Smart audio and video conversion to AAC.
Skip Tunes logo
Control iTunes and Spotify from the menu bar.
Beatport Pro logo
Buy and organize all your music easily.

Updates on November 21, 2016

TryToMp3 logo
Conversion to MP3 format for audio and some video.

Updates on November 14, 2016

iTunes Current Song Menu logo
Display the song currently played by iTunes in the menu bar.

Updates on November 12, 2016

EarMan logo
Learn to recognize musical intervals by ear.

Updates on November 3, 2016

Pure Music logo
High resolution music server software.

Updates on November 1, 2016

vStack logo
Simple and easy to use looper application.

Updates on October 31, 2016

City Jazz logo
Best radio stations that broadcast continuous jazz.

Updates on October 19, 2016

Quaver logo
Musical calculator and look-up tool for recording engineers and composers.

Updates on October 14, 2016

SoundMate logo
SoundCloud desktop client.

Updates on October 13, 2016

Tag Editor logo
Handy spreadsheet for quick ID3 tagging.

Updates on September 27, 2016

Banjo Chords Lite logo
Learn banjo chords.

Updates on September 13, 2016

Absolute Pitch Trainer logo
Develop the skill of absolute pitch.

Updates on September 7, 2016

Harmony logo
Music player with cloud compatibility.
8tracks Radio logo
Dive into your favorite 8tracks mixes.

Updates on August 29, 2016

Parallel logo
Live stream other Spotify users' currently playing music.

Updates on August 17, 2016

Pandora logo
Desktop app for the music streaming service.

Updates on June 19, 2016

Singer Song Reader logo
Automatic lyric search for iTunes and Deezer.

Updates on June 5, 2016

Muzzy for iTunes logo
Sleek iTunes info and control in the menu-bar.

Updates on June 3, 2016

Mixyt logo
Simulates a simple DJ mixer to function with YouTube.

Updates on May 24, 2016

SongGenie logo
Analyzes and completes tags for untitled tracks in iTunes.

Updates on May 8, 2016

New Notes - Scales logo
Improve piano technique through scales practice.

Updates on April 19, 2016

Squidoo logo
Control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from the menu bar (was Music Control).

Updates on April 11, 2016

iTab logo
Displays guitar tabs for the current iTunes song on desktop.

Updates on March 16, 2016

Minuet logo
Light, playlist-centric, queue-based music player.

Updates on March 13, 2016

ChordAid logo
Chord reference application (was AltiChord).

Updates on March 11, 2016

Riffstation logo
Practice and learn songs on the guitar.

Updates on January 31, 2016

ControlAir logo
Touch-free media control app.

Updates on January 21, 2016

Spark logo
Control your phantom.

Updates on January 18, 2016

Smart Metronome logo
Intelligent metronome.

Updates on January 3, 2016

Listening Singing Teacher logo
Helps you to sing on tune and on rhythm.

Updates on January 2, 2016

AutoLyrica logo
MusixMatch Lyrics for the current song playing in iTunes.

Updates on December 28, 2015

Spotifree logo
Automatically mute ads on Spotify.

Updates on December 6, 2015

StreamCloud logo
Stream SoundCloud from your desktop.

Updates on December 5, 2015

Tag logo
Elegant metadata editor for all of your music.

Updates on November 18, 2015

Cockatoo logo
Elegant off-screen controls for iTunes.

Updates on October 9, 2015

RADYO logo
Advanced radio player.

Updates on October 2, 2015

Solfeggio Studio for Piano logo
Learn piano music theory.

Updates on September 28, 2015

SCDownloader logo
Minimalist SoundCloud downloader (release candidate).

Updates on September 18, 2015

MenuTunes logo
Handy menu bar iTunes controller.

Updates on September 14, 2015

EarMaster Pro logo
Ear training and sight-singing practice for all musicians.

Updates on September 10, 2015

Muse logo
Desktop client for Pandora radio.

Updates on August 5, 2015

SplitTunes logo
Play different songs through each half of a pair of earbuds or earphones.

Updates on July 28, 2015

Liquid Rhythm logo
MIDI sequencer and beat generator.

Updates on July 25, 2015

RadioEins logo
Internet player for Radio Eins.

Updates on July 9, 2015

PL2 Editor logo
Software editor for πλ² hardware synthesisers.

Updates on June 25, 2015

SAM Broadcaster Pro logo
Start your online radio station.

Updates on June 19, 2015

DUMBO logo
Lets you hear the outside sounds when you listening to music.

Updates on June 5, 2015

Radio logo
Listen, record and export your favorite radio stations all from your menu bar.

Updates on June 2, 2015

Simple iTunes logo
Display current track information in the menu bar.

Updates on May 1, 2015

TuneUpAid logo
Musical tuner for instruments with difficult pitch control.

Updates on April 27, 2015

Gooppy logo
Google Music player.

Updates on April 20, 2015

ClarvyTunes logo
Control iTunes and Spotify with a beautiful user interface.
Rekord Buddy logo
Sync your music collection between Traktor and Rekordbox.

Updates on April 13, 2015

Altunenator logo
Prevent iTunes from playing the same tracks repeatedly.

Updates on April 7, 2015

Festify logo
Let your guests control Spotify and pick music (beta).
Wax logo
Audio disc collection manager.
NightingaleTune logo
Bob Dylan internet radio.

Updates on April 6, 2015

CloudPlayer logo
Easily control SoundCloud from your menu bar.

Updates on March 12, 2015

TheOne logo
All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes.

Updates on March 11, 2015

Snowflake logo
Streaming Internet radio for your Desktop.

Updates on February 1, 2015

Songsheet Generator logo
Prints songsheets and songbooks.

Updates on January 29, 2015

WidgeTunes logo
Play your favorite music from Notification Center.

Updates on January 18, 2015

TapTempo logo
Record the tempo to clicks or the space bar.

Updates on January 14, 2015

HarpNinja logo
Learn to play the harmonica.

Updates on December 23, 2014

AmpKit logo
Powerful guitar amp and effects studio.

Updates on December 20, 2014

JamStation logo
Online music player app.

Updates on November 16, 2014

Song Buddy logo
Menu based music information for iTunes.

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